How Is A Simple Business Defined?

Creating a simple business is not easy, but it’s definitely possible for anyone. It takes work and effort to stay focused on doing what you know is right, but also making sure your pocket doesn’t need any more filling.

Many people get distracted by the things that are wrong with this or that company, or how they can make money by staying in bad debt.

They start thinking about changing something so that it’s no longer like this company or worse than what we have now, and then before you know it, hours have been spent on trying to fix something that isn’t broken.

It’s important to be careful about adding new products or services into your repertoire as this could easily become a consuming habit that drains your energy.

There's an art to being able to tell when it's time to walk away and just leave everything behind- you will always have yourself to come back to. - Mandy Hale

In this article, I will talk about some of the things that it is impossible to run a business without and why having access to these tools and resources is worth its cost.

I will discuss their importance and how to use them to help you establish your own little business empire.

Definition of complex

what is simple business

A thing is considered complicated when it requires more steps to complete than one would normally expect for its completion. For example, taking a shower typically takes around 15 minutes to do if you are fast working yourself. But take a look at how many steps it has!

It took you longer than just 30 seconds to read this article! And that’s assuming you were very quick reading.

Now, think about all of the things you have to do before you can get into the bath- not only does your body need to be cleaned, but you have to find a towel, you have to make sure there is soap, and then you have to wash each part of your body (hair, feet, etc). All these additional steps makes taking a shower much more complicated than just getting in the water and washing yourself.

So what makes something simple? Well, aside from being easy to understand, something cannot be defined as simple unless you compare it to another similar item.

For our second term, let's use the word dog to define difficult. If you ask anyone whether or not they like dogs, almost everyone will say yes. They might not know exactly why, but they associate them with love and happiness. So, what type of animal is most likely to make people happy? You guessed it: a puppy!

A puppy is a little too young to eat solid food, so they spend their days eating milk products such as milk and cheese.

The devil is in the details

what is simple business

Sometimes, people get the idea that being simple is not working and giving up. It’s not! Being simple is having a good business model and executing it to perfection.

It’s realizing your goal and sticking to it until you reach it.

Simplicity is also having a clear vision and message of what you want to provide for others. You know what you are talking about and people trust you.

It’s staying focused and consistent with what you promised.

Simple doesn’t mean no decorations or extra touches. They can be helpful reminders to yourself and others of who you are and what you offer.

But don’t make everything look too fancy or complicated. Keep things natural so your customers can focus on what you have rather than how you spent money to impress them.

The 80/20 rule

what is simple business

We’ve already mentioned this before, but it is such an important concept to remember when starting your business! The 80/20 rule comes from mathematician A.P. Jensen who in 1908 published his findings while working for Rockefeller Oil. He noticed that most of the time, how much energy he had goes into the less efficient processes like producing oil or drilling new wells.

He spent his time focusing on extracting more value out of the oil by doing things like refining it or moving onto higher quality oils. This left him with little effort needed to make enough money, making the other process seem pointless.

This way of thinking can be applied to almost anything you do. You need to recognize what parts of your work feel wasteful and unnecessary, and focus your efforts on the ones that bring you the most success.

The hardest part about applying this theory to your business is realizing which areas are not necessary for success.

Multiplying your effects

what is simple business

Sometimes people get stuck in a mindset of doing more with less. You read about entrepreneurs who have success using simple strategies to create multilevel marketing systems, or you see pictures of them traveling with only their backpack and some luggage. They are conscious of their value as business owners and they use what resources are available to them to maximize their effectiveness.

That’s great if you're already working hard and investing money into your business! But what if you're not yet there? Or what if you want to start off by limiting the scope of your business so that it's more modest but still profitable?

You can be just like those entrepreneurs I mentioned before! All it takes is an understanding of how businesses work and what makes them successful. It also requires you to think outside the box when it comes to business concepts and strategies.

"Simple" business doesn't mean low-budget, easy to duplicate, or cheap to purchase. Rather, it means cost-effective, sustainable, and efficient. A simple business that goes beyond simply making products will instead focus on creating effective products or services while staying within budget, keeping up with current trends, and maximizing efficiency.

This article will go over several tips for running a simple business that creates additional income streams, which many professional level companies do every day.

Do what you know how to do

what is simple business

“Being simple” is not a cliché, it is a mantra. Following your dreams requires that you believe in yourself, and you must constantly be doing things that you love to prove to yourself and others that you are worthy of this chance at life.

Running your own business is an excellent way to achieve this. Starting your own business simply means staying within your area of expertise and developing from there.

It is very hard to get too complicated with business practices so starting off with something easy is the best approach. Finding ways to make money by doing what you already know is great way to start out.

Business owners who describe their businesses as ‘simple’ usually have success written all over them. They are known for keeping things fun and straightforward, and creating strong relationships with people they meet along the way.

Focus on your core skills

what is simple business

Simpler business means investing in things that bring you success, things that you are passionate about, and things that make you feel good when you use them.

It also means not doing things that don’t add value to your business or yourself. You should invest time and money in things that matter to you, so they matter to your business and your personal growth.

If you're reading this article then I have an assumption - you're already working hard!

You've got a job, you love what you do and you're putting in lots of effort into improving your skill set and career. But there's another way to approach it.

There's a reason why successful people are considered rich and wealthy - they focus on developing their strengths and investing in things that give them joy. It is said that being rich comes from spending money on experiences rather than material goods, and we can learn a lot from those who are rich.

Enjoy what you are doing

what is simple business

In this era of technology, we have become increasingly connected. With every device having an ever-expanding list of features, staying focused on making the next big thing is easy to do.

However, simplicity is something that people lose when devices take over their lives. Technology can easily distract us by offering quick fixes and rewards.

It may be difficult at first but I will say it with confidence: being more simple is better.

Why? Because simplicity brings back focus into your life. It reminds you that there are things worth focusing on that don’t involve checking off a box or getting a reward for it.

Simplicity helps you identify things that matter to you and keeps you motivated because they're not too flashy or impressive.

I know, it's hard. We live in a society where everything is designed to make you think that you aren't enough. That you won't meet someone else's standards of good living. Or that you'll always feel like you're missing out.

But here's the truth: you are enough. You've got this.

You have a job that makes you happy, friends who care about you, and yourself going down all sorts of paths you never thought possible.

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