How Pinterest Marketing Strategy Was Created

Social media is one of the biggest ways to market your business these days. There are many different platforms that offer up free or paid services to you to promote your products and/or brand. Some of those include Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and now, an app called Pinterest.

If you have not already, add yourself to this new app! Creating an account takes only minutes to set up and does not cost anything. You can pick any username you want for your pinning site, so try making yours related to your field or industry.

As you learn how to use the app more effectively, you will be able to make it work for you and your business. There are some great tips here for beginner users!

This article will go into detail about how to use Pinterest marketing to benefit your business.

Make a list of your favorite things

how pinterest marketing strategy

Now, this may sound crazy but it works! If you are looking to increase engagement with your followers, add some value by sharing something that you love and have done recently. You can pick anything from recipes, fashion trends, hobbies, or anything else you enjoy doing!

By adding these insights into your business’s lifestyle, your followers will feel more connected and like they know you better. They will also want to follow you on the platform because it’t them look at what you are posting.

Your followers will begin to compare their lives to yours and think about how they could do those as well. With all of these similarities, social media platforms such as Pinterest grow through connection.

Running your pinterest marketing strategy through this article will help you find your ideal niche and connect with others who share it.

Create an imagery board for your business

how pinterest marketing strategy

Now that you have created an account, it is time to start pinning! The best way to begin is by creating an “Imagery” or “Style” board. This will be used to showcase pictures and descriptions of products and services that are related to your business.

Your business can also include some brief product descriptions under the caption of each picture. By doing this, people will easily be able to see what kind of products you offer and more likely will click through to find out more about your business.

To create an Imagery board, go into your profile settings and then pick the option to create one. You will need to give your board a title as well as choose whether you would like to use the hashtag feature or not.

Now, you will want to upload some appropriate pictures and descriptions. Yours do not need to be marketing materials, just something that relates to your business. Keep adding new images and descriptions until you feel that your board has enough content to make its impact.

Create an account with Pinterest

how pinterest marketing strategy

The next step in your pin marketing strategy is to create an account on the Pinterest website. This can be tricky because not only does it cost money, but there are different levels you must achieve before being allowed to use the platform.

To make the most of this tool, you need to be sure you have the appropriate level membership. It’s very difficult to promote pins if you don’t, so do your research ahead of time!

Once you have acquired your premium member status, you will want to pick your niche or area of interest. Now that you know what kind of pictures people like, you can start creating engaging images and putting them up for everyone to see.

Your followers may already be part of a group on Pinterest, so try finding other users in related fields and get inspiration from those.

Start gaining followers

how pinterest marketing strategy

Now that you have an account, it is time to start gathering your initial pins. You can use pictures of things you make or want to create, recipes, fashion ideas, and more!

Pinterest offers a variety of ways to find new content to pin. You can do this by creating a board for each topic, searching through the site’s search bar, looking at other people's boards, and exploring different features.

By starting to connect with others, finding new content, and using their tools to organize and access information, you will be well on your way to achieving your business goals via Pinterest.

There are many free alternatives to paid accounts as well, so instead of spending money to grow, you are able to get started easily.

Purchase advertising space on Pinterest

how pinterest marketing strategy

As mentioned before, you can create an account as a business or individual to pin and market for businesses using their tools. But what about creating your own profile? You can do that too! This is very important to know when marketing on Pinterest because you will need to use this tool to distribute your pins to the world.

By paying money to be featured in the Marketplace, you get exposure for your business and its products. People can check out your business and pages to see what you have to offer!

This is similar to how it works on Facebook where people pay to promote themselves and their companies. There are many ways to advertise on Pinterest so choose wisely depending on what things you want to achieve with your business.

There are also third-party vendors that help you manage your Pinterest accounts and spread your influence more effectively.

Create engaging content

how pinterest marketing strategy

A great way to pin like a pro is by creating engaging, interesting, and entertaining images and/or videos. Yours can be themed or not, but they must appeal to at least one of the major social media browsing categories: lifestyle, food, fashion, DIY projects — you get the idea!

Pinterest users love pictures and people seem to enjoy looking through pictures so this is your chance to exploit that desire. Pick your niche, invest in good equipment (for taking pictures and filming videos), and start pinning!

Your followers will naturally want to look through your account to see what you have pinned lately, making it easy for them to click “follow” and open up your profile. You can then use these new followers as more exposure for yourself by asking if they would like to see some photos or learn about recipes of yours!

Running a pinterest business doesn’t end when the site goes down either.

Link your blog with Pinterest

how pinterest marketing strategy

After you have created an account on Pinterest, it is time to start linking your existing blogs or creating new ones! As mentioned before, the best way to begin is by establishing a small website that contains pictures and/or photos.

Once this site is finished, edit the homepage to look similar to what is described above for this article. Then, pick a category (such as fashion) and upload images and descriptions into those categories.

Next, go onto the pinboard section of your profile and create a new board. Type in your social media platform’s name and then “marketing.” Create another board and type out a good description of how your marketing campaign will work and include links to your own pages and sites.

After doing this, connect these two boards together so that people can follow both accounts! This helps spread your brand name even more and gives your followers additional content to read.

Purchase a website and/or a blog spot

how pinterest marketing strategy

As mentioned before, you can create an account on Pinterest by using their free tool or through another social media site like Facebook. Once you have that set up, you will need to pick your niche and area of the web where you want to upload pictures and pin them.

Once you find your niche, you can either purchase it from someone else who already has followers in it or start small with just one area of your niche and grow from there!

Both are good approaches as long as you know what kind of content your target audience is looking for. If you are the first person to do something in your niche, then your followers may look at you more aggressively since no one knows you yet. On the other hand, if people see you as always offering quality information, they might feel more inclined to follow you and contribute to you because they believe in you.

Either way works! Just make sure you’re not too aggressive about getting new followers quickly- this won’t work for you. Take your time and spread your pins out over several weeks or months so people have time to connect with you and learn more about you.

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