How Hard Is It To Get a Job at Shopify?

What is your dream job? Some people have decided what they want to be when they grow up as young as 3 years old, but come to think of it – so much can change in the years that pass. You barely even know what to expect next.

Maybe as an adult, you’ve come to have flourished in the tech industry or online marketing. The opportunities are endless! What’s good is, that with countless opportunities, you are free to explore them – just like getting a job at Shopify, a huge e-commerce platform for online stores and other retail point-of-sale systems.

This article is going to tell you everything you need to know about getting a job at Shopify.

Prepare Your Resume

Prepare Your Resume

When you apply for jobs, they’ll ask specific questions about your experience. You should know what questions they're going to ask so you can answer them accurately.

You want to give honest answers, but don't feel like you have to lie or exaggerate. They'll also assess how much experience you've got. Once you qualify, they will offer you a job.

There are several ways to go about applying for a job. Many employers prefer people who show their candidness and honesty through their essays in addition to the application.

That way they get both a thorough knowledge of the situation and a sense that you would be comfortable talking with others about things you lack confidence in.

While it may seem premature, there's no need to wait until all applications have been submitted to start thinking about this important topic. Developing your interview skills now helps you avoid any surprises later on.

This includes topics such as how to describe yourself, what questions might be asked and how to manage your time effectively while looking for a job.

A few weeks before the actual date of the interview, I review my documents and look over the office atmosphere very carefully. I then spend some time getting ready mentally. I ask myself the following questions:

  • What thoughts am I taking into the interview?
  • What facts do I wish to bring to the table?
  • Why is this position relevant to me?

I try not to worry too much and stay focused primarily on what other people tell me. Focusing on the positives in people’s comments could help you weigh those words against each other and find the positive within someone else’s negative comment.

Find Out Which Position You Are Qualified For

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There are many different jobs at Shopify, including management positions. Any position in the sales department would require a love of helping people and being able to generate leads.

There are also more technical roles, such as the following:

  • Customer service support
  • Marketing
  • Website development
  • Tech support

These can be day-to-day operations jobs that help us take care of our customers.

All of these jobs involve assisting staff with tasks to keep them busy and make their lives easier. This might include giving them advice on how to deal with issues or questions they have about the product or business.

At its most basic level, work is done by providing content for people to read. They want to consume information, so give it to them straight from the source!

More specifically, web developers use their knowledge of coding and software to create and maintain websites. They may also do some light graphic design work and assist with other aspects of site production.

Website operators develop and manage online communities and spread awareness of their products and services. That means working closely with others in your organization to understand what they offer and ways to get exposure around the company.

Customer service representatives handle customer requests and problems related to your products and services. You will need expertise in your field and the ability to identify solutions to common complaints.

Shopify will need to hire well-motivated individuals who are eager to learn and play games. Someone with this attitude should be comfortable jumping into a role and getting started.

Find a Job that Interests You

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There are many different ways to get hired by a company. You can apply through a job site, like Shopify, or even via an employee who is currently working for the company.

There are also companies that hire people directly either through a recruiter or themselves. Figure out how you fit into the business life of the company and if they feel like you are a good fit for their team.

Also, keep in mind what kind of culture they have:

  • Do they have several things going on so you can find yourself part of something bigger?
  • Does it seem like there isn’t much happening in their organization?

Find out if this is an organized environment or more of a “how things work” type of place.

Seek Employment Through Networking

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Getting a job at Shopify is as simple as being in touch with people and letting them know you are available. You can do this by doing the following:

  • Contacting other businesses
  • Asking if they need help running their online stores
  • By sending out resumes

Business owners will look at your resume and profile and make a judgment about how likely you are to take on new projects and work under pressure. They may consider you more highly because of your experience or less heavily because of the nature of your past jobs.

It’s important to land these jobs before you apply so you can explain the decision-making process behind any changes you made. The more information you give them, the better chance you have of getting hired.

If you don’t feel like talking, that’s fine. But the fewer applications you send, the lower your chances are of being chosen for an interview. More importantly, it’s not enough just to be qualified for the position.

You also have to love what you do, which is why you should be willing to invest time into learning the business skills required for each role.

Check if You Have Sufficient Experience

The job market can be difficult for someone with limited work experience. If you are looking to gain valuable retail sales experience, this is not the place to do it.

Most retailers look for people who have some level of experience. That way, they don’t have to pay extra for training!

If you need to get additional experience, here are some ways to do it:

  • Get involved in community service activities. You can find these things by asking around your friends and family or checking out local organizations.
  • Try making something related to your business activity online. If you have an online store, try his/her own website or sell products on another site like Amazon.

These experiences will help build up your resume and make you seem more competent. People will know what you’ve done, which makes you easier to hire.

Have Proof of Education

Have Proof of Education

Despite being well-educated, it will be difficult for you to get into an ITposition on Shopify, for example, without experience.

However, because there are so many positions available in this field, don’t worry about finding something right away! That said, having a higher education is always helpful, regardless of the type of job you apply for.

In order to earn money, prove that you have what it takes to work hard and show your skills. Employers want to find people who can demonstrate initiative and responsibility while still doing a good job.

For most jobs, having software expertise is also necessary, as companies need computer applications designed by you. Having knowledge of computers is an advantage, not a disadvantage.

Networking is also very important when looking for a job. When applying for employment, make sure you’re familiar with how to use social media networks to promote yourself and increase your value as an employee.

Proofread Your Letter and Resume Several Times

If you’re looking for a job, no one cares how well you write. I know that seems weird, but it’s true. Most people reading your resume will skip over words like “your” and “you’ll” as if you can’t spell.

And even if they do catch yourself forgetting those words, they’re not going to call you out on it. So, you need to proofread everything you write and say as few words as possible.

With practice, this becomes easier. But until then, here are some tips for saying as few words as possible.

These may seem silly, but they make things easier:

  • Start with a neutral topic sentence.
  • Don't use too many superlatives (an absolute must).
  • Try replacing comparisons with statements instead of phrases such as “more important,” or “in fact.”
  • Use fewer verbs!

Make Sure Your CV Is Formatted Correctly

Make Sure Your CV Is Formatted Correctly

The way you write your resume depends upon its format. There are many different types of resumes, but they all have two things in common – they allow for some type of description and they make use of bolded words.

If you’re looking to change careers or move into management, then you will want to invest in your look by getting a professional resumé written. If you need help deciding what font to use or how much space to leave between points, consult someone who knows more about formatting than I do.

I just read an interesting quote regarding career professionals that should give anyone thinking of changing their career takeaway: “The number one cause of job loss changes is employment status. By having multiple jobs over time, you are playing with fire. ”

So, whether this means not investing enough time in each position, switching too often, or taking longer to get out of trouble, it is very important to keep moving forward on your goals.

It also helps if you have another source of income. You can make money online, try working overtime at your current job, or better yet, look for a separate part-time job.

That way, you won't be entirely dependent on any single business model (i.e., job) that might go down when times get tough.

Send Off Applications

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Getting your foot in the door is incredibly important, but so is staying in the conversation. Following up after an interview can make a big difference in whether you get hired or not.

In both case studies, we will walk through specific ways to follow up with questions after the interview that was more about showing your interest than needing anything from them.

Also, way too often, I see people give up before asking for help. You should always keep trying to solve the problem yourself first. Only when you really need help should you ask others for assistance.

Having said that, it’s easy to feel like giving up and just letting things go because you made a mistake or did something wrong. So, don’t worry about making mistakes and just do what feels right to you.

You’ll know you’re doing enough when people tell you you’re not.

That being said, here are some helpful tips for getting back into the flow of things:

  • Follow up after meetings and events by thanking someone directly for their time. This shows that you value their time and respect them. It also gives you a chance to establish a connection outside of business hours. Thanking someone face-to-face helps lower overhead and is generally appreciated.
  • Give people a call to check on they're okay. People work hard and deserve to be given a break now and then.
  • Don't assume how things have been done already. Try new approaches to find out what works and what doesn't.
  • Try to put yourself in your interviewer's shoes. Does the job sound fun? Or are there other jobs that would match who you are and what you want to learn?


Finding a job is not easy, especially on a platform like Shopify. However, as long as you play your cards right and prepare all the necessary skills and documents needed for the position you are applying for, it will get easier.

Be confident in your skills and always seek to improve them in any way you can. Likewise, connect with the right people. These individuals include those that have a positive and hardworking mindset, people who can encourage you to do better, and those that also have a wide network of connections that can vouch for you.

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