How Much Should I Charge For Copywriting

Create a portfolio of your copywriting work

Choose appropriate filenames

Now, there are so many things that will determine how much you should charge for copywriting. You need to consider your experience and qualifications. You can start by charging low rates until you build up a client base, then increase your prices as more money flows in.

There is no one size fits all solution here. But we do know that skilled copywriters with great skills can earn between $25 and $75 per hour depending on their skill set.

If you put in the time to learn an asset or get educated about marketing, you should expect to invest significantly more time and energy into its growth.

These are all hard numbers, but you can always look around, figure out what people are willing to pay, and go from there.

Find out what people are paying for content they aren't making themselves

Register with a payment processing company

The copy you write should be priced at least 20 percent less than your average cost per job, with 10 percent added in as a profit margin. There are many ways to determine how much you make an hour. You can look online for “ hourly rate charts ” that show how much professionals charge for various tasks.

You can also calculate your own hourly rate using the time-and-materials method. In this method, you compare yourself to others in your field and see how many hours their team spends working on similar projects.

Then you multiply the number of productive hours by your estimated price per hour to get a rough estimate of the value of your work. Add 20 percent as a margin of safety.

If you work with other freelancers or run your own business, create a spreadsheet report showing the amount paid for copywriting services and the resulting revenue generated.

Ask about their past experiences

Understand how payments work

You can use the same questions to evaluate someone's copy writing ability that you would ask to assess any skill.

For example, how did they get started writing? What other skills do they have?

These are all good ways to determine if the person is really looking for a job or if they are simply looking for a paycheck.

If you don't know them well enough to interview them, contact people who work with them before hiring them. Find out as much information as possible about their background and experience.

Discuss opportunities with one or two clients

There are many ways to make money as a copywriter, including charging hourly rates for writing projects and fixed-price fees for specific services.

If you’re just starting out, it makes sense to discuss your opportunities with one or two existing clients. This way you can find out what they want from you and if you can help them increase their rankings in search engines.

They may also be able to suggest new business ideas that don’t involve increased online marketing.

By having this discussion early on, you will avoid forcing your potential customers to start with big investments of time and money. You will also have an idea how much things should cost.

Prepare a list of rates for different types of writing

By having established rates for your writing services, you will be able to give detailed estimates for each project. You also want to keep in mind that some projects may require multiple writers (copy editing, social media management, etc).

Having several writers complete work within a short time frame can be expensive. So ask about discounts for bulk orders or extra compensation for rush jobs.

List your prices according to what type of writing you do and who it is for. Don’t forget to take into account your experience and how much you actually value your skills.

Established freelance writer relationships can make this process easy. Let them know of any deadlines or requirements they may have.

That way they can offer you an audience and sell yourself as a writer.

Make sure you have sufficient experience to write

Written content includes blog posts, product descriptions, news articles, social media messages, etc. Many businesses try their hand at writing copy themselves, but having experience is an important prerequisite to being able to charge money for your written content.

If you’re just starting out, then focus on doing work that requires creativity and writing ability. You can always hire someone else to complete menial tasks, or train yourself if you want to be a writer.

Writing is a skill that should be developed in those who wish to become professional writers. If you are not willing to put in the effort, then it would be better to be a volunteer than a salaried employee.

Gather evidence of your talent so you can price your services appropriately

If you’ve written one article, that’s worth $50 (or whatever your highest priced service is). If you have several articles published, or if you’re an expert in marketing or business writing, then consider how much you should charge.

Your experience will help you be aware of time spent working on each project.

You can use our free pricing tool to figure out how many hours you spend doing different tasks as well as what type of pay you should expect to earn per hour.

Total your costs and divide by the number of hours you’d need to work to justify the cost of your services. [substeps] Remember that once you expand your brand, your workload will grow too.

Keep focused on your goals and ask yourself what it is that you want to earn from your copywriting career. Price your skills and expertise according to their value.

That way you can build your brand and your reputation as a writer who people trust and would like to work with.

Be consistent throughout your career

“Being a writer” is a nice dream, but it’s not something that can be achieved easily. You should have stories to tell, struggles and defeats to share, connections to make, and friendships to nurture.

There are many reasons why becoming a writer starts with being a human being first. Developing as a person takes effort, commitment, time, and most of all, love.

You will write good copy only when you believe in the value of what you write and love talking about it. The best writers understand the importance of storytelling by listening to every story they hear.

That way, when you go to work, you’ll know how to connect with people by telling stories about how you spent your day.

Whether you’re interviewing friends or colleagues, working on a project team, or ever talked with someone who didn’t seem to like you very much, there’s a story inside everyone connecting them to others.

That’s what makes us humans special – the ability to empathize with other people and get along with those around us.

To develop these skills, pay attention when people talk about their lives, because you can help them transform their life experience into a story that will inspire others.

Choose your targets correctly

Now, there’s a big difference between pricing yourself very cheaply and taking a chance by overcharging.

If you only have one client, it will be hard to charge a lot of money.

However, if you continue to work at this rate, you will quickly increase your price point.

Once you start charging more, you’ll need to find other ways to make your business more profitable.

These are the risks of just starting to take on copywriting jobs – not enough experience may mean that you earn less than you would otherwise.

But maybe losing some amount of money is good for you; it keeps you from getting too comfortable.

It gives you a motivation to keep trying new things and get better.

Now, how much should I actually charge for writing? Well, as with many other services, word count plays a major role in determining how much you should pay.

You can always estimate word counts but most businesses don’t want to invest huge amounts of time or money in content production unless they know that their customers are willing to pay for it.

By having several different types of content, you also have the opportunity to diversify your talent across a variety of fields.

That way no single job ever takes over your whole day, and you still get to choose what you prefer to do.

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