How To Check Your SEO Ranking

Run certain seo-related keywords through a keyword research tool

There are many free keyword ranking tools that can help you find which words have the most search volume, and then show you what websites (of all sizes) are using those words in your competition.

When running any word through a keyword rating tool, make sure that you enter your own description instead of copying it from other sources.

If you copy others’ descriptions, you risk triggering their spam filters, getting banned, or not being seen at all.

More important, if you don’t put in your own description, you’ll be giving up one of the key advantages of owning a website with a popular name in the search engine results.

That advantage is called organic traffic.

Organic traffic is people who see your listing in the search result index for the phrase “” via a natural search method.

Natural searches include things like how well you named your products and services, along with what’s current and new about them.

These aren’t hard clicks – they’re just general human searches made because someone either knows nothing about your brand or company or could use some helpful information.

Organic traffic isn’t limited to web visitors who come directly to your site. You also get an allotment of natural click traffic when people do related searches, such as clicking on a page that’s relevant to the content you publish.

Look at the “keywords” section of your website

Look at the “keywords” section of your website

You want to see if people are searching for keywords related to your business.

If you set up your website with webpages and links, then there is a good chance that someone has searched for something similar to what you offer.

You can use keyword tools such as Google Search Console or Similar Websites to check how many times these terms have been used by others.

Or you can manually add in certain words and see what happens.

The number of times a term is repeated is called its "frequency". The frequency of a word is ranked from one (the most common word) to ten (the least common word).

Find out what people are searching for and where they may be struggling with finding your content

Find out what people are searching for and where they may be struggling with finding your content

There’s a reason that people search for things online - it makes sense. You might already know which keywords you would use to search for your product or service, but why not see how others find information about it? (Search engine queries can help trigger ideas for new products and services.)

Google Search Console is a good place to start when working on search engine optimization strategies. It gives you insights into all of the questions that users typically ask when searching Google results.

You can also get query data from Search Engine Query Tools, which allows you to track keyword searches in real time. From here, you can create lists of top searched keywords as well as reports showing competition for specific terms.

Consider how search engines like google, bing, and yahoo perform searches

Consider how search engines like google, bing, and yahoo perform searches

There are 2 things that matter most when it comes to having a good ranking in results for any type of search query:

Whether or not you have the keyword in the title of your web page, and whether or not you have the keyword in the body text of your webpage.

Both Google and Bing run by crawling all pages and comparing against pre-set quality standards to determine what sites are relevant.

These are called “spider” algorithms because they look at the patterns of sites linked together and identify similarities.

When a user types in a word or phrase into the search engine, the spider algorithm tries to predict which other websites should have more value than others based on connections made between each website.

By using an SEO analysis tool, you can see just how much traffic different keywords/terms have been driving to your site from searchers (see example below).

The screenshot above is showing the number of people who performed a search for the term ‘checker’ around June 2016. It shows me as the second most popular result for the given search.

Use easy language in your content

Use easy language in your content

Search engines are very sensitive to good writing. If you write easily, with simple words and clear sentences, then you’ll have no problem getting ranked high. But don’t worry about using too many big words or avoiding colloquialisms!

Search engines like to help people who need information. They provide access to that information so that they can find it online.

If you ask someone what word means, or how to say something, there are few things search engines will reward you for having an answer. Same thing goes for writing articles that contain basic information (what, why, where).

The more often people can stop into your website via a top ranking article, the higher likelihood they’ll return to read another one.

So, try to use easy reading material for yourself and encourage others to do the same. That way, search engines may still rank your page highly, allowing viewers to click through to it.

Tell websites that you work with press releases about their services

Tell websites that you work with press releases about their services

Most web users are searching for information before they start browsing, so put your content out there where others can find it. When search engines such as google see lots of external links to other sites, they improve the ranking of those pages.

If you have an online business, create a website featuring pictures of your products or services, helpful resources, and tips for clients or customers. Make sure that your internet service providers know what email addresses people can use to contact you.

The next step is creating unique, in-depth blogs that feature quality content. By having keywords in the title and metadata of each blog post, you’re telling Google that this is a page that deserves to be ranked.

Ensure that all articles include keywords. You don’t want to pay someone else to write an article for your website using keywords that you manually inserted into the copy; this tells everyone that you aren’t doing any serious writing.

Google wants people to write original content, so you need to take time to write excellent text yourself. The best way to do this is by working through free blogging platforms like

You should also consider paying money to secure an author profile at Squidoo (if you sell lenses) or Fluce (if you sell images). These profiles can help you get more traffic to your site from Google+.

Do not worry too much about gamification

Do not worry too much about gamification

One of the biggest concerns that companies have when it comes to seo is whether or not their website is valid. If your site is not validated, you run the risk of having your page blocked by search engines.

However, avoiding this issue is not really an option. As we mentioned before, content is what helps people find your business online.

By having a clean and understandable interface, as well as informative pages, you can capture the attention of new visitors. When they want to learn more about your company, they will look for information about you.

Also, being interactive is another way to increase engagement with your customers and thus improve your rating. With videos, images, blogs, and other forms of media, you can let them know that you are living a life of your own.

You can also use social proof to get others interested in your product. Social proof is something that humans naturally trust; if someone is popular and successful, they must be good at what they do.

Add a newsletter, once per week or so, that gives away useful tips and tricks or products for free. People like getting things for free. It’s in our nature to feel generous when receiving gifts, and think highly of those who give them to us.

Put up photos of the staff, events, or items that you promote. This shows people that you are busy and important, which may help them feel better about contacting you.

Provide useful information to readers

Provide useful information to readers

More than half of web users make decisions based on search results. Because your content is available through seo, it’s one way you can reach out to potential customers.

If someone searches for something relevant to what you have written about in your website, they may be ready to buy. You want to give them reasons to trust you and believe that what you sell is worth buying.

You need to demonstrate that you are trustworthy by providing helpful and informative content as well as products with quality built-in features. Content marketing helps you build relationships with people who already like you and purchase from you.

Content marketing also helps push up your other ranking factors such as domain authority and pagerank. If you write valuable articles that appeal to people, more likely they will click on your links and buy once they are ready.

Make it personal

Make it personal

If you’re checking your own website, one of the first things you should do is make it personal. People are more likely to trust information that comes from people instead of websites.

This doesn’t mean that you have to use professional web design companies or write a blog post written by a personality coach. It can be as simple as writing an article using your unique perspective.

What matters most is what moves you. You want to be able to explain why a topic matter to you.

You also want to be able to discuss how others feel about it. What matters the most is your stance on the subject.

These will help keep visitors on your site. If they don’t know where to find you, they won’t come back again.

By having a strong online presence, you open up opportunities for paid advertising like google ads or facebook groups. These are tested and confirmed ways to get traffic to your site.

If you need help coming up with ideas, look through other peoples blogs and see if there is anything that has touched you on a spiritual level. Most bloggers were writers once, so try to replicate those words to connect with them.

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