How Much Does A Copywriting Job Pay

$65 per hour

Pay upfront fees

There’s no way around it – writing is hard work. And while most bloggers do it as a part-time job, that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to be paid for their time. After all, money can help motivate them more than anything.

In fact, several studies have shown that people are more motivated by how much they want something versus how good it might feel to get it.

So whether you're fundraising or trying to hire new employees, know what your goal is and then tell yourself that you will pay someone else well for this effort. It may sound cliché, but if you really want to give great rewards, you need to take care of your workers very well.

And when we say "you", we mean everyone from the boss to the lowliest clerk. If you've got jobs, you should treat them like family. Vacation time isn't just about being friendly and sharing expenses; it's also about loyalty and motivation. People who work with you owe you at least that much since you gave them some kind of employment.

Put together a payroll every week and offer benefits such as health insurance or pension contributions.

$94 plus commissions

While it may not seem like much, with additional skills it can be done easily online for free. Therefore, your ability to pay is dependent on several factors, such as how large or well-established your company is, how many existing clients you have, and what their average spend per month is.

If you work for an advertising agency then the above description isn’t very useful to you. We don’t provide money estimates for individual writers, but we do offer different packages that could help you earn more money.

$148 plus products and services

Get setup with payment processing

Social media is one of the most powerful ways to promote your business online. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all have easy-to-use platforms for sharing content. But before you hit “Publish” or send that tweet, make sure you’re giving people a reason to care about what you have to say.

You can pay for ads but there are many free options as well. Share things often and include a clear call to action so people know what you want them to do.

The best way to increase engagement? Give people something worth talking about. People love talking about themselves and their lives. So instead of posting how great your product or service is, try introducing yourself and letting people talk about you and their issues.

Maybe they need your help and your product! That’s a story everyone can get behind. It takes a lot of effort to build trust with customers, but once you have their trust, they will tell others about you. And that’s when the money starts coming in.

$194 with paid training

Even if you have no experience, there are ways to earn money as a copywriter. You can start writing ads for local businesses for free. Then, you can offer your services at reduced prices or give deals in exchange for product reviews.

There are also writing courses that teach you skills for taking on freelance work. No matter which route you choose, these are usually part of any package worth considering.

In total, we’re talking about around US$1,000 spent on this service or subscription. After signing up, you will then begin working under an experienced writer or coach who will help you improve your skills.

This is followed by some online coaching and networking opportunities that cost less than $100. Overall, it’s one of the most comprehensive and affordable promotions out there.

$389 to 389+ with freelance writing jobs

Writing is an excellent way to boost your income. But it’s also a lot of work for little pay. If you want to write and make money, you’ll need to be willing to put in time and resources into learning about your field.

There are plenty of other places where you can earn money. However, if you want to become a professional writer, there’s no better place to start than at the top of the industry.

Where high-level writing positions exist, proofreading has been your path towards earning a living. The skills you learn as a reader are valuable, even when you don’t have experience as a writer.

In fact, skilled readers tend to always have employment opportunities. That means whether you decide to keep reading or not, your ability to read well gives you value and potential for job advancement.

$974-1064 with sponsored content posts

There’s a huge difference between writing for “sponsored content,” which is usually free to distribute, and professional copywriter work, which includes ongoing payments. However, it can get you featured in your field at non-paid bloggers events!

The way this works is when a blogging event happens (usually found through Twitter or Facebook), people sign up to write about them. The registrants choose topics they are interested in talking about and their email addresses are then offered for signing up for advertising packages.

Each package is different but generaly speaking, there are anywhere from one to five articles/blogs being published every week concerning the topic. By joining the affiliate program and earning credits, you will be able to promote various products and services that are partnered with an advertising campaign or special deal.

By promoting these products, you gain credibility and more money to spend on buying them. If you have something unique to offer like valuable tips or tutorials, list yourself online as willing to do review jobs and lend ideas.

You can also build trust by reviewing products and posting blogs regarding what you bought, my thoughts on them, and any bonus items you may want to share.

$1300-1400 with link building

There’s a huge misconception that bloggers do copywriting for free, which is not true. While there are opportunities to create income through blogging, it takes time and effort to increase traffic to your site and generate sales.

Some people mistake content creation without training as proof of talent or skill. It isn’t.

You can hire someone else to create content for you, but giving permission for others to put their name on your work shows a lack of professionalism.

It can also hurt your reputation in the long run by appearing less professional than what Google considers quality content.

Google has made its position clear regarding plagiarism, so if you want to get hired, believe me, you don’t want any instances of it documented anywhere on your profile.

$1600-1633 with website reviews

Website design can be expensive, but it’s not impossible to create an appealing site without spending a lot of money. You just have to do some research before you hire someone. Consider asking these questions from your research

How long has the designer worked for websites? Is this person already familiar with your brand or business? What are their payment rates? Are they reliable?

These are all things that you should consider before hiring anyone. But more importantly, let them know what kind of work you want them to do. Some designers only do webwork, while others need to extend into other marketing fields as well.

The key is to find a partner who is capable and comfortable in his/her own skin! Someone who knows how to put together a creative portfolio filled with stellar designs and examples of previous works.

Someone who is confident in their abilities and understands how to communicate effectively.

$1734-2026 with ebooks

There’s a reason that most copywriters have several books in their top selling lists. It’s because people know they can buy what they need to begin creating content right away at a discount.

But there are other reasons as well. For example, sellers feel more connected to you than someone who has just bought an ebook. If you put yourself out there writing content for your audience, then they should be allowed into this area of your life.

Furthermore, they will either want to become better friends or improve your friendship. Only by accepting that others may not be able to live up to our standards and being understanding can we achieve success.

Finally, many successful writers find it easier to sell digital copies rather than print versions. And some markets (such as libraries) only prefer print copies.

By having both options, you'll increase your sales.

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