How Is Apple's Marketing Strategy?

With every new technology or product that comes out, there is always an initial uproar about how expensive it is and why people should use it instead of something less powerful or cost-effective. This is typically followed by a quick depreciation in price as companies race to be first with a discount or free trial.

This process usually works in their favor since most people are still skeptical at this stage and will pick up the product even if for just a few weeks to see if it’s worth investing in long term.

It also helps them gain some traction since people are willing to try things like products they have never used before. It also creates word of mouth marketing where consumers share their experiences with the product.

But what happens when the opposite occurs? When people praise a product but say how much it costs? What happens then?

That is when corporations begin to feel the pressure to keep up appearances and appear more affluent than they really are. This perception can influence how well you do your job and how loyal or supportive your colleagues and superiors may be towards you.

In fact, research has shown that high employee turnover is linked to lower productivity and morale.

Apple is a luxury brand

how is apple marketing strategy

Luxury brands have something that makes them special or differentiated from other companies. They are known for their quality products, prestige, and/or value. Companies like Coca-Cola and Nike are not only easy to find but they also advertise heavily by using powerful marketing strategies.

Apple is a very popular company that enjoys strong branding. Their name invokes wonder and excitement about what technology they will reveal next. Many think of their phones, computers, or tablets as “must haves” because of how well designed and elegant they are!

They know if you don't have one of their products, then you're probably paying too much for another manufacturer's product. It becomes difficult to separate yourself from the advertisement when you own one!

The more expensive your phone, computer, or tablet, the bigger advertising budget it must have. This is why rich people tend to recognize some of the same advertisements over and over again.

I believe this is an important factor in creating a sense of separation between wealthy and average people. By exposing everyone to the same ads, people feel like there is less difference than before.

It may be hard to explain why having a MacBook, iPhone, or iPad means you are wealthier than someone who does not, but limiting exposure to such advertisements can help expose different ideas about wealth.

Apple is a well-known brand

how is apple marketing strategy

As a market leader, people trust what Apple says about its products. When it comes to marketing strategies, perception is just as important as performance. If people believe that your company doesn’t know how to promote itself, they will not work with you.

Apple is in a very powerful position due to this trust. They use creativity, innovation, and communication to build awareness for their brands.

They also spend money to achieve these goals. It isn’t necessarily wasted money, however – when companies advertise, someone has to pay for it!

It is important to note that no matter how rich or poor a company is, every dollar spent on advertising can have an effect. Even if only one person out of a million sees the ad, it costs something.

With that said, here are some tips to help you apply the lessons I learned at The Inner Game School about apple marketing strategy.

Apple is reliable

how is apple marketing strategy

As mentioned earlier, with every new iPhone model launch there has been an uproar about how expensive the phones are. Many people complain that they spend way too much money to be able to tell if an individual feature of the phone works or not.

This comes from people thinking that features are all tied together so once one thing fails then everything does as well. This isn’t always the case though, some features work independently.

For example, most iPhones come equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity which allows users to connect to various networks via wireless.

If you don’t have wi-fi enabled at home but still want to use your phone for internet access, you will need to find a nearby hotspot and connect to that instead. This can get very tedious since many people these days rely heavily on their smartphone for things like banking, shopping, etc.

Another feature that almost everyone uses in their daily lives is taking pictures. A lot of people take a large amount of pride in being able to take good photos so having extra money spent buying apps and accessories to improve quality is worth it.

Luckily, Apple doesn’t make us pay more than we should for this — they include free photo editing software! No matter what kind of picture you want to edit, you are given settings such as crop, rotate, and straighten, along with easy tools to modify color, tone, and effect.

Apple is cutting ads

how is apple marketing strategy

Over the past few years, you could say that Apple has had some incredible advertising campaigns. Some of them made us laugh, like their “Think Different” advertisements or their now-classic Super Bowl ad with the lion and his shadow.

But aside from all those great commercials, there have been two main themes in almost every advertisement for the last couple of years. The first is how much they value creativity and art over technology.

This includes things such as promoting the launch of the new iPad by having people upload pictures of themselves using it, or putting emphasis on how artistic the new iPhone looks instead of describing what features it has.

The second theme is how well designed everything is – not only individual products, but also the overall look and feel of the company. A lot of brands spout off about being design oriented and staying true to their creative vision, but rarely do we see it lived out.

With the death of the TV commercial, this is no longer an option for Apple.

They are selling more phones

how is apple marketing strategy

In recent years, smartphone technology has become very popular. Companies have designed their devices to be intuitive, easy to use, and feature rich. These features include apps, camera quality, touchscreen responsiveness, and so on.

Most people agree that Apple makes high-quality smartphones. They are consistently praised for how well they work and how beautiful they look.

But sometimes what matters most is not just looking good, it’s also doing something effectively. And in this case, some argue that Apple is going too far.

Their marketing strategy seems aimed at maximizing profits rather than creating an engaging experience for users. This includes using flashy advertisements and influencer praise to promote products.

Many believe that this approach is harmful for the company and its long term success. It may even hurt their image as a purist software company that creates tools that help people enjoy computer technology.

They are selling more iPads

how is apple marketing strategy

With every new iPhone model, there is always an outcry about how expensive they are. The price of each phone can easily reach into the thousand dollar range depending on storage size, screen size, and features you want to include.

With the iPad, however, it’s quite different. You have the choice between the standard 10-inch version that starts at just under $500 and all the way up to the Pro 12-inch version which starts around $1,000.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though as most people start off with the smaller device and then move up when they feel like they need bigger screens. A lot of business users also find themselves having one device and iOS platform so it makes sense to get their first experience on the iPad before moving onto something pricier.

There are many reasons why the iPad is less expensive than phones but perhaps the biggest one is marketing.

They are launching products

how is apple marketing strategy

Launching new products is one of the most important parts of any company’s marketing strategy. It sets the stage for how people perceive your brand and what kind of market position you want to achieve.

By introducing new products, it creates interest in the product and boosts sales. Most companies rely heavily on launch events to promote their new products.

A launch event can be an official introduction of the product or just its announcement. Either way, it generates attention and buzz which helps create demand for the product.

Apple has been known for holding launch events where they reveal all-new iPhones, iPads, and other gadgets. This attracts media coverage that promotes awareness of the product.

Marketers use a term called “launch week” to refer to the days leading up to the big event.

They are giving discounts

how is apple marketing strategy

With every new iPhone model, you can find discount codes or coupons for significant price drops on Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, and other major sellers’ sites. Companies use these promotional events to get your attention in two ways: by offering substantial savings, or by promoting their products through social media platforms.

By adding an expensive phone to your collection, you may be tempted to make a purchase from another company that has a similar product. By doing this, they gain exposure for their brand while you benefit by getting a good deal!

This is called advertising word of mouth (AWOM) and it works because people trust companies that treat their customers well. If someone you know got a great deal on a smartphone, then you may want to check out the seller with which they traded before making a decision.

There are also many third-party websites that track how much AWOM effect a sale had on sales. The more pages and posts about a given product launch, the greater impact it will have on final purchases.

Companies spend money on marketing strategies to draw in new audiences, create hype, and promote overall engagement. While some strategies cost money to implement, most do not. You can easily add some to your arsenal free of charge.

With all of this talk about mobile phones, what makes one better than the next?

That depends on what features matter to you and what budget you have.

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