How Long Does It Take To Develop A Marketing Strategy?

Changing your lifestyle or career is difficult. Not because people do not want you to succeed, but because it can be hard deciding how to spend your time effectively. As humans, we get attached to things, so giving up some of these things can be tough.

The same goes for quitting something. Even though sometimes it seems impossible, knowing why you are trying to quit what you have learned will help you stay motivated longer.

This article will talk about marketing strategies in more detail and look at how long it takes to develop them.

Do a market analysis

A good first step in developing your marketing strategy is by doing an in-depth market analysis. What products and brands are already working for your competitors? Are there any trends that you can learn from?

You do not need to completely rebrand or redesign your current business, but you will want to make sure you are aware of what others have done before (and maybe even why they failed).

By studying how other companies marketed their product, you can pick and choose which strategies to use for yours. You get to decide if adding new features makes sense or whether it is better to start with more popular ones.

Create a marketing plan

how long does it take to develop a marketing strategy

A well-developed marketing strategy includes defining your target market, determining the messages and materials you will use to communicate with them, and creating timing and strategies for these messages.

After all, good marketing isn’t just about having cool advertisements or catchy slogans; it is also developing relationships that help you achieve your business goals.

As we know, businesses rely heavily on word of mouth advertising and referrals from others to gain exposure and grow their audience. By investing time in other people’s experiences, they create a warm fuzzy feeling in their heart which helps promote more business.

But what if there was no one around to do this? What if no one liked your products or services enough to refer you? This would be very difficult to overcome!

Luckily, most successful companies have developed a systematic approach to generating buzz.

Produce your marketing strategy

how long does it take to develop a marketing strategy

The first step in developing a marketing strategy is actually producing what we call a “short and long term plan.” A short-term plan looks at the next six months of activity, while a longer term plan addresses one or two years at most.

A short term plan can be done monthly, quarterly, or even weekly depending on how much time you have to devote to marketing.

A good way to make sure that you are not wasting any time is by creating a standard process for coming up with new strategies.

Test your strategy

how long does it take to develop a marketing strategy

A good way to test your marketing strategies is by doing something you have been avoiding up until now. What I mean is, instead of trying to come up with new ways to promote your product or business, try testing out what works already!

You can use these tested strategies as a basis for creating your own, or you can add things to them to make them more effective. For example, instead of just having an Instagram account, why not develop creative advertisements that feature pictures of your products?

By experimenting with different types of promotions, you will learn how to implement them into your own style and tone.

Measure your results

how long does it take to develop a marketing strategy

Let’s look at this again in terms of what actually happens when you develop a marketing strategy. The first thing is to make sure that you are measuring the effects of your strategies.

You can’t expect to implement new strategies and assume that they will work without checking back to see if they have!

By using analytics, you can easily check how well your strategies are working for you. You should always be looking into data to determine whether or not your strategies are effective.

There are many different types of analytics that you could use to do this. Some examples include: website analysis, social media analysis, etc.

Once you have determined that a tactic has worked, you need to find out why it worked. Was it because of the message, the channel, or both?

It is important to know which element mattered most in order to effectively apply this information to future campaigns. This way, you can more efficiently plan next steps.

Improve your strategy

how long does it take to develop a marketing strategy

Changing your marketing strategy is one of the most important things you can do to improve your business. Starting with the basics is the best way to begin defining your strategy.

Understand what makes your business unique, understand your market, and know who your audience is!

Once you have done these three basic steps, it’s time to think about how you can expand upon them.

You can start by looking at what types of strategies have worked for similar businesses in the past. Finding their success secrets will help you create your own success story.

Next, look into the future to determine if what you are doing right now is working well or if changes need to be made. If there are signs that something isn’t going as planned, get rid of anything that doesn’t work and add whatever is needed to keep moving forward.

Go back to step 1

how long does it take to develop a marketing strategy

Starting from the very first steps of your business, work on developing your marketing strategy. This could be designing your website, finding your niche, figuring out what products or services you will offer, creating your brand, picking an advertising platform, and so on!

All of these things take time. You do not need to have all of this done at once but it is good to have some progress towards having a successful business.

It can feel overwhelming trying to find the time to do everything, but that is why there are two important parts to this.

You must make time for general business activities such as responding to emails, doing research, talking about your business, etc., and then you should make time to focus more on specific areas of your business.

Publish your results

how long does it take to develop a marketing strategy

As we mentioned before, developing a marketing strategy is an ever-evolving process that will look different for every business and person. What works now may not work next year or even the year after that. Yours can’t be a one and done approach!

If you are looking to launch and test your current strategies, then you need to know how long it takes to see results from any type of campaign. This article will talk about some helpful benchmarks for this.

The first thing you should do is determine what types of media you use in your advertising and marketing budget.

You can identify if a tactic is working by comparing your results between the same time frame as before and once it has been canceled or replaced. For example, if your ads were seen twice a day for two hours each time for three months, why not run just one ad per day for the same amount of time? If there was no change in performance, then the previous setting is working and you can move onto another factor.

By doing this consistently, you will find that markers such as “peak season” and “holiday seasons” have clear peaks and valleys when they occur so you can predict when things will slow down or speed up. You can add these into your planning to help account for this!

At The Orr Group, our staff constantly reviews our campaigns to ensure we are staying within our budgets while still achieving our goals.

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