How Generation X Changed The World

“Gen Xer” is an increasingly popular term that refers to people born in 1964 through 1981. These individuals are often described as being more socially conscious, independent, and practical than previous generations.

This description isn’t far off-the-mark for those of us who grew up during this era. We were exposed to new concepts like feminism, LGBT rights, environmentalism, and anti-consumerist ideologies at a very early age.

We also experienced unprecedented levels of diversity both culturally and linguistically. Immigrants from all over the world came here to live and work, introducing us to different cultures while forging connections with other nationalities.

In fact, one of the biggest changes brought about by Gen Xer is globalization. Due to technology and market forces, business has become completely globalized; there are now no longer location specific limitations to where companies can operate.

Many large corporations have even expanded beyond their home country borders, incorporating international laws into their structure. This allows them to use resources efficiently, reducing their operating costs and expanding their customer base.

Overall, these trends show that Generation X wants to connect with others and experience diverse perspectives. They want to see the good in everyone and believe in promoting social justice and equality.

That said, many members of this generation value stability and security above all else. Because they grow up during times of economic expansion, they expect to keep experiencing growth and advancement in life.

The Generation Xers

how generation x changed the world

A lot of people make assumptions about what generation you belong to, but there is no clear defining feature that distinguishes one era from the next. What really defines your age group is how much influence and change you can be credited for.

Generation X was made up of individuals who were born between 1965 and 1980. This includes people in their twenties through forties now!

These are sometimes referred to as baby boomers’ children because they grew up during an extremely prosperous time period for the United States. Many believe this prosperity will not last though!

In fact, some say we are already in a state of “X-perience” where technology has advanced beyond our ability to keep up with it.

We also live in a culture saturated with too many messages and distractions which have a negative effect on us. It becomes difficult to focus and connect with others due to all the gadgets we use.

This is why many claim that Millennials are experiencing a sense of entitlement, while Gen Xer kids learned to appreciate things more slowly.

The Millennial Generation

how generation x changed the world

This article will talk about how the millennial generation has changed the world we live in today. While some people may consider this generation to be self-focused, they actually make changes for good. They are actively involved in their communities, promote diversity, and strive to contribute towards making the community better.

Many things have been attributed to the influence of the millennials – everything from environmentalism to feminism. One major change that comes directly from this generation is social justice.

Social justice can be defined as “fair treatment and equality for all individuals within a society” or “the principle of equal rights to opportunities and resources for members of a group.”

This includes protecting minorities from discrimination, giving women equal pay for equal work, and providing adequate healthcare to everyone.

Millennials understand that having an unequal system is not fair for anyone involved. Many groups use young generations as examples of why such a system cannot survive long term.

Some studies show that one third of millennials agree with creating a separate nation because racial inequality is too high. Almost half believe that capitalism is a bad system that only benefits a few people at the expense of many others. Half think that democracy is no longer working and should be done away with. Only one tenth feel that religion is an important part of life.

These beliefs indicate that most millennials want to see change.

The Generation Z

how generation x changed the world

Since millennials have now become the most populous generation, many refer to them as “Generation Zer” or simply “Zer people.” They sometimes get labeled as the Me Too era because of how socially conscious they are- making changes for the better in society.

However, there is one major difference between Gen Z and earlier generations: access to technology. Technology has gone mainstream and even young kids have it!

This article will discuss some ways that this new technology impacts our lives and the way we interact with each other. It will also talk about some effects that these technologies have on socialization and communication.

Popular culture

how generation x changed the world

A large part of what makes up our generation is popular media. Shows, movies and music have influenced how people live their lives – for good or bad.

Youthfulness is often associated with having fun, but this can sometimes go too far. Overindulgence in entertainment to an extent where it impacts your life negatively is not healthy.

It may be difficult at first look to identify just which parts of these products are detrimental, but we can generalize some things about them.

They may promote harmful behaviors such as drinking, smoking, drug use or prostitution. They may contribute to social problems by portraying individuals who suffer from mental health issues or depression as someone worth copying. Or they may influence what types of clothes are seen as fashionable or not.

Many generations have depended on popular media for knowledge and inspiration, and now ours does too.

The work-life balance

how generation x changed the world

For the generation that grew up with technology, the work-life balance has been around for quite some time. With easy access to technology, workers have more options than ever before as to how they spend their time.

With people having less of an emphasis on spending large amounts of time at work and being invested in what company you work for, your career can be anywhere at any time.

You are not obligated to remain working in this field beyond the hours that you must. There is a stigma attached to individuals who do not enjoy their job, but there is also a stigma attached to those who choose to retire early.

It will depend largely upon your personal goals and what you want out of life.

If you want to raise a family one day, then investing in retirement funds now is important. If you prefer to stay in this field and develop your skills further, you do not need to worry about leaving.

The internet

how generation x changed the world

Over the past two decades, we have seen an explosion in connectivity that has changed how people live their lives and how businesses operate. This revolution is commonly referred to as the “information technology” or “IT” revolution, but it goes beyond just computers and software.

The term “internet” was first used in 1980 when only 2% of Americans had access to it. It took off in a big way during the 1990s with the launch of commercial online services like AOL and Yahoo!

Now over 3 billion people use the internet regularly for work, socializing, entertainment, and more. There are even mobile apps and smartphone features that integrate the internet directly into most aspects of our daily life.

Gen-Xers (people born between 1965 and 1984) made this happen. They shaped the industry through both its growth and collapse, and they continue to do so today.

Here are some examples of ways Gen-X influenced the tech world:

Interactive web pages and websites

Gen-Xer Daniel Picard designed his college website using HTML, which is the original coding language for creating sites and applications. He then added CSS, which allows you to style the look and feel of a site.

He later adapted these skills by designing interactive websites such as,, and

Social media

how generation x changed the world

Since the dawn of civilization, people have used tools to connect with each other. Systems of writing were one of the first ways this happened, allowing for stories to be shared and preserved across time.

With the advent of technology, we are now in a whole new era where you can share your story with the world at large using something called social media. Technology has made it possible to create an audience that is never before imaginable.

You no longer need a big studio or channel to reach your target audience. You can create your own stream or join someone else’s and reach individuals all over the globe. This is very important to note as it shifts power away from those who control the established channels and places them instead in the hands of individual users.

Social media not only gives people a way to tell their stories, but they also get motivated by helping others succeed. Creating a community around your brand helps push up your sales and engagement.

There are many different types of online platforms designed specifically to motivate and inspire people.

Hipster culture

how generation x changed the world

With the rise of technology, millennials have become experts in using social media to connect with others and disseminate information. They also grow up surrounded by an ever-growing amount of distractions that promote passive consumption of content.

This generation grows up with smartphones which facilitate constant connectivity. This influence is seen in how they interact with other people, as well as what types of content they consume.

Some argue that this exposure to digital media helps foster creativity, self-expression and knowledge acquisition. Others say that it can be a cause for concern because teens get too focused on appearing successful via the eyes of online users, rather than real life peers or teachers.

Gen X grew up during a time when technology was still developing. As such, these individuals were exposed to early technologies like computers but never fully invested in any one platform.

They therefore didn’t feel the need to be totally connected at all times, allowing them to develop relationships and enjoy leisure activities without having to check their phone every few minutes.

As technology continues to advance, more opportunities arise for engagement and connection. However, there are ways to use tech responsibly to better your overall quality of life.

Finding balance between spending time alone, being active, and connecting with other people can help you identify the most productive uses of technology for your generation.

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