How Do You Write A Business Justification?

Writing a business justification or argument is one of the most important tasks an employee in your organization can do, especially if they are trying to get a significant increase in pay or a higher position.

As a manager, you will be doing this for many things; sometimes it’s for raising your own salary, sometimes it’s for giving someone else a raise, and occasionally it’s just because you want something like a new computer or office supplies.

It doesn’t matter what the reason is, however, writing a business justification or argument is always the same thing: you are arguing why your option is best.

You will probably be given limited time to write yours, so you need to make sure that yours is strong and clearly stated.

Create the topic

how do you write a business justification

Writing a business justification or argument typically starts with creating a new topic. Yours can be to find a new job, increase your pay, get additional benefits, start or improve a career, or all of the above!

Your potential reader will know what they want to read next once you’ve established that initial topic. Make sure to use appropriate vocabulary and emphasize the importance of the topic as you develop it.

Keep it natural and simple — no need to dive into complex jargon unless you have proofread your content several times.

And remember, even if this is an internal memo to yourself, your audience may not agree! Keep things civil and professional; sometimes people have very different opinions.

General tips for writing effective arguments

The word “argument” implies two opposing points of view so make sure your message has solid supporting evidence.

Avoid using anecdotal stories or experiences unless they are backed up by data. Use statistics and examples instead to prove your point.

Using too many negatives can weaken your argument. If necessary, include the opposite side of the equation but focus more on why your proposal makes sense rather than why it won’t work.

Don’t assume anything about your opponents – try to think like them and consider their angles as well. Being aware of the other person’s position will help clarify the best approach in negating theirs.

Take time to review your draft before submitting.

Develop your topic

how do you write a business justification

Writing a business justification is very different from writing an introduction or a paragraph that does not have a bullet point. When writing a business justification, you need to make sure your argument is logical and clear.

You do not simply state your goal, followed by why it is important and then check the box saying “necessary” because that sounds fake. A good business justification must be logically persuasive – it must use logic to prove its case.

So how do you write a business justification? By developing your topic first!

The more prepared you are, the better! Before starting to draft, you should know what arguments you will use to support your goal. This gives you some basic framework for organizing your thoughts.

Once you have this frame, you can start forming ideas and concepts about your topic. Start with something simple like “why we should launch our product today�” and work backwards towards creating a longer explanation.

This way you will connect each idea to the next and form a coherent narrative flow. Make sure to include examples and information to back up these reasons.

After all, no one wants to read through pages of jargon and assumptions! So, be careful to include enough details to convince others of your points.

Brainstorm a list of topics

how do you write a business justification

Writing a business justification is one of the most important tasks an employee in your organization can do. If you’re ever asked to produce one, you need to be familiar with it!

Writing a business justification is like writing any other type of essay. A good business justification uses arguments and examples to prove its point. It may also include questions that explore potential outcomes of making or not making the recommendation.

The difference is that a business justification makes a claim about something (or someone) within your department or company. This could be recommending an internal process be changed, proposing new people be hired, or asking for a pay increase.

Narrow down your topic

how do you write a business justification

Writing a business justification or argument typically starts with defining your topic, which is how you start writing your paragraph. Yours will likely be related to either an asking question or providing information to someone.

Your audience should know what you are talking about before you talk about it. Make sure your introduction sets up the topic clearly!

Avoid using jargon in your introductions unless you really mean it and believe in it strongly. This way your audience knows what you are talking about and can get the rest of the info from other sources if they want it.

If there’s something you're particularly passionate about, include that in your intro. It'll help boost reader engagement and interest.

Write your initial draft

how do you write a business justification

Even if you have a solid business idea that has been working for you, writing a business justification is still an exercise in creativity and restructuring of ideas.

This article will help you take all of those good parts of your current business model and rebrand them as what your new business should be!

Your old business can become the foundation of your new one. Only then should you start thinking about what angle you want to bring into the new company.

What are we talking about? We’re talking about taking what you currently do well and developing it into a more advanced version of itself!

That’s what entrepreneurs do. They develop their current businesses into something bigger and better.

It’s why companies go through several transitions before finding their perfect fit.

Business justifications are a way to validate your need for change by comparing yourself to others doing similar things.

There are many ways to write a business justification, so pick one that works best for you and keep revising it until you feel it sounds believable.

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Edit your writing

how do you write a business justification

Even though you may have spent time developing your career, including through additional education or training, there is always something new to learn. With technology moving at such a lightning speed, there are constantly updated tools and techniques professionals use to produce their work.

By adding some editing to your repertoire, you will ensure your business justifications are strong and effective.

Editorialists spend lots of time proofreading other people’s work so that they can find any mistakes and fix them. By doing the same for yourself, you will save yourself a lot of wasted effort later!

There are several ways to edit your own writing. You can do it as you put together your presentation, in advance, or you can do it while creating it. Either way, make sure you aren’t trying to cover up poor quality material with fancy decorations!

The first step towards great editorializing is to recognize when you have made an error. When you stumble upon one, take a moment to think about what you could have done better and then implement those changes into next time.

Create your website

how do you write a business justification

Running a business means doing things! Starting your own business includes creating or updating your online presence to include a website, social media pages, and advertisements.

Having a website is a pretty important part of running a business these days. Websites are how most people find out about you and what you offer before they do business with you.

It’s also a way to keep in touch with customers who may want to return or purchase more products or services from you.

By having this web presence, you will be giving them a chance to read reviews, see pictures of what you produce, and learn some information about you as an entrepreneur.

It creates an opportunity for conversations that can help grow your business. If someone wants to buy something, they can go onto your site and look around until they find it.

Running a business doesn’t always mean being hands-on, but having this web presence makes it possible to stay in control without taking over everything. It helps maintain separation between you and your audience.

Promote your blog

how do you write a business justification

Writing a business justification or argument is also known as writing an explanation. It’s usually to justify why something is necessary for success. For instance, if my company needs money to stay in business, then explaining how to earn money through blogging is a great way to advertise.

A good business justification makes the reader feel confident in the importance of what you are proposing.

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