How To Build Passive Income With No Money

As we already mentioned, creating a passive income stream is your best bet in getting ahead financially. And while most of us talk about investing as our main strategy for this, there are other ways to achieve it.

One of these strategies is to create a side business or invest in one that provides steady revenue streams. This is what we refer to as a source of indirect income.

And while some of these services have you purchase their product online (or via software), others are more traditional. For example, someone might launch a book writing career due to their passion for reading.

With enough research and timing, this can work! But like anything else, it takes effort to succeed. So how hard is it? We’re breaking down all the things needed into several areas to see if it's practical for you.

In this article, we'll discuss the importance of having a budget, sources of income, and types of businesses to add to the list. Then, we will review some easy ways to start generating extra money without too much investment.

Budgeting is key

Before you get started with any type of income generation, something important to consider is budgeting.

This will depend heavily on whether you're starting from a pre-existing savings or personal debt level, as well as what kind of lifestyle you want to maintain.

Start a YouTube channel

how to build passive income with no money

Starting your own YouTube channel is one of the best ways to make passive income online. All it takes is having an empty space in your home where you can create a channel, picking a niche, creating engaging content for that niche, and promoting that content via YouTube and other channels.

There are many ways to promote your channel, too. You can do sponsored videos or giveaways, vlogs (video blogs), supporting yourself or another person’t s career by giving them advice, hosting live events, and more.

All this work gets rewarded through engagement and views. The more people who watch your video, read your comments, and interact with you, the higher your earning potential will be!

The hardest part about starting a YouTube channel is finding the time to produce quality content every week. Luckily, you don’t need much money to get started. You can start filming self-help tutorials, reviews, food recipes, or anything else you have expertise in.

Start a blog

how to build passive income with no money

Starting your own business is one of the best ways to make money without too much effort. Blogging is a great way to do this!

Blogging is a medium that has grown in popularity over the past few years. It’s easy to start a blogging site, it can be monetized, and you don’t need any special skills to be able to make good income from it.

There are many different types of blogs out there, with different target audiences. Yours doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s!

In this article I will talk about some simple ways to begin earning passive income through blogging. We’ll go into more detail later on what kind of blogger you want to be and how to get started.

I’ve included both beginner level tips as well as advanced ones here so even if you’re already working hard on your blog you can still find something new to try.

Start a website

how to build passive income with no money

Starting your own business is the best way to make big changes in your life. It’s also one of the most effective ways to build wealth. By creating your own product or service, you get to keep what money you earn from it – you don’t have to give any away to someone else to enjoy that profit.

There are many different types of businesses people can start online, so there’s no wrong choice when it comes to picking something to pursue.

The only thing that matters is what makes you happy and how much money you want to make.

You will need to gather some resources before you can begin building your site, but don’t worry! This isn’t as difficult as it may seem at first.

Here are all the things you will probably need and some easy ways to get them. Also, be sure to check out our list of the richest websites in America for some inspiration.

Offer a service

how to build passive income with no money

One of my favorite ways to make money online is to offer a service. I will regularly research new products or services that I can develop and launch into the market as an entrepreneur.

I have launched two businesses this way so far, both of which are profitable now. My first business was offering motivational quotes and illustrations via social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. It then transitioned into creating personalized tone paper email messages for people who wanted to send more heartfelt greetings to their friends during special times like birthdays or anniversaries.

The second business I started is something I call ‘Business Snippets’. I create short (one sentence) reminders or tips based on what area of business I am currently working in at the time. These tips are focused on helping other business owners improve their workplace efficiency and productivity.

Both of these businesses allowed me to produce content consistently every day, and either one could earn you significant income each month if you are smart about how you position them. Part of positioning is timing – when the perfect moment has arrived, you know it!

Running my own business has given me control over my schedule, and I love being able to work according to my personal commitments while still making good money. Even better, I get to do it from anywhere around the world!


If you want to start building passive income, there are several easy ways to go about it.

Start a business

how to build passive income with no money

Starting your own business is one of the best ways to make money online without having a lot of money to invest. All it takes is some extra time, energy, and resources to get going!

There are many different types of businesses you can start online. You could create and sell products, run an eCommerce store, develop apps, manage and design websites, or anything else that requires no inventory and/or low investment.

With technology becoming more accessible and companies offering free tools to help you launch your website, business idea generation has never been easier.

A great way to come up with new ideas is to take notes while listening to music. Or maybe watch TV shows or movies and note what topics interest you. Or you could read books and see what sparks inspiration for new projects.

Any of these activities will at least give you a small amount of motivation to begin writing down your next business idea.

Learn to read financial statements

The easiest way to make extra money is to learn how to read financial statements, or reports of how your business or individual’s finances are performing.

Financial statements can tell you a lot about someone or a company. They include information such as net income, revenues, bills paid, total assets, and so on.

These statistics are not only interesting for people outside of the company looking in, but also for employees who may feel overworked and underpaid.

Reading these statements allows us to get a good picture of what is going on within the organization. It also helps determine if anything seems out of place or weird.

By reading between the lines, we can gain some insights into whether things are running normally at the workplace. This gives us a better understanding of what happens inside the organization and if anyone needs help or mentorship.

With all this info, then it makes sense to try to find employment at a firm that does not seem too profitable.

Stay positive

how to build passive income with no money

A lot of people get discouraged when they are not able to make as much money fast as they would like.

They feel that their efforts were in vain and that it is impossible to earn enough to satisfy their needs.

This can easily become a self-fulfilling prophecy. You will never succeed if you believe you cannot, which then makes it even more difficult to pursue your dreams.

It is important to keep yourself motivated by staying positive and believing in yourself and what you have learned so far.

Do not let doubts prevent you from succeeding because this will only hold you back.

You must believe in yourself before others will trust you and give you opportunities to succeed.

If you do not think you know something, learn it! There are many free resources available via YouTube or Google. It does not cost anything to try and most lessons can be done quickly.

There is no reason why you should not strive for your dream to achieve financial freedom.

Connect with others

how to build passive income with no money

Being an online seller is not about having a lot of money, it’s not even necessarily about making lots of money. It’s instead about developing relationships that enrich your life and passive income.

By offering and providing quality products or services to people, you’re creating opportunities for them to connect with you.

And they will always remember you when they achieve their goal because you were there and you helped them along the way.

This is called “linking” and it produces recurring revenue down the line.

It also helps you build confidence as someone who offers good service in an area that other people find helpful.

There are many ways to do this including through blogs, social media groups, YouTube channels, and speaking at events.

Running your own business allows you to create more connections due to the nature of the industry. You can help others by giving tips or doing things yourself.

Running your own business also gives you control over what you produce which lets you keep up quality standards. This then sets you apart from others who may produce less quality material.

Another way to connect with people is via teaching and educating. By sharing your knowledge and expertise, you’ll reach new people.

You could teach something related to marketing, psychology, finance, or anything else. People are willing to pay to learn so don’t hesitate to start charging for your services.

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