How to Attract More Users to Your App

After so many sleepless nights and countless, grueling months of work, you’re finally ready to launch your app and showcase it to the public! You’re so excited, the whole team is pumped, and everyone is hoping for immediate success.

Hold your horses! Before doing anything else, have you thought about the best ways to market your product? How are you going to attract customers to use your app and pay for it?

Well, you’re in luck. This article is going to explain everything you need to get your business running from the ground up.

Provide a great product

Provide a great product

If your app is well-built, it will make things easier for users. They will feel more inclined to use your app! Therefore, you want to pay attention to the little details when designing your app.

Users enjoy using apps that are easy to use, have simple interfaces, and have good features. Here are some ways to improve how your app looks and works:

  • Provide text messages and visual clues as you move through the app. This helps your users if they have no Internet access.
  • Give instructions about how to use your app in the settings or help section. It also helps them if there is an unfamiliar option by showing what could happen if they choose that choice.
  • Make the menus and buttons large enough to click and tap. Make sure there is a back button and other navigation bars.
  • You can also add audio alerts to inform your users of important information or actions they need to take.

These small tweaks may seem like nothing special, but they total up to a better user experience. Also, people love free apps!

Offer a reward for trying out your app

Offer a reward for trying out your app

Having a new product in the market is always a source of optimism for tech-savvy individuals who aim to make their lives easier through the use of apps. Getting the word out is simply not enough. You have to offer something to your users too.

You can give them incentives for trying out your app. For example, you can give them 2 months of free access in exchange for product reviews and user feedback.

Aside from offering free access, you can also establish an affiliate program for your users so that if they find someone from their connections to sign up for the application, they get a little something from it.

There are so many ways to offer a reward to people for trying out your app! You just need to be creative about it.

Tell all your friends about it

Tell all your friends about it

One of the best ways to attract users to your app is by spreading the word. Word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most effective forms of advertising, and using other methods can take time.

Here are some good places to find members of the media who may be interested in you or your app. The closer they are to someone who uses your app, the more likely they will be to spread the word.

  • Email list
  • Beta user websites (e.g., UserTesting and BetaList)
  • Source personally
  • Reddit
  • Facebook groups

Make use of social media

Word of mouth

Social media is an excellent way to gain more users for your app. However, you should not rely solely upon others to promote the app for you. To attract people who are interested in your app, you can use various strategies, such as marketing campaigns and discounts to drive traffic to your app.

To enable customers to talk about your app, set up a forum where they can share comments. You could also write articles that discuss how great your app is.

These ways help get your name known amongst existing users as well as bring in new users. Through these channels, there are many ways to advertise your app to the public.

You can pay per click or display advertising to increase visibility. Or you can give away free items and put links to your app in the email messages so people can download it from their phones.

Product placement

Product placement

Another way to draw in users is by doing what’s called “product placement.” This can be integrating a product into your website or advertising another brand within your app.

The concept is simple: use other products to help people find value in your service. As an example, take Google AdWords, which helps you place ads that lead customers to click on them.

By placing these ads, you are able to promote yourself or your product. You also have other options for reaching out to potential buyers. One of those options is product placement.

It works like this: someone clicks on an ad (placed by either you or Google) to buy something. They then go to a site where they actually make the purchase.

There are several benefits to this method of marketing:

  • It costs money.
  • It brings traffic to your website, helping it get more visibility and sales.
  • Consumers may trust the source of the product they are buying.

A lot of purchased things come with a pedigree (like honesty), but sometimes others might create a product very close to its natural counterpart.

Invite people you know to join in

Invite people you know to join in

This is one of the most effective ways to attract users to your app. You can do it either directly or indirectly.

If you want to invite people directly, make sure they are friends with someone else, so there is a way for them to contact you. If you ask first, some strangers might be willing to help you find more users if you explain what you need them for.

Either approach will work, but the indirect method may take longer. So don’t worry about which way to go until you have several possible solutions.

Give people time to get ready before inviting them

All in

People are much less likely to accept an invitation if they feel rushed. Fewer people will agree to give your app away free than if you offer to pay them. If you really want to attract new users, let people know that you would like to try out your latest app for free before they check out.

There’s a reason these apps get thousands of downloads and net promoters usually look for apps that earn money. It’s because people love being invited to try things from their phones.

Getting invitations tends to be easier than getting other types of donations. And since we all have smartphones, anyone who wants to can create an app today.

Don’t rely completely on apps to get users

 Don’t rely completely on apps to get users

Mobile applications are a great way to connect with people, find deals, learn about new things or companies, and (sometimes) earn money. However, for most people who use them, apps are not a primary means of social interaction, communication, education, entertainment, or commerce.

In fact, according to research, only 4% of smartphone users say that they primarily use their phones to access apps.

Rather, apps are used when we need information, services, or products. It is what we do after downloading apps that makes them useful or not. Likewise, it is how well we use all types of apps that determine whether we like them or not.

Similarly, other technologies also have a large impact on usage. For example, the Internet, Google searches, laptops, and tablets are valuable tools for staying connected and informed, but you must understand how to use these tools to be effective.

If you don’t know how to use any of these tools or devices, then you should spend some time learning. You can practice by testing out different websites and blogs using your preferred tool.

Furthermore, you can read articles and follow tutorials so that you can achieve something beyond just reading. There are many free resources available via search engines, such as YouTube channels and others.

Give good updates

Give good updates

It’s hard to keep users coming back if you don’t give enough interesting content. You can try giving away pieces of content for free, but be sure to offer something worth paying for.

You also want to make sure that your app is functioning properly. Fix any bugs, problems, or issues you find. People may have had issues with your app and would like to know what fixed them.

Contests, competitions, or giveaways are great ways to increase user interest and bring in new followers and customers. Make sure that none of these things will run until you have reached some kind of target number of users or fans.

This way, people will come back for more when they see all of the winners' names!

Respond to comments

It’s impossible to achieve 100% user satisfaction, but you can get close. Most users who left an angry comment on your app actually had one or more problems; it just wasn’t noticeable.

Always acknowledge customer feedback and reflect on your app:

  • What can you do to fix it?
  • How can you further improve the app’s performance?
  • What could be the learning opportunities from this review?

Add features and functionality that match the purpose of the app. For example, if you create an event calendar make sure that feature is used by at least a few people.

There are plenty of free tools that can help you improve your mobile presence and understand what works and doesn’t work for your audience.

The most important thing to remember is that everyone is different and likes/doesn’t like things in life in their own time. You will know when something has hit home with your target audience if you pay attention to their habits and trends.

Something may seem pretty cool and new to you, but maybe they don’t need it or want it yet. Keep finding ways to integrate technology into your daily routines and try not to ignore any of these simply because they don’t click with them right now.

Give yourself some time to test which methods work for each person and tune up your communication skills. It takes time to develop trust again after breaking contact, and it needs to be mutual.

Provide clear updates about what you’re doing with your information so there’s no confusion, and give people space to let you back in their lives. People love feedback that shows an understanding of their interests and values.


gray computer monitor

There are many ways to invite more people to try out your app. Marketing always takes time, but if you are consistent with it, it will surely pay off.

Likewise, don’t get discouraged when you face some sort of setback or eventually get a bad review. This only means there are still some things to work on and to improve. There is no perfect app, but having an open mind will help your business grow even further. Be ready for any challenges that may come your way. Thus, you should build a reliable team of individuals who share the same passion as you.

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