How To Block Marketing SMS In Android

With the emergence of smart phones, companies have found new ways to reach their audience at any time. Text messaging is one such tool that most big brands use to stay connected with your phone number.

Most people agree that text messages are way more personal than an email or voicemail, so it’s easier to connect with someone this way. That being said, there are now apps that allow marketers to send you promotional messages via text!

These mobile marketing texts can be annoying if you don’t want them, but they also provide you with extra exposure for your product or service. Some even reward you for reading the message by offering discounts or coupons for what you purchased before!

Blocking these types of messages will eliminate some distractions, which may help you focus on other things.

Find and identify the app that is causing the SMS problems

how to block marketing sms in android

The first thing you should do if your phone can’t receive any messages is find and identify the app that is causing the problem. There are several ways to do this, some more professional than others.

You can go into Google or another search engine and look up how to check for apps on your device. Some websites will even offer to help you remove unwanted apps!

Alternatively, you can use our guide here to quickly check which apps have permission to send text messages.

If you don’t see anything strange in the permissions section, then it might be helpful to test other apps to make sure they work properly before blaming one culprit.

Reboot your device

how to block marketing sms in android

When you need to block marketing texts, you will firstly have to make sure that your phone is fully updated. This means making sure it has the most recent software, which includesAndroid apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Snapchat.

Make sure these applications are completely removed before blocking other messages. You can go into Settings > Apps and then Manage Applications to do this.

Next, make sure you have installed at least the latest version of Google’s mobile operating system – otherwise, some features may not work properly.

If possible, we also recommend doing a full reset or clean installation of your smartphone. This will give it a fresh start and remove any lingering settings or data.

You can choose to clear all data by choosing Data Storage from the Settings menu, or just select the option for De-select All Accounts under Online Services. Then, tap Restore to begin the process again. Make sure to delete anything stored locally (like music, videos, and documents) as well!

After completing both steps, there is no way to re-enable messaging services like Whatsapp without being prompted to accept terms and conditions.

Change your phone number

how to block marketing sms in android

One of the biggest ways to block marketing text messages is by changing your mobile phone number. You can do this by going into Settings > Your Phone, then Profile or Privacy settings. There you can choose to change your current phone number to something else or use a Google Voice number instead!

A lot of companies send texts with pre-defined numbers that they believe will be easy to switch out. If you want to avoid getting these messages, make sure to never respond to them as yourself! It may take some time before all the carriers stop pinging you so don’t worry about it for now!

That said, give yourself a few days to see if the messages decrease after yours have stopped responding.

Use a different phone number

how to block marketing sms in android

One of the biggest ways that marketers are able to send you promotional messages is through text messaging. This is done by either sending an SMS message or creating a short video and then recording yourself reading the advertisement content.

Most people have their cell phones connected to their respective mobile carriers, so it’s easy to see how easily this technique can be implemented.

But before you get annoyed and block every possible way to receive a text message, there is something you can do to prevent advertisements from reaching you!

It’s simple – use a different phone number. You would know if someone has accessed your phone numbers via Google, so now you should too!

By changing your phone number, these companies will not be able to contact you using texts anymore. But what about all those promotions online?

That’s another topic we will talk about later! For now though, learn how to block marketing SMS on android.

Use a different internet connection

how to block marketing sms in android

It is not difficult to block marketing text messages at all, but it does require you to use an alternative source for your internet connectivity.

Most people have both mobile data and wifi connections at their homes or work. If you do not like receiving advertisements while connected via wifi, then turn off wifi and see if that removes the advertisement messages.

Alternatively, you can connect to a public computer network using only ethernet cable (no wireless) and see if that works better for you. Many places will provide this service for free or very low cost.

You should also make sure your phone number is in read-only mode so anyone cannot change it or add new numbers.

Use a different location

how to block marketing sms in android

There are many ways to block marketing messages on your smartphone. Some people choose to not allow apps to use notifications, while others opt to disable mobile data so that you do not have internet access. Unfortunately, most of these methods can be tricky to implement depending on what app is sending the message and how it is being sent!

If you feel like you are receiving too many unwanted messages or you just want to reduce your data usage, here are some easy tips for blocking text messaging ads on iOS and android.

Step one: Disable test messages

Many companies actively send out “test” messages to see if you would respond to their product. This is totally normal, even though it may seem annoying at first.

By default, Messages will show a small notification with an eye button next to it. When you tap this button, it will ask you whether you want to accept the invite, decline the invite, or don't show this invitation again.

Usually, this feature is used to promote new phones or services, but some brands take advantage of this to push sales.

You probably know what company we are talking about by now, so make sure you turn off this option before they can reach you!

Step two: Change your phone number

Most vendors will keep trying to connect with your old phone number until they run into more success using your current one.

Disable push notifications

how to block marketing sms in android

A similar way to turn off all notification types is to disable automatic app updates. You can do this by heading into Settings -> Apps, scroll down and tap on Developer Options. Here you can toggle whether or not your device will check for new versions of apps at regular intervals.

You also have the option to turn off auto-launch, which allows apps to instantly launch when they are opened. This is helpful if you accidentally closed the app, or it was replaced with one that has autolaunch enabled. Both of these settings should be left on unless you use very few applications on your phone.

Note: If you find that your devices performance suffers after turning off these features, you may want to leave them turned on until you determine how important each feature is to you.

Delete your account

how to block marketing sms in android

If you are one of the many people that have run into issues with receiving too much junk text message (“marketing”) messages, then it is time to give up!

Mostly due to the growing popularity of smartphone apps, companies have resorted to using messaging services as their main method of communication.

But what most people don't know is that some app providers make it easy for users to create an account without verifying who you are or if you are old enough to use their service.

This article will talk about how to block marketing texts on android so you can prevent all unwanted messages.

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