How Many Kinds Of Marketing Strategies Are There?

A marketing strategy is anything you do to get more business for your company or product. It can be done directly through advertising, indirect means such as social media marketing or influencer marketing, or it can be digital or traditional advertisements.

A well-marketing strategy will always keep an eye on what’s happening in the market to make sure you’re not doing something that has been done before. You want to make sure your approach is unique so people won’t just look at you as the “other person who does X,” where X looks like everyone else’s x.

There are many different types of strategies, some more popular than others. In this article, we’ll discuss five of the most common ones out there. If you're already doing some type of marketing, great! But if you’re looking to put together a new one, here are all of the types of strategies you can use.

B2B marketing strategy

how many kinds of marketing strategy are there

When talking about business to business (or B2B) marketing, this term is typically broken down into three different strategies or types. These are referred to as the direct sales force, channeled marketing, and integrated marketing.

Direct sales forces refer to those companies that sell directly to consumers without any kind of middleman. A company such as Coca-Cola would be an example of this type of marketing. They do not have advertising agencies create advertisements for them, nor do they work with other brands to carry their products.

All of these things are done by Coca-Cola themselves! The only thing needed from time to time is some media coverage which may promote their product or brand. This is what most people associate with direct sale marketing because it seems too simple.

However, there are drawbacks to this approach. Since there is no middle man involved, your market does not get exposed to who you are or what you stand for. People will never know whether you are running a profitable business or if you are just looking to take advantage of others.

This can sometimes hurt your reputation even more since potential customers might think twice before doing business with you. Direct sales also tend to cost more money due to the lack of third party vendors that help produce and spread your message.

Channeled marketing refers to having a vendor that works with you to achieve your marketing goals. For instance, buying a car comes with a dealership.

B2C marketing strategy

how many kinds of marketing strategy are there

Beverage marketers must have at least a basic understanding of how to craft a persuasive message for a business-to-consumer (B2C) product. This includes things like persuading people to buy a bottle of water, or buying chocolate bars, or investing in a new blender.

Most businesses aim to make a profit, offering products that they hope you will purchase. With so many brands out there it can be hard to know which ones are worth spending money on and which ones should be left aside.

That’s where your marketing strategies come into play. You as an entrepreneur have control over what types of marketing you do, and how much you spend on them.

There are several different types of marketing strategies, with some being more effective than others depending on the goal you want to meet.

Product marketing strategy

how many kinds of marketing strategy are there

A product marketing strategy is using your products to achieve an objective. Yours could be to make more sales, gain loyal followers, or both!

Most companies have at least a few products that do well for their business. They may even have products that are completely out-of-the-ballpark successes. (I will get into what makes a successful product later in this article.)

But how many brands truly understand the importance of each of these types of strategies? I would say very few.

At Least One Thing That Almost All Companies Have Is A Sales Strategy.

They try to sell as much as they can of their current best seller, or whatever new thing they are trying to promote most heavily. This seems like a good short term tactic, but it is missing the bigger picture.

The bigger picture is creating long lasting relationships with your customers so that they keep buying from you and telling others about you. This is called customer loyalty.

A lot of people think that being direct and aggressive is the way to go when it comes to selling, but that isn’t always the most effective approach.

Some things just don’t work via force. You need to know when to push hard and you need to know when to back off. Customers who feel like they are being pushed away will not only stop doing business with you, but they might tell other people about it.

Digital marketing strategy

how many kinds of marketing strategy are there

A well-defining term is digital marketing strategy. This can be broken down into five main components: branding, advertising, market research, messaging and implementation.

Implementation includes things like SEO (search engine optimization) strategies and creating content to facilitate engagement. It also includes finding an audience for your business through social media channels and keeping up with running accounts on these platforms.

Advertising can include paid advertisements or promotions you put out there for people to see. Branding means establishing yourself as a known name so that people will associate your company with quality goods and services.

Market research is exploring different opportunities to promote and grow your business. This could mean looking at free and paid resources available and determining which ones work for your industry and what might not.

Messageing includes developing messages and statements about your product or service. These messages should clearly state who your product/service benefits, how it works and what changes it makes.

Social media marketing strategy

how many kinds of marketing strategy are there

So what is social media marketing, then? It’s not about having a ton of followers or getting lots of likes on your posts. That would make you have a successful social media account, but it would be wrong!

Social media marketing is using various tools to create an audience, share experiences, and produce content that people will want to read, listen to, and interact with.

The key word here is “audience.” As we know, creating an audience means producing quality material that people are going to want to access so that they can find you again for more things to consume.

Your initial goal in social media marketing should be to grow your follower base as much as possible by engaging in conversations and posting entertaining, interesting content.

Email marketing strategy

how many kinds of marketing strategy are there

A few years ago, if you wanted to send an email to your audience or market new products or services, you had to do it yourself. You needed to create your own emails with content and messages that matter to you and them.

In fact, most marketers still use classic email software such as Microsoft Outlook or Gmail to compose and test their messages.

But everything changes when technology comes together and makes creating and sending messages easy for anyone. And all too often, companies take advantage of this by using spammy tactics to promote themselves.

Luckily, there are strategies like A/B testing and tone-based messaging that can help you maintain neutral turf in the battle against spam. But what about people who don’t have much experience doing business?

That’s where automated email marketing tools come into play.

There are so many different types of these apps out there, from free ones to very expensive ones. What kind is best for you depends on your budget, your needs, and how big your business gets.

So here we will discuss one type of automatic email marketing tool: drip marketing campaigns.

What is drip marketing?

A drip campaign is a way to keep offering and promoting your product or service while also providing additional value to your customers.

With a drip campaign, you supply your customer with constant offers and announcements via email.

Online marketing strategy

how many kinds of marketing strategy are there

One important thing to recognize about online marketing strategies is that they all have one thing in common – you are trying to get people to visit your website. It can be for a product or service, to learn something, or just because you want their email so you can market to them later.

Any time you try to get someone to visit your site, it’s considered marketing. After all, that’s what marketers do! So if you’re reading this article, then you already know that there are several types of online marketing strategies.

But what makes some strategies more like traditional marketing than others? And how does it matter which type of strategy you use?

We’ll talk about that here. But first, let us look at the most popular type of online marketing strategy - SEO (search engine optimization).

Corporate marketing strategy

how many kinds of marketing strategy are there

Corporate marketers are focused on how to get others to interact with your company or brand. This type of marketing strategies include things like using social media to grow your audience, creating content people will want to read or watch, developing advertisements and campaigns designed to draw attention, etc.

Corporate marketers also use direct sales methods such as face-to-face meetings, phone calls, and door-to-door visits to approach potential customers. These types of tactics are used when most people start looking for new services and products — if you’re thinking about buying furniture, for example, then meeting with representatives of local furniture stores is a good way to find out more information!

In addition to these one-on-one approaches, corporate marketers use printed materials (like pamphlets) and online advertising to spread their message. They may even create logos and brands that help them gain exposure and recognition.

By and large, corporate marketers aim to make their product or service seem cool and attractive so people will choose it over another alternative. A lot of companies spend lots of money promoting themselves via billboards, TV commercials, and other promotional techniques.

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Market research and creativity go hand in hand for corporate marketers. Since they're trying to appeal to as many people as possible, they have to do some research before putting up a campaign. Their findings can be applied towards designing new ads or figuring out what messages work for different audiences.

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