How To Buy Websites For Passive Income

A domain name is like your own personal web address that you can sell or transfer to another person or business. It is your website! Most of us have already spent lots of money on sites,.net,.org, etc. as domains.

That is why it is so tempting to look at site sales lists and say “I want one of those websites!” Unfortunately, most of these listings are not free.

There will always be someone selling their own site to make more money. Plus, most people buy sites that were previously owned by other individuals or companies.

This article will talk about some easy ways to purchase a low cost website with no hosting service commitments. You will also learn how to run this new site efficiently and effectively.

Pay to own the domain

how to buy websites for passive income

One of the biggest costs of owning a website is your domain name. It’s what you use to access your site (e.g.,, where it stands ( and how you navigate to each one (

It makes sense, then, that most people pay around $100 per year to acquire theirdomain names. That cost typically drops down in the next twelve months as owners are willing to lose money to keep their domain.

But there is another way to get a great domain name for less than $100! You can “buy” domain names through auctions run by companies like Namecheap or eNom. These sites let you bid on a domain name, using their software to facilitate the transaction.

Create the website

how to buy websites for passive income

The first step in buying websites is deciding what type of site you want to buy. This could be your business or personal website, something that does not require you as an owner to add content or things like YouTube channels that may have made their income online before switching off.

The most common way to make money from owning a website is through creating free content for other sites to use. By creating articles and blogs you can earn revenue per article or royalties for using a well-known brand’s material.

There are many ways to go about writing new content, including hiring writers or publishing your own ideas on media such as social networking sites and forums.

Fund the website

how to buy websites for passive income

The next step in buying websites is deciding how much money you have to spend to make your business run. This is what we refer to as “funding” the site. There are several ways to fund your new website, but the easiest way is by using free resources!

Most major tech companies offer their users a tool called Cloudflare. With this tool, you can create an account that costs $150 per year (or $12 per month). All of these sites come pre-loaded with some limited features, such as domain names and email.

These features are not enough to launch into internet entrepreneurship, but they are enough to start building a website. By creating an additional layer of protection between yourself and someone trying to steal your identity or take down your website, it becomes more difficult to do either of those things.

Cloudfare also offers different levels of service, from Bronze to Platinum. The cost of each level varies depending on the features used, but all include increased security protections.

The best option would be to go up one level and see what services they offer. Most likely, there will be a free trial period where you can check out the tools before being asked to pay for them.

Choose your website theme

how to buy websites for passive income

Choosing your website’s theme is an important first step towards starting your online business journey.

As you know, creating and running a successful website takes time so choosing a template that matches your lifestyle and personal goals will help you stay motivated!

There are many free templates available online and in software such as Google Suite (Gmail, YouTube, etc.) where you can easily edit content and features.

Most people start off using one of the pre-packaged themes which have catchy logos and/or colors that are popular at the moment. These are great because they already work like most sites do, but becoming more unique than what everyone else has isn’t bad either!

Your choice should be something you love that speaks to you. If you ever want to take your site design further, picking up some basic HTML or CSS coding skills is a good way to progress. There are plenty of resources online for beginners to learn from.

Buy a website template

how to buy websites for passive income

The best way to buy a new website is through what’s called a website sale or giveaway. A giveaway means you offer your own domain name as a price, typically around 5k-10k.

You can then use that domain as part of an online store, or even keep it separate and do different things with it.

But most people don’t sell websites directly so they give away their own domain as payment. It is very common for individuals who have lost access to free resources and software make available domain names as a way to get rid of them.

Start building the website

The second way to make money online without having your own site is to buy sites that are already established and working. This is known as domain investing or buying websites from sellers.

There are several ways you can purchase a new website through an affiliate seller, direct sale, or via a giveaway.

The easiest way to gain access to more expensive domains is through indirect sales. These occur when the person selling the domain provides a link to their site in return for compensation which usually includes free advertising space or a discount to be purchased product or services.

Some people will offer a portion of the profits they earn to help promote the product for additional income. This is referred to as sharing revenue.

Publish the website

how to buy websites for passive income

There are many ways to buy websites with lots of resources online offering how to purchase a site or sites, add onto that there is no standard way to do it so what works for others may not work well for you.

There are several strategies buying a site can be done through. Some people will agree on one method over another, but we cannot say which is better than the other. It really comes down to personal preference.

Connect the website to a payment processor

how to buy websites for passive income

There are two main ways to purchase a domain or new web hosting account with a company that offers websites, and you should know both of them!

The first is through what’s called white label services. These give you the opportunity to start your own site from an established business that has run its course. You can then take over the site and make changes to it that match yours, or be completely different.

By and large, these sites have good reviews which makes people trust them, so look into those before buying a plan. Once you have, check out how much money was spent using their plans as a barometer of whether they are worth it.

The other way to buy a site is via direct selling. This doesn’t involve going through a third party provider, but instead sellers list their service directly in marketplaces like eBay or Amazon.

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