How Long Do Shopify Refunds Take

Check your billing address

When you request a refund from Shopify, they’ll send you an email confirming it. You should see how much money is left on your account there. If you don’t get a notification within 14 days of doing so, that means no one at Shopify noticed that you had deleted an item or posted a comment on Instagram.

You can also go to to head over to their system for requesting refunds. Here, you will find information about what specific amount of time remains before something qualifies as a refund waiting period.

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If you haven’t heard by then, Google Shopping Express has ended. This was last year — in 2019. I’m sure it’s still useful today!

Google Shopping Express was a feature contained inside of It showcased products that you could buy online, processed your payments, and sent you a confirmation email containing the name and price of each purchase.

There were two drawbacks to using this service: 1) It took nearly 50 years to hear back from customers regarding returns and 2) it cost money.

Fortunately, according to Forbes, both issues were resolved in early 2008. Returns were already set up during the first few months of operation and nothing significant changed after that date.

This meant anyone could take part; all you needed was an Internet connection and access to a PayPal account.

Double check that you use a valid email address

Double check that you use a valid email address

It’s impossible to predict all of the cases where customers have had issues with getting their refund in a timely manner. However, if you do encounter problems, make sure you contact Etsy through your own means about it.

They may be able to help prevent future hiccups by checking on you. Validate that you used an active email account while attempting to process your refund.

This helps ensure there aren't any delays due to missing information or failed transactions.

Make sure it is not already expired

Make sure it is not already expired

I get it, most people don’t want to wait around for a refund. But you have to remember that your sales of the product came from this store front. Now you want another company to pay for advertising in order to gain customers.

Don’t be a jerk by charging someone then refusing to give them money back when their policy doesn’t allow it. It’s one thing to charge for an item and then not being able to use it because they didn’t read everything over before buying.

I lost a few business because of this. People were upset at me initially but once they realized I was not going to budge they became more accepting.

You can make changes later so if anyone feels like they are being jerked around, let them know what you’re thinking. Then stick to yourself and do what you feel is right!

Make sure you have a direct link to their customer service page

Make sure you have a direct link to their customer service page

If you bought a product directly from Shopify, there’s a good chance they’ll send you an email refund after it has been purchased. All but the most expensive products carry a 14-day money back guarantee as standard.

In general, you should get your funds within 3 business days of issuing the request. You can track our payment via PayPal or through your own bank account.

Send them an email

Send them an email

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Wait for a reply

Wait for a reply

You've paid your purchase, now you want to make sure it gets delivered. Most products take 1-3 weeks to receive but some can take more. Some companies give no estimate of delivery time, so keep that in mind when you choose one.

If you haven’t received an email from the company with an update within 2 days after placing your order, reach out via social media or call their customer service number. Many companies have a recovery team that works around the clock to help customers who are facing delays in delivery.

The best way to deal with delayed delivery is by keeping track of your emails and written reminders. As we mentioned earlier, many companies use automated systems to send deliveries. Therefore, there is no guarantee that they will actually read your email.

That being said, don’t hesitate to just pick up the phone and dial the customer service number listed in the app store or website. They may be able to help even if the message doesn’t say “delivery”.

Either way, stay calm, and provide all of the information needed for assistance (including name and phone number), and wait for someone to get back to you.

It isn’t very nice to kept waiting for hours on end and not respond to your messages. People do this sometimes, especially when they aren’t well. Don’t let them know you're mad.

Rather, tell them how much you value their business and wish them luck with their next order. It usually helps simply by letting off some steam. Then go about ordering again at another time.

Maybe refresh your inbox

Maybe refresh your inbox

When you sell products through e-commerce platforms like shopify, you are required to give customers a certain amount of time to pay for their order. Once they have paid, you then automatically take them into the status of an ‘invoice’ until they make either payment or put in an address where they would not be able to find it.

Most orders go directly to our servers every day; with all types of automation programs this can get backed up quickly.

When backing up so fast, there is a chance that one request will get lost in the shuffle. It is best to look at each individual email and sort out any pending requests that haven’t been placed with us within 5 days.

After we have received payments from customers, we offer one more opportunity to update addresses and place a watermark on emails from us. If you do not respond during these times, we will send confirmation notices via email.

From here, the next step is automated. We will sent you a notification when the item has been posted. Depending on how long it takes us to ship from the warehouse, this may be anywhere between 1 week and 2 months.

If you receive a cancellation fee, you should also note that if you cancel the purchase, you must notify the merchant before doing so. Whether the seller agrees to cancel the purchase or not, you need to fulfill the obligation to pay for the order.

Try another email client

It could be that your current inbox is preventing you from getting refunds. This isn’t very likely, but it’s possible something in your email program is making it difficult to retrieve your refund. If this is the case, then you can either try to fix the issue yourself or have someone help you do it.

You can also ask whoever sent you emails if they were able to submit their requests. They may not know that submissions are failing.

Finally, you can go back to the company who emailed you and complain about the inconvenience these issues are causing you. Hopefully, this will prompt a response.

It takes a while for people to get around to reading all of your emails, so don't worry too much about how soon you receive a reply. Also, most companies respond to complaints pretty quickly, especially when they involve one person.

In any event, this should take no more than a few days at most. If you still haven't received your refund after a couple weeks, feel free to contact Support again.

Log into

This is where you'll find an overview of your order, including information about payments and delivery

If there are any problems, you can also use this method to get your issues resolved. Before contacting support, try asking other customers with similar questions.

There's a chance that someone has had the same issue and needs help fixing it. Support members are available most days throughout the day to answer your questions.

You can reach them by email or phone if you have more details than what's provided on the website.

Support agents are able to work out answers for you so they can leave you to focus on running your business.

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