How Does Zenbusiness Work?

Creating your own business can be a scary thing at times. You have to deal with money, marketing, logistics, and everything in between!

Before you start running around like a chicken with its head cut off, there is something important we must address.

Running Your Own Business Is A Lot Of Work – And It’s Never Ending

This comes as no surprise to most people who have ever worked for someone else before. Employed individuals always talk about how hard their job was, what an uphill battle they had to fight every day, and how little time it took to get up and go.

That is the exact situation that entrepreneurs are in. They are constantly working, and it seems like never ending stress.

There is so much going on behind-the-scenes that even those close to the entrepreneur may not know about. This is especially true if the entrepreneur is private person(s).

It is very difficult to keep personal relationships strong while also keeping work life balance. Personal success often takes a back seat to business success because of this.

Business owners usually don’t enjoy being in business, but they are good at it. Therefore, other professionals typically just take advantage of that by doing things that are illegal or unethical.

How Can We Help?

If you are willing to put in the effort into creating and running your own business, then you need to think about ways to help others do the same.

How can I start a business?

how does zenbusiness work

Starting your own business is an incredible way to make life changes and achieve your dreams. But before you dive in, there are some important things that must be considered.

You need to know what kind of business will fit your lifestyle and personal commitments. You also have to consider how much money you’ll require for starting up and running costs.

And don’t forget about tax! Finding out how to run a business comes with its own set of documents and regulations that most people are not aware of.

There are many ways to begin your journey as an entrepreneur, but the best option really depends on you and your goals. What is your dream career or goal?

Then, determine if this is the right path for you by asking yourself these questions: Are you able to give up more income now to focus on developing your business? Or do you want to keep your current salary while investing in your future?

Finding the balance between the two can depend on whether you're willing to sacrifice larger incomes for long-term success.

How do I choose my business location?

how does zenbusiness work

The next step in starting your business is deciding where you will have it located. This decision can be tricky, especially if you are very passionate about one place.

It’s important to consider many things when choosing your business site including whether or not there is enough of an audience to cater to, how accessible the area is for outside customers, what kind of atmosphere you want to foster (for example, would you like a busy restaurant or a quiet cafe?), how close you want to be to other businesses and people, and whether having children at school makes sense given the length of time needed to get ready for business and run the business.

Your passion may also influence this choice. If you really love hiking, perhaps buying a house by a lake is more feasible than owning a coffee shop near downtown.

When making these decisions, think beyond just the costs involved.

Who am I doing business with?

how does zenbusiness work

As mentioned earlier, not every online shopping site is designed to help you make money. Some may even have expensive membership fees or additional equipment that cost more than what they’re selling products for!

Some of these services have too much advertisement which can be annoying to watch so that you don’t want to use their service anymore.

And finally, some of those sites are just plain weird and funny to look at which makes it hard to trust them as well.

All this said, there are many ways to make money online by creating an account with Amazon, eBay, Shopify, or any other reputable websites to sell your merchandise.

This article will talk about one such website called ZenBusiness.

Do I need a business license?

how does zenbusiness work

Before you start your business, you will want to make sure that you are legally prepared! This includes ensuring that you have all licenses, registrations, and documents for your business!

In some cases, even starting your business can require licensing. For example, if you are offering your services as a yoga instructor then you will probably be required to hold a teaching certificate from the state or province where you live.

What are my tax liabilities?

how does zenbusiness work

If you run your business from home, or if your business is located in someone’s house, you may face additional income and employment taxes. These include federal payroll taxes such as Social Security and Medicare fees, state unemployment insurance (UI) contributions, workers’ compensation premiums, and employer’s share of FICA (Social Security and Medicare).

It’s important to be aware of these when calculating how much money you owe in taxes. Unfortunately, many small businesses get stuck paying high tax bills because they don’t know what all of their obligations are.

There are several resources available to help you understand your tax situation. Some free resources include IRS Publication 594: Employer's Tax Guide and The Small Business Owner's Toolkit at Both contain helpful information about employee benefits.

Business owners should also speak with an accountant or other professional about potential tax issues so that everything can be cleared up properly.

What are my insurance liabilities?

how does zenbusiness work

As mentioned earlier, your business has potential liability exposures in three main areas: legal, financial, and physical. Legal exposure includes things like employment laws, licensing requirements, and lawsuits related to your business. Financial risk comes from how you handle money and what products and services you offer. Potential risks include civil litigation or investigations due to illegal activity, as well as regulatory action against you for offering poor quality goods or services.

Physical risk comes about when something goes wrong at your workplace that could potentially harm others or property. This might be because of faulty equipment, bad management, or employee misconduct.

It is important to have adequate general liability coverage, personal liability coverage for yourself, and errors and omissions (E&O) coverage if you provide professional services to third parties. You can get these types of policies through an insurer or via policy supplements from other insurers.

Legal exposure
Most businesses face some level of legal risk. For example, running a convenience store is liable under the Federal Cigarette Law which requires stores to place warning labels on cigarette packages. If a customer complains about this label or says they were misled by advertising, then the store may be held legally responsible. Likewise, being in the food manufacturing industry means that there are stringent sanitation regulations. Violating these regulations puts your company at risk of fines or even charges of negligence.

Who will my customers be?

how does zenbusiness work

The next major step in creating your business is deciding who you want to be your audience and what messages you plan to send them. Who will read your content, follow you, or purchase from you depends on your target market and message!

As mentioned before, starting a business doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to develop your brand and connect with people. You have to spend time working on yourself — thinking about how you can improve and become better at helping others achieve their dreams.

That’s why it’s so important to know your ideal customer and what they are looking for. Once you do, then you can focus more of your energy on offering helpful resources to them.

It’s also essential to figure out which types of media are effective for your potential clients. For example, social media apps like Facebook give users the opportunity to share detailed information about themselves. This is perfect if you're trying to build up your online presence as an expert in your field.

Business owners often use social media to advertise their products and services. By doing this, they are letting other people know who they are and what they offer. This is very targeted advertising because only people with interest in your product or service could see it.

How will I gain clients?

how does zenbusiness work

As mentioned earlier, your business does not exist to help yourself grow. Your mission is to help others achieve their dreams, so how can you do that if people are chasing you instead of giving off messages that they want to be helped?

Your job as an expert in your field is to make sure that everyone around you feels comfortable and confident in you, your skills, and what you offer them.

By helping other professionals feel more self-confident in themselves and their abilities, they’ll love working with you more than before. They’ll also share their ideas and knowledge more freely because they trust you.

And all great relationships have solid foundations!

So what can you do to create these fundamentals for your own professional life?

Start sharing your expertise and work hard to connect with individuals and groups outside of work. Give speeches, attend conferences, take part in seminars — anything to get into touch with different audiences and learn about engaging them.

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