How Long Does It Take To Create A Marketing Strategy

Creating a marketing strategy is an ever-evolving process that can take anywhere from one week to months, even years! Depending on how much change you want to make in your business, it will depend on what level of detail you include in your strategies.

As with any other part of your business, developing a solid marketing plan takes time. You will learn as you go along, but don’t expect yourself to feel like you “know” everything immediately. That’s just not possible unless you own a restaurant or have a very simple budget!

Take your time when creating your strategies so that they are strong and effective, but also quickly implementable. Don’t get stuck waiting for things to happen if someone else does something that sparks an idea for you, launch off their momentum!

There’s no wrong way to do this, either. You don’t need to spend weeks coming up with ideas before choosing one, nor should you be afraid to add some components later once you've got the base covered.

You know your business best, and who you are as a marketer, so trust your instincts - only tweak what isn't working and try new things out when necessary. We'll help you get started here.

Do a market research

how long does it take to create a marketing strategy

A good way to determine how long it takes to create a marketing strategy is by doing a general review of all the products and services you already have.

You can use this information to build upon what you currently have or find new ways to make them more effective. Either way, it’s a great start!

By having a look at your own business, you will know if there are any gaps in content or features that could be improved. You may also identify some areas where you could save money by looking into alternatives more thoroughly.

Either way, don’t forget to write down everything you find! This will help you focus less on whether the things you're brainstorming making sense and more on coming up with new ideas.

Make a list of your target clients

how long does it take to create a marketing strategy

The next step in creating a marketing strategy is defining your targeted audience or what we like to call your target client base. This is very important as you will be investing time into this group, so you need to know who they are!

As with any type of business, there are two main groups that most companies focus on – customers and investors. As an entrepreneur, investor is the more elusive one.

But thinking about it, investors are actually just people that believe in you and your product or service. They may not buy directly from you, but they could potentially help you achieve their goal of spending money on products and services.

So why don’t more businesses think about them? I would say it’s because they underestimate the value of these individuals.

A well-designed investment policy statement (IPAS) can do exactly that. An IPAS communicates clearly how much of an owner’s equity each individual person gets invested in the company.

This removes some of the mystery surrounding investors and also helps to reduce stress when trying to talk to potential ones. While it sounds simple enough, it takes someone with understanding of investments to create properly formatted statements.

That’s where professional investors come in! There are many ways to go about finding professionals for your company to invest in, including asking friends, looking at local business websites, and even using free resources available online.

Create your marketing strategy

how long does it take to create a marketing strategy

After you have an idea for how to market your business, you need to actually create your strategic plan. This is the final step in what has been a long process of coming up with ways to promote your business!

After you have determined what products and services your business offers, and how you can advertise these products and services, it’s time to think about how to position your business.

Are you the kind of person that loves going out every night? Then perhaps becoming a busy working professional is not for you. If this isn’t you then maybe being a part-time worker is the better option for you.

We all know people who are very successful, so why don’t we do the same ourselves? It is hard to answer this question unless you are like me and I want to be just like them.

The more you study the less you feel you know, which is a good thing as you will always feel that there is something else to learn.

Create your website

how long does it take to create a marketing strategy

A good starting place is picking a domain name that fits your business and brand. You can use our linker tool to help you find great web domains or you can pick something you make up yourself.

Once you have found your domain, it’s time to pick a hosting company and install their software (such as WordPress) onto your site!

Your hosting company will also need your email so they can send out notifications and messages. Check with them about what services they offer and which one suits you best.

Create your promotional videos

how long does it take to create a marketing strategy

After you have determined what your marketing strategies will be, your next task is to create these advertisements! This can be done through various mediums such as video, print ads, or even interactive advertising.

Creating an advertisement is mostly writing with some special touches applied. The most important of those are the visuals and the tagline.

The visual part comes first, where you choose your setting and type of shot. Then, you write a short description and edit it until you find something that fits well. Finally, you research good quality stock photos or pictures you own to match the description and use them in the advert!

After all this work, the last thing to do is to test your ad! You can do so by creating a free trial version of the product or service you want to advertise and see how it runs for yourself.

Create your ads

how long does it take to create a marketing strategy

A well-crafted ad is more than just an advertisement. It’s a piece of communication that communicates a message or idea.

Just like with a marketing strategy, there are several components to creating an effective advertising campaign. Starting with the headline, setting up the body content, and then designing the advertisements themselves are important steps in producing engaging advertising material.

Distribute your marketing materials

how long does it take to create a marketing strategy

As we mentioned before, creating a successful business means establishing a strong market position. This is done through effective distribution of appropriate marketing materials that appeal to your target audience.

Distributing these materials takes time, so don’t expect to do it all by yourself! Hire professional help or at least try to do some of this work outside of office hours when no one is watching the screens.

You can also hire professionals to create and distribute promotional material for you, which may be more cost-effective than doing it yourself.

Measure your results

The next step in creating a marketing strategy is measuring your results! This can be done through any number of metrics, but the most important are: revenue, profit, return on investment (ROI), customer loyalty, feedback, satisfaction and engagement.

By having these metrics you can determine if your strategies are working and how well they’re performing. You can also use this information to make changes or add new strategies for better results.

It is very difficult to achieve success without tracking and analyzing your performance, so don’t leave it out unless you want to know what doesn’t work!

Take some time today to measure your sales, profits and ROIs and see how things go.

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