How Recurring Payments Work

When you make an online purchase, you may be asked to pay upfront for your purchase or via recurring payments. A common example of this is when you buy a monthly subscription service like Netflix or Amazon Prime.

With a monthly membership, you are usually given a credit card that gets charged automatically each month. You will need to confirm the payment at the time of renewal, but it can easily be done through the app or website.

There is also another way to use recurring payments. This method is more targeted and strategic than having yearly memberships. It is using what’s called an Auto-Purchase Policy. This article will go into detail about how both types of recurring payments work!

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Sample invoices and credit memos for recurring payments

how recurring payments work

Credit cards make it easy to keep spending money, which can be both good and bad. They offer convenience by allowing you to spend without having cash at hand, but they also invite more debt.

Recurring payments are paid on a regular basis (for example, monthly health insurance or rent), not just one time every few months. This article will discuss how recurring payment services work and some ways to manage them effectively.

Xero is an excellent free software that most small businesses use to track their financials. As a user of Xero, I have seen many examples of how professionals handle paying bills with a recurring service.

I would like to share my knowledge about these services with you so that you do not incur extra fees due to overpaying!

What Is A Recurring Payment?

A recurring payment is a bill that is automatically re-billed each month or other set schedule. For example, your cell phone company might charge a monthly fee plus tax for using their smartphone app, but this price is always known and included in the base cost.

Similarly, heathcare providers often have a yearly membership plan or a monthly membership plan where you pay a fixed amount per year or per month, respectively. This way, you do not need to worry about budgeting and whether or not you have enough money for the next period.

Some things may seem expensive upfront, but after the initial purchase, the price drops.

Create a recurring payment

how recurring payments work

The next step is to create a new recurring order. You will do this by creating a new line in your Shopify store under Settings -> Inventory & Payment Methods. This can be done through the mobile app, via settings tab, or through the web-based interface.

Once you have selected the right source (we’ll get into that later), then you will choose whether it is monthly, quarterly, biannually, yearly, or indefinite. Monthly and Quarterly are typically best if you have some sort of regular product supply, while Biannual and Yearly are better for products with less frequent availability. Indefinite is our option number one pick because you never know when someone wants their gift!

You will want to give yourself enough time to test out each setting before moving onto the next one. It may take several days to set up and test, so make sure to check back here soon!

After you have picked your plan, click Save to confirm. Your inventory will now update to include the new recurring purchase.

Update a recurring payment

how recurring payments work

Now that you have created your first recurring payment, it is time to update it! You can do this by editing any of the settings for the plan or directly through PayPal.

To easily edit a recurring paymen t, go into Settings > Your Account where you will find the option to Edit This Plan.

Here you can change the frequency of payments, how many payments there should be before canceling, and if you would like to add or remove users from the profile. You also get the chance to switch between Schedule and Autoschedule at a later date!

The best way to test out your changes is to create a new transaction. If everything goes well, then your recipient will automatically receive your money after the number of days you specify in the transaction.

Freeze a recurring payment

how recurring payments work

There is an easy way to stop a recurring payment, which can be done in two steps. You will first need to freeze the account that owns the subscription or cancellation request.

Then you will have to wait for the system to automatically unfreeze the service at the end of the period. This is because once you add credit to a subscription line it always checks if there are enough funds before processing the transaction.

Once everything has been verified, then the system removes the credit from the old billing method and adds it to the new one!

This process ensures that your money is protected as long as nothing else changes. For example, if someone hacks your email account, they would not be able to change the settings to unlock the service.

Can I change or cancel a recurring payment?

You can easily modify, start, or stop any of your recurring payments at any time!

You can edit the settings for a direct payee by selecting Edit Payment Settings from the Account section in Stripe. For example, if you want to increase the monthly subscription amount for your Netflix account, go into Your Subscriptions and select your Netflix plan and then Edit Plan.

To remove someone as a recipient, simply click Add Recipient under Send Indirectly and choose Select Individual Donor instead. To completely delete a donor, navigate to Manage Donors > Find More Details and Delete Them Then Confirm The Removal.

What are the tax implications of recurring payments?

how recurring payments work

As mentioned before, you can create subscriptions to your Etsy business that automatically renew every month or quarterly or yearly. The important thing to remember about these types of transactions is how they report for income taxes.

For example, say you sell an item that costs $100. You then spend another $200 to advertise it. Your total cost to promote this product is thus $300.

If this transaction occurred once, it would not be considered reporting material for your business as it would not have involved additional expenses. However, because it has happened multiple times, it becomes significant when figuring out if it is taxable or not.

When advertising this item, you were also paid (via PayPal) for creating the advertisement. This is typically called affiliate marketing and is very common in the fashion industry. Most major brands pay affiliates per click or sale via advertisements or sponsored posts.

In both cases, the money given back to you is categorized as revenue instead of expense. Because of this, most accountants include this in the income stream from sales. Technically, it is not excluded like other purchases are, but it is heavily weighted towards “yes” due to this.

What are the different types of subscriptions?

how recurring payments work

One of the most popular ways to collect recurring payments is through subscriptions. A subscription can be anything, from a monthly fitness membership to a yearly credit card statement!

A growing number of businesses rely on subscriptions as their main source of income. This is because it is easy for people to remain loyal to your business if they know you will always have their back.

For example, someone who loves skiing could pay for ski passes or lessons using a monthly gym membership service. Or someone who enjoys reading book reviews may sign up for an annual subscription to Amazon so that they do not lose access when their account is cancelled.

In this article, we will discuss some things to consider while running a recurring payment service. These include how to run your website, choose your technology, and optimize your settings.

Sample invoices and credit memos for subscriptions

how recurring payments work

There are two main types of recurring payments you will do business with in this industry. The first is a monthly subscription, such as to a streaming service or game that you use frequently. For example, if you are an avid Netflix user, then your money budget can include an additional monthly fee for their services.

The second type is a one-time payment, like a large purchase. A common example of this would be someone buying a new phone technology. Because phones often come with a limited warranty, most people subscribe to a plan that has extended coverage. This way, they don’t have to worry about troubleshooting the device unless and until it breaks.

Both of these examples require us to create a recurring payment line item in your accounting system. These items are linked directly to an invoice or credit memo, depending on which format we use for receipts.

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