How Much Does Social Media Increase Revenue

The effects of social media on retail sales

The effects of social media on retail sales

Digital technologies have changed the way we get our content, both big and small. YouTube and Facebook are only two examples of how technology is driving changes in the content industry, with more to come.

More and more people are using social networks to find information, shop and spend money. It’s changing the ways they learn about products and brands, and their interaction with businesses.

Social media has become such a significant part of our lives that even buying groceries can be done through apps. Even comparing prices for your own home goods is easy.

Apps like Shopbot will track your shopping habits and then show you where you could save money by learning what types of deals you buy. Apps also help you track your spending so you know where to make budgeting cuts.

An analysis of how much do social media employees cost?

An analysis of how much do social media employees cost?

Marketing is developed to promote your business, generate leads, and sell products and services. By having a team that focuses on marketing efforts, you can ensure that all of your important resources are going towards your own business objectives.

It’s hard to argue with success. When people learn about your business from social media, they likely will use that information to make a purchase. If you have a good product at an affordable price, people are more likely to buy it from you.

You also should consider how much doing research for social media costs. There are paid tools to help you with this process, plus staff members who could be working elsewhere in your organization.

Perhaps most importantly, there’s a financial reason for hiring someone to manage social media for you. Because of its wide reach, doing social media management is not cheap.

Management fees can run $100 per hour or higher, making investing in social media management a costly endeavor.

Example headlines about social media earnings

Example headlines about social media earnings

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube


You can use these platforms to market your product or service, share videos, do customer support, connect with existing customers, and interact with fans.

Twitter is a great platform for promotional efforts. You can find more followers from this network than any other.

The best way to grow your audience is through popular posts. Share informative, entertaining content that people want to read/see.

Linkedin is a good place to share business information such as documents, presentations, reviews and news. Draw attention to yourself by sharing business cards and connecting with colleagues.

Google+ is a growing community where you can build a professional profile. People view profiles so you should make yours well-organized and easy to understand.

YouTube is another powerful tool to draw interest. Create educational videos or put up video blogs.

Social media helps you broaden and deepen your relationships at no cost.

Do you really need a Facebook page?

Do you really need a Facebook page?

Marketing experts have been talking about how social media is becoming more important for businesses, with some calling it the new era of marketing.

Facebook has become one of the most popular ways to engage customers and gain popularity.

This platform not only allows you to advertise your products, but also helps people find new brands and companies they might like.

As we know, buying products and services can be expensive, so many use coupons and deals that they get through advertising apps or websites.

By having a business facebook page, you are able to promote upcoming events, sales, and discounts from followers and subscribers. People may want to buy your products because of what you have posted on facebook.

Making posts regularly is very important, as well as connecting with them. You should try spending time on facebook at least three times a week to update your story.

The stories that you tell will draw in traffic and conversations, which is key to being found and getting visibility.

Constant engagement on your business’s Instagram account

One of the biggest benefits that social media has for businesses is that it helps to increase brand awareness. By having an Instagram account, you are able to live tweet about your products and services. This means that even if someone isn’t familiar with you or your company they may still choose to try what you have to offer because of how interactive your account is.

By creating engaging accounts, you can get people interested in what you have to say. When people do find out more about you, they start coming to your site via mobile app, software, or by downloading your catalog.

You also want to think about why people are coming to your website/account. Are they looking for a specific product? Or is their intent to make a purchase? For example, promote upcoming sales, special offers, discounts, and recent events or news stories related to your industry.

These things will help them feel more comfortable about doing business with you.

Should you invest in Twitter advertising

Should you invest in Twitter advertising

Twitter is a very popular social media platformespecially among young people. However, even if you don’t use it for yourself, you probably know someone who does.

It’s important to understand how to increase sales using this channel. With all of the talk about whether or not Facebook is a good place to sell products, more and more companies are turning to Twitter.

Facebook claims that users who log into their accounts with businesses find it easier to conduct business via Twitter than they do through Facebook. Because everyone has an account, there’s no way for your competitors to connect with your customers.

You can also send out messages non-stop, allowing you to maintain one-on-one conversations without having to keep up with multiple emails. Once you build up a follower base, you can offer discounts to people who follow you.

Want feedback from other consumers? Create a survey and ask your followers for responses. You can then read what they have to say online or print them off and put them up for sale in your store. By keeping things simple, people will feel comfortable giving you feedback and telling you what they think. It helps make your business more human.

What are ‘likes’ and why are they important

What are ‘likes’ and why are they important

According to research, each social media platform has its own algorithm for measuring popularity and rating posts. However, there is a common theory behind all of them: the more people interact with your content, the more likely they will like it and want to see more of it.

This is what is called the "thrifty bias" or the "less-effort bias". The idea is that we tend to spend less time doing things that give us little reward at first but which later pay off big in terms of value.

So if you've ever felt guilty because you posted about a friend function on Facebook or took too many pictures during a trip, don't worry about it. You're not being selfish.

It's just human nature.

LinkedIN – how to use this powerful networking site

LinkedIN – how to use this powerful networking site

With about 100 million active users, LinkedIn is the largest professional network worldwide. Created in 2003 by Paul Randel who also created Bing, it’s headquartered in San Francisco.

Linkedin was originally designed for employers to view their workforce. By 2009, job seekers were using the platform more than companies were, which led to its expanded design.

Now people use Linkedin to make contacts, find jobs, and increase business opportunities. What makes Linkedin special is its easy process of connecting with other people.

You can do this through your email account, but now they are encouraging people to connect via Facebook. This is so members can access your profile even if you don’t have an official connection.

By having an informal relationship with them, you can initiate conversations and ask questions that only someone within your friend circle could answer. These connections are valuable not just because you can see their profiles, but also because others may trust them and follow their recommendations.

People know they can get answers from friends around the corner or over the phone, so management should realize people cannot work effectively without contact. Try asking employees first what they enjoy most about their job to see if they would recommend you to anyone they know.

Personal branding

Personal branding

We live in an age where digital interactions with other people have become the norm.

If you’re not actively using social media to connect with your existing customers, you are losing money. It is hard to attract new clients and business partners without a social presence.

Customers who search for you online will often see your website at the top of the results; if they don’t find what they are looking for, they may move on to their next choice.

Your website becomes the hub of all your brand conversations, which means that everything that happens on your website will be seen by potential future customers. You want your name to be known, and being famous (or semi-famous) isn’tyhis way to achieve this.

By having a personal website, you also create a space that is dedicated to you. Your marketing efforts can then be focused on finding ways to reach these individuals, rather than searching for a broad audience.

Having a personal site takes time and effort, but it is worth it to get started. Most likely you’ll spend more time responding to comments and messages over web forums, as opposed to writing original content.

That said, web forums are still useful for establishing yourself as a subject matter expert. By providing information related to your field, others can use your posts to start discussions and encourage engagement.

The most important thing about building your own website is to be honest with yourself about your goals. Do you want to raise awareness around your work? Are you trying to build a large fan base? Or do you just want to share your ideas for how you improve your work?

Each step brings you one step closer to success.

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