How The Generation X Find A Source Of Income

As we mentioned earlier, being able to make your own income is one of the biggest sources of self-confidence for people. It gives you control over your life because you choose how you spend your time. Plus, it’s good for your health as you use resources that are available to you -- you don’t have to go get a job at McDonald's to eat food!

Generation Xers, those born between 1965 and 1980, are a very work oriented generation. According to research done in 2005 by Dr. Gary Smith, CEO of, “Baby Boomers believe they earned their success while generations before them did not." This isn't necessarily true, but there is some truth to it.

The media often portrays Gen Xer adults as lazy, entitled individuals who think they're too smart for school and work. In fact, according to a study conducted by Harvard University, workers in their early 20s were twice as likely to feel that management was putting up obstacles to keep them from reaching his or her goal than any other age group.

But this doesn’t mean that career orientated individuals grow up feeling negative about themselves - quite the opposite! Many turn into workaholics, constantly thinking of ways to improve their position within the company.

It’s also important to note that members of Generation X enjoy working, and most of them want more responsibilities and growth opportunities.

Start a business

generation x source of income

The best way to make money is to start your own business or take an existing business and improve it, or even create your own! There are many ways to make money starting from taking over other businesses, creating products or services that people want, and selling them, to being an influencer, or getting paid for talking about things you know about – there’s no wrong way to get started.

Many generations have made good money by investing in properties or stocks, or becoming self-employed doing something they enjoy. No matter what area of work you choose, as long as you put in some effort into it then you will reap the benefits!

It is very easy to begin making money if you don’t feel like you need too much help at first. All you really need to do is research effective strategies to run your business and find your customers, and then stick to your guns when needed.

There are several ways to manage your business financially including income generation, savings, debt reduction and budgeting. These all depend on how well you plan ahead but overall, staying within your means and saving for important goals can only result in prosperity.

Become a financial advisor

generation x source of income

Being able to manage people’s money is an excellent way to make extra income as a generation Xer. With ever-increasing demands for professional services, like investment advice, becoming a certified stock broker or portfolio manager is a great way to start.

There are over 15 million Americans between the ages of 18 and 34, which makes this demographic one of the fastest growing in America. This age group represents around half of all individuals who pay taxes, making them an integral part of our economy!

Many large corporations want to ensure their future success by investing in growth. These companies will typically hire professionals to help with this process, such as investing in stocks or managing corporate portfolios.

By offering these services to major brands, you get your name out there while helping others achieve their personal financial goals. It is not only easy to begin, but it is also a relatively low risk way to make money.

Become a personal assistant

generation x source of income

As we already mentioned, becoming an entrepreneur is not for everyone. For most people, it’s better to work in an office as a secretary or administrative assistant than running your own business. If you are very organized and have good time management skills, then being a PA is a great way to make money while helping others.

There are many positions that can be filled by a PA including assistants to wealthy individuals or households, accountants, lawyers, and teachers among other things. The pay varies depending on what position you hold with the person you're assisting, so do some research and find the right fit for you!

In addition to having their financial affairs taken care of, PAs also get paid extra for going out with their employers to eat, drink, and/or watch sports together. This is called traveling with expense reimbursement- which is totally legit!

Tips:- Make sure to put away any excess funds for yourself (Deductible health insurance, savings, etc) because these income sources won’t necessarily cover all of that.- Also remember to factor in the cost of downtime during working hours, like when you’re resting before moving onto your next task.

Become a secretary

generation x source of income

Being a secretary is a great way to make money! What makes this career option appealing is that it does not require much education or training aside from being able to type. Plus, there are always companies looking for someone to help run their office.

Secretary positions vary in pay depending upon what level you have advanced in your profession and whether an employer requires no more than a junior or senior position.

Junior secretaries usually do not earn very much per hour but they can make enough to be paid well if they work many hours. More experienced staff get higher salaries because they know how to handle sensitive information and how to keep up with all the tasks given to them.

There are several types of secretarial jobs including administrative assistant, data entry clerk, file room attendant, and typist. All of these positions require similar skills such as working under deadlines, using detail oriented thinking, and keeping organized.

Start a tutoring business

generation x source of income

Starting your own tutoring business can be a great way to make money while helping others learn. There are many ways to start up as a tutor, so no matter what area of knowledge you have or what level students you teach, there is a route for you!

Tutors usually start by talking with other tutors to see if they need help during their shift. Then, they pick a student they will teach and meet with them before adding teaching to their repertoire.

Some tutors choose to work with only one student at a time, whereas others offer more individualized lessons that may include several students at a time. What is the same for every tutor is that they must know the material well, and they must be able to convey this information effectively to motivate students.

There are some courses or certification programs that don’t require any special licenses or training beyond your degree, but most require either a college education or a professional license such as those related to medicine or law.

Start a recipe business

generation x source of income

Starting your own food business is a great way to make money while keeping yourself busy. All it takes is having good recipes that people will pay to learn how to prepare or cook them!

Many young adults have made large incomes by starting their own culinary businesses. People are always looking for new ways to prepare and eat fresh foods so there’s an ever growing demand for your services as a professional chef.

By offering only high quality, freshly prepared dishes you can easily start making some serious income through advertising and sales. Many chefs hire assistants who handle certain tasks like cooking or taking orders so you would not be alone in the workplace either.

There are many easy to follow recipes out there that anyone can use as a basis to begin working in the culinary field. Finding a niche market may also help you get started as most people know what products contain too much sugar or salt.

Become a barber or a hair stylist

generation x source of income

Being a barber or hairstylist is a great way to make money while staying close to your loved ones. Both require good grooming and someone with a business license, so it is not too difficult to start!

Barbers can cut men’s hair, whereas hairstylists can do women’s hair as well as color and shape it. People always need their scalp massaged and groomed, which makes being a professional hand-towel person very lucrative!

If you are already familiar with how to style people’s hair, then offering various services such as coloring, washing, and styling may be something others will pay for. There are many ways to advertise yourself as a hairdresser, like creating a small website or profile page that describes who you are and what services you offer.

An easy way to begin is to take some lessons at a local salon or community college. After learning the basics, you can go into work with a friend who knows more than you and has a lead position in the field.

Start a yoga business

generation x source of income

Starting your own yoga studio or teaching position is a great way to make money while keeping yourself motivated. With the right market analysis, establishing a yoga studio is a wonderful opportunity. There are many ways to launch this career path as an instructor!

Yoga has become very popular in recent years, with people all over the world practicing it. This growing popularity has created a need for more classes, which can be marketed through social media sites like Instagram and YouTube.

By sharing their experiences, other yogis have made giving lessons easier by creating lesson plan templates and tips. Some even offer free teaching tools such as yoga workout videos or breathing exercises.

With enough research, there’s no reason you shouldn’t start offering up your services as an experienced teacher. The main things to consider before getting started are cost-effective advertising strategies and legal regulations.

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