How To Block Marketing Calls In Airtel

Recent times have seen an avalanche of phone calls due to the ever-increasing use of technology. You probably receive many calls during work hours, especially from potential vendors or companies looking to recruit you as their employee.

However, with how busy your schedule can get, it may be difficult to manage all these calls. Some may even put more pressure onto you by asking for a meeting at which time they will most likely ask you to join their company.

If this sounds like a familiar scenario then you are not alone. It is totally normal to feel stressed when receiving so many calls and requests.

Luckily, there is a way to avoid such situations if you don’t want to deal with them anymore. What we suggest is something that you can easily do – block those callers!

We will discuss some ways to do just that here, but first let us look at why blocking calls is a good thing to do.

Why should you consider blocking calls?

Blocking calls is a great option to go through because you retain control over your time. As mentioned before, you will still greet everyone properly and maybe even give them your feedback, but beyond that you won’t have to respond to any outside inquiries unless you want to.

You also lose less money than if you invest in a personal service where someone would take care of everything for you.

Tell them you don't want to be marketed to

Even though it may seem like a nuisance, declining their call can actually save you money in the long run!
As mentioned before, most companies will automatically connect you with a sales representative once they find your name online or through other sources.

By rejecting their call, you are telling them that you do not want to speak with them at this time, which usually removes the urge to push marketing products on you. This also helps you keep up your protection plan or data package lte, depending on what service you receive.

You have to remember these calls aren’t necessarily for an upgrade- they could be trying to close on business by selling something. It all depends on how much you trust the company and if they're pushy enough of a seller.

There is one more thing you can do here. If you feel overwhelmed or uncomfortable, you can put them into a waiting mode. Technically, you haven't rejected their call just yet, but you have made arrangements to talk to them later.

Tell them which ads you don't want to see

how to block marketing calls in airtel

Recent developments for mobile phone users include the ability to block specific advertisements or brands that they do not want to view anymore. This is an increasingly popular way to stay focused on what matters to you, especially if your phone is already full of apps and games!

It's easy to manage ad blocking settings on most major smartphone operating systems like Android and iOS. You can either head into the app or website directly or through their Settings menu.

On both Apple and Google, you can easily remove sponsored content such as YouTube videos or banner ads within apps. For example, you may have noticed that some websites will try to sell you expensive apps or services after you've visited their site.

This is called advertorial (sponsored article) marketing, and it is totally unacceptable.

Tell them you want to receive emails differently

how to block marketing calls in airtel

There is an easy way to block calls on your smartphone that most people are not aware of. With the explosion of smartphones, there are now ways to screen or avoid phone calls even before they happen.

Some carriers offer a service called Caller ID with Voice Messages (CIDVM). This allows users to choose whether they would like to accept messages with caller IDs as normal, voicemail-only, or both.

By choosing “voicemail only”, then, the user will no longer get calls with a voicemail, but instead will be greeted with a message stating that the call cannot be connected due to voicemail restrictions.

This can help prevent annoying phone calls that go straight to voicemail because they do not have a chance to connect. It also helps protect your personal information, such as credit cards, from being left behind by someone who got your number through a means other than calling you directly.

Tell them what you want to hear

how to block marketing calls in airtel

Recent reports suggest that there is an epidemic of annoying, unnecessary phone calls being made from major telecom companies. Some callers are even pressured into buying expensive services or devices as part of the conversation!

Many people have complained about this so much that various organizations have created apps and tools to help prevent these robocalls. Unfortunately, most do not work for everyone because some carriers make it difficult to use alternative numbers to connect with customers.

In this article, we will talk about one way to block marketing calls on Airtel. You will need to know your Airtel number before starting! Also, remember that even if you never receive a robo-call yourself, you may be obligated to pay for a service you’re already subscribed to.

So let's get started!

How to Bloat Airtel

The first step to blocking Airtel marketing calls is by changing your mobile carrier or plan. This could be done through Airtel’s own website or via a third party resource.

By switching away from their standard service, you can avoid giving their company permission to send unsolicited messages. It is also important to check whether they offer any kind of discount after your switch!

Another option would be to look at getting a lower tier plan than ones which include high monthly fees. This would probably cost less per month, making it more affordable. You can also opt to get a prepaid account instead of a contract one.

Tell them what you want to buy

how to block marketing calls in airtel

Recent reports suggest that some Airtel callers are trying to trick their customers into buying expensive mobile phones or data by telling potential buyers that they have won a prize, or asking if they would like to win a reward trip somewhere.

What this means is that instead of calling for normal business, these individuals are putting up false prizes or rewards to gain your trust and spend money from you!

It’s very important to be aware of such scams when using phone services. If you feel something isn’t right, hang up immediately and find another way to contact the person!

You can also report it to us at which will help us take immediate action to prevent others being scammed.

Tell them you want to be contacted only by phone

how to block marketing calls in airtel

Recent reports suggest that some callers are using fraudulent calls to get your contact information. They may even ask you to agree to purchase items or services before asking for more details.

What can you do to prevent this from happening? Simply tell the caller that you want to be contacted only by phone!

Most people know that it is annoying when telemarketers call, but some may not know what to do about it. Fortunately, there are ways to block these unwanted calls. You can find several good resources online where you can learn how.

Some of the ways to block marketing calls include changing your number, blocking specific numbers, and putting up your personal profile so that no one can access it.

Tell them what you want to be contacted about

how to block marketing calls in airtel

If you find yourself constantly checking your phone for messages, it may be because of calls or texts that leave you feeling uncomfortable. You could get invlved into an unexpected business call or text conversation, or even being pressured to purchase something.

If this is happening to you, tell them directly why you’re reluctant to do business with them. Let them know who you are, and clearly state whether you work for their company or not.

By doing this, they will understand how serious you are about your commitments and they might back off if needed. It also helps to identify some key people in their organization so they can see firsthand just how committed you are to staying away from marketing.

Tell them what you want to hear when they call

how to block marketing calls in airtel

Recent developments for Airtel customers are marketing calls, also known as telemarketing calls or sales phone calls. Companies that sell products use these calls to recruit new members or re-qualify current members.

Airtel has come up with an easy way to block these types of calls. You can now choose to receive their calls in voicemail or sizzle mode where they only speak about how great their service is.

In both modes, the caller will not be able to leave a message nor will they get your contact information unless you unblock them. This makes it very difficult to continue the conversation without being spammy!

There is one more option while listening to the call if you would like to get some additional info then you may do so. But remember this option is not totally free as you will have to pay a small amount per minute to access this feature.

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