How To Add Organic Search Traffic

Create content that people want to find

Create content that people want to find

With so many blogs out there, you have to make your content incredible if you expect it to get read and appreciated.

There’s no way around this rule. People who spend their time writing interesting things will always win out over those who try to game search engines or pull in traffic using cheap tricks.

Your content has to be valuable enough for people to share, but also good enough that they actually want to. You don’t really care how much something costs as a person, you can pay for it then once it’s done…you still need to put in the work to maintain it.

Don’t do what I call ‘web page design spam’ – creating pages to force yourself to visit the site and/or buy one thing from them. That doesn’t help anyone else or the website itself.

People hate being mess with when they click on a link just to see all the information about another topic. If you are starting to gather a bunch of traffic, let your posts go viral before trying to sell someone anything.

That way people feel more comfortable buying whatever it is you are selling. Nothing turns away business faster than having customers run inside to escape the rain while they're still thinking “hmmm, what's going on here? This place isn't quite up to my standards”.

I've seen it happen again and again, across all industries. From ecommerce to enterprise software to luxury cars...

You name it, we buy it!

Therefore, only offer goods that you would personally enjoy useing myself. Because if you think I'm not going to enjoy spending money on a product simply because it didn't deliver value, you're seriously underestimating both me and consumer demand.

Take advantage of group buys and sales since they are often time restricted (such as the back-to-school season).

Introduce families and friends to products you like by making reviews public. Let them know they can trust you and your judgment to tell the truth.

It helps build credibility and becomes an opportunity to provide helpful advice and instruction.

Make it easy for visitors to share your content via social media

Make it easy for visitors to share your content via social media

You can use tools like ShareThis or Like buttons, but making it easier for people to share means more people will share and like your page. There are also lots of free website templates you could use.

If someone wants to share information with them, they first have to go through their phone or computer, find the link that shows who sent what, and then click the button to share it.

It would be better if there was one place where they could see all of our shared pages and posts, and easily share things from other sites. That way others could benefit from the work we’ve done!

Provide always relevant information

Provide always relevant information

People who search for info online are hungry for answers. When they ask themselves questions, they get little results. By creating new content that is always helpful and informative, you will start building an audience.

People want to read interesting stories about topics that are important to them. Content comes in many forms, such as blogs, ebooks, videos and podcasts. While traditional publishing still has value, it’s becoming less prevalent.

More people are reading content created without advertising force-feedings. They are going to sites because they like the content and seek out information from sources they know and trust.

Search engines take into account how often we visit pages. If you provide useful information, chances are you can keep coming back.

But don’t assume people will find your website if they search with google. You need to make yourself available by providing all relevant information on every page of your site.

You also need to ensure that nobody ever gets lost or feels overwhelmed while visiting your site. It should be easy to navigate and understand why you are there.

If these rules apply to any kind of website, they apply especially to a business website.

Develop a personal relationship with your readers

Develop a personal relationship with your readers

This is one of the most important ways you can add organic search traffic to your website. When there’s a connection between author and reader, they will trust each other more and are more likely to follow up on links given in your articles.

Your audience should be able to contact you directly if needed. You become more than just an article writer – you become a friend who knows them well. It helps build relationships that people want to invest time in.

You also need to ensure that your writing is always quality, no matter how many words it is or what its topic is. People don’t like reading blogs that contain lots of capital letters and exclamation marks.

It needs to have proper grammar, spelling, and syntax. Even if you are talking about politics or religion, keep it clean.

Ask them how they are doing

There is a major mistake that many digital marketers make which is putting too much focus on increasing organic traffic instead of growing your current natural search traffic.

Organic searches represent only 20% of all clicks from Google Search Engine Result Pages (ERPs). What this means is that 80% of all clicks are coming from non-organic sources.

These include paid advertising, ads from other websites within Facebook’s or Twitter’s pages, links from other sites promoted through blogs, etc.

You will need to focus on developing new forms of marketing for these existing sources of traffic, while also investing time in understanding what does not work and why. Does it sound like you should spend more time improving your organic content? You’d be wise to.

There are several ways you can improve your organization and get more efficient with your content so you can better invest your time there.

Send follow up emails

Send follow up emails

Once you’ve created content and released it into the internet universe, keep pushing out more content! Even if your first few pieces of content are targeted at specific audiences, don’t worry about aiming all your attention towards one angle.

Email subscribers who want to learn more about what you have to offer will probably be confused as to why they should continue reading your emails.

Your readers (and fans) will lose interest if you always talk about one topic. Give varied topics as titles in your email, followed by a short summary of the article and a link below for further reading or viewing.

This way, even if someone is looking for information related to something else, they’ll still feel that their time was worth it. It also gives people another chance to read more about things that may already be part of an interest of theirs.

Accept requests to write guest posts

Accept requests to write guest posts

While not everyone will want to read your content, others will ask for it. By accepting free content offers, you’ll be able to expand your outreach and build up your audience.

You can also promote other people’s work via social media or by linking to them. More likely than not, these links are going to come with an offer – perhaps to purchase something or give someone a referral.

These connections are great ways to get in touch with people who might know what you’re doing. They’re also opportunities to use words that may already have been written about another topic.

By providing extra content like this, more people will remember you and your brand. Your efforts will pay off in more traffic and sales.

There’s one big downside to posting other people’s content; however, and that’s hurting their reputation now versus later when they might forget you saved them but still feel bad.

Don’t expect anyone to care much once you’ve gone away. The bigger the damage is, the better it smells to you and me.

That said, there are dozens of very popular blogs out there filled with user-generated content. People go around asking permission all the time to share their stories and photos from their lives.

A lot of those places make money either through ads or affiliate programs.

Buy advertising space

Buy advertising space

Google’s AdWords is an online advertising platform that allows you to target specific keywords and phrases without paying for ad space.

By creating ads with this tool, you can promote your content by buying ads that lead people to click on them.

Some of the most popular Ads on Facebook are sponsored links or posts. These links can be from sites you have visited or articles you have read. People who engage with these updates may visit your site.

You can also test promotional offers to see if you get any sales. For example, try offering a discount to enter into a competition – check how many entries you receive so you know whether the promotion was successful.

There are several ways to advertise your product via social media channels. You can directly message others who have similar interests to yours using a variety of methods (depending on what type of channel you use). You can also pay to promote certain topics through paid advertising options.

Track conversions

When you add search traffic from organic searches, it’s easy to get distracted with how to track things like sales and funnel rates. But the first thing to remember is that over time, good quality content will build up an audience and results in conversion revenue being generated.

It’s hard to believe but it’s true!

Content marketing works because people trust what they read online or see shown in videos. With more and more individuals coming across your content, you’ll have better and better converting offers that draw them in.

Offers can be anything from free trials of software to free classes held by yoga instructors. The most important part of content marketing is making sure you offer great deals for customers and high-quality products or services.

People are very skeptical about buying goods and services now days, so you need to establish yourself as a trustworthy person if you want to generate referrals. Let your past experiences show through when talking about your business and product offerings.

That way, you’ll start building a reputation as a reliable seller who people feel comfortable buying stuff from.

Track your conversion rates and monitor all related activities to know which strategies work well and which ones do not.

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