How Easy Is Copywriting

Write as if you were talking to a friend

Writing is like any other conversational skill. It needs practice. You can’t write a poem at someone else’s request or in front of strangers.

It’s similar to how you would talk to another person. You speak more naturally, out loud, when speaking to a trusted friend.

You also have social awareness. You understand where the other person is coming from.

You know what they are thinking and why they are saying what they are saying. Based on this knowledge, you modify your own behavior (you don’t walk around shouting thoughts out loud) and listen carefully to the other person.

In both writing and conversation, you try to put yourself in the reader’s position before you start writing. You think about questions readers might have and use those to shape what you say.

Allocate your writing to one task at a time

Your focus should be on copywriting, not writing.

If you are able to write, then do so. But if you are going to waste time on something other than your copywriting job, choose another line of work.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. If you do, you will either have to settle for less hard work or risk failure.

Keep adding lines to your repertoire of skills. Don’t rely solely on copywriting.

There is no sense in investing time and effort into something that isn’t working elsewhere in your business. It could be any number of things; marketing, social media, graphics, videos, websites, grow your audience, improve search engine ranking, etc.

Stay focused on what you are doing best. Do this every day, keeping more days open for future tasks that you may need to start when this current project comes to an end.

Be consistent with your writing

Use bright colors in the customer journey, and focus on reducing anxiety to help them move through the process faster

Writing is one of the most important skills you’ll need to master as a blogger, so it’s worth taking time to develop this skill.

When was the last time you wrote a story or article without looking up any facts? Started a book and couldn’t remember how many pages were in the draft you just typed? Written a poem and didn’t write down which line was yours until someone pointed out that there was only four lines total?

You have to be able to write easily and quickly if you want to write often. Developing speed and accuracy are two of the biggest things you can do to improve your blogging ability.

The more times you get into a habit of writing quickly, the easier it will become. And the better your final product is, the happier you will be.

Consistency is what takes you from step to step in doing your favorite activity. Without it you would miss lots of fun experiences even though they might be awesome.

Consider keeping a journal where you write about what happened the night before as well as anything else you feel like sharing. You begin to realize the impact consistency has on your experience when you see how much joy it brings you.

Create short posts that expand on each other

One of the things that makes blogs different from books is the ability to link to multiple pages on your topic. By having sub-sections on a blog, you can organize your content into small bites that are still meaningful.

This allows for interesting navigation within your website as well as some deeper dives when people feel so compelled to read about a specific topic. Sub-sections vary in cost depending on how much work goes into them but generally speaking, one page will set you back $1-3 per article.

Many bloggers combine several topics in an episode , which costs roughly the same amount as an individual blog post. When someone visits your blog, they should be able to quickly determine what it is you offer their way.

Creating relevant links within your content may help attract new followers or subscribers, who could become loyal readers if you offer something special (like a coupon code for your fans).

Focus on informing and educating your readers

Writing to tell a story is one thing, but writing to educate yourself or your audience takes skill. You want to focus on giving useful information and exercises, while also maintaining your own personal style.

Your content should be clear and concise, with every word working together to convey the message you want to send. Your topic may very well be how to improve your quality of life, whereas your sentence structure will play back to your theme music (or jingle) that you use to explain your product.

You can find free videos and tutorials by searching online. There are many good video hosting sites such as YouTube and Da Cast.

Break down complex ideas into smaller pieces

Even if you’re an experienced writer, don’t assume that your audience is as familiar with writing as you are. Some people won’t know how to put what you want them to think into words.

That’s why it’s important to translate complex ideas into simple phrases and sentences that can be understood easily.

Even when someone has a sophisticated idea, sometimes they have trouble expressing it in their own language. You may have difficulty understanding them or knowing what they want to say.

It’s helpful to break up complicated concepts into small parts. Then, you can create easy-to-express ideas that relate to your audiences.

This is what we call “simple phrasing.” Phrases like these help your audience to understand what you want them to think.

They give your message direction and clarity. When you write plain statements, fewer people will pay attention to them. But once you introduce some phrases along with those claims, people will feel more compelled to read the written content.

Your readers (and listeners) will appreciate having the chance to decode what you wrote and make sure they fully understand it.

Use storyboards

Images are an important part of any website. Whether you use banners, logos, paragraphs or images within tweets, it is critical to have an image that will engage readers and attract them to your content.

However, with that said, we all know that uploading pictures one by one is time consuming and requires effort.

That’s why many websites now utilize “image galleries” which automatically organize rows of pictures along with caption text describing the photos.

These can be very helpful for engagement and readability if used correctly. However, having access to lots of pictures is not always necessary since viewers may still understand the concept even when only few pictures are employed.

Thus, while using images does help reduce writing redundancy, there are more efficient ways to do so. One such way is through the use of ‘slides’ in Microsoft Word. A slide is a single page of text sandwiched between bullets/substeps at the top and bottom.

While slides take longer to write, they allow for greater consistency as nothing other than a picture is written over and over again. This also allows writers to save money by not requiring large banner designs where only one picture is used.

Get feedback from friends or family

After you’ve completed your piece, ask some close friends or family members to review it. You can also have colleagues, peers, or people from outside of work read your piece.

Getting out into community is a great way to expand your reach and find other readers who may not be familiar with your writing style. People in your immediate area tend to trust one another more than online sources for news so they are a good source for finding new readers.

By having them comment on your content page, you will know what topics they want to see covered next. [substeps] Ask these comments questions about why they like reading your article, how they found out about your content, and whether there’s anything else they would like to see on the site.

You can use this method to ask questions like “ which articles did you most enjoy? What other topics do you feel are missing? What blogs would you recommend that I write about if anyone has suggestions?”[title] Optimize your content pages

Any time you update your blog posts or create new content, optimize the pages by using keywords and tagging relevant links. This helps search engines scan your website and gives visitors an easy way to navigate.

Search engine referrals are an often-unexpected payment channeling through which customers buy services and products. By including organic search results and unique featured images, you promote the goods and keep users engaged enough to make a purchase.

Never, ever try to “hack” your copywriting

Writing good, effective copy is not about doing tricks or hacking things up. It’s not about using hidden gems like nonsense words or jargon that helps you look smart but hurts readability.

Good copy is created through clarity and accuracy. Unfortunately, because hackers think it’s funny to hack their own copies, they resort to hacks themselves in an attempt to make what they write more entertaining.

They guess at keywords, intentionally writing unclear content, and generally being jerks when it comes to customer service.

Never mind all that—here are some easy ways to pick up new skills fast!

Copyhacking isn’t for everyone, just go with the flow. If you want to use tools such as Typora, which is a great keyboard tool for writers, but don’t feel like installing those plugins or have problems with them, you can still learn how to be effective at copyediting via text messages and chats.

There are also plenty of free online resources (we list a few below). Maybe invest in yourself and buy a couple of copy editing tools to get better.

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