How To Come Up With A Simple Business Name

Names are one of the most important things for your business, and it can be tricky trying to come up with one that sounds good and fits you. Luckily, there are some easy ways to do this!

Names play an integral part in creating brand recognition and perception. Your business name should be catchy, tell someone something about your business, and represent you as a person or company.

Having a difficult time coming up with your business’s name? Don’t worry, we have tips here for you! Read on to learn all our secrets…

Secret no. 1: Use a keyword

A keyword is a word or phrase that describes what your business does. For example, if your business sells wool blankets, then “blanket” is a great keyword.

Your business name should use the same keywords so that people will find you easily online. Many companies use simple keywords to gain popularity, so using a similar one may help you out too!

Secret no. 2: Mix case styles

Most professional businesses have long, unique names. What makes them different from other businesses with short, generic names is their clever choice of words.

Ask your friends for their opinion

how to come up with a simple business name

When you are ready to choose your business name, ask your friends, family, and coworkers for some input! While it may feel uncomfortable to ask for help, this is one of the best way to find your perfect business name.

By having people give you feedback, you will get insights that you would never think of on your own. You might also learn new ways to describe your business or ideas that have been floating in your head for a while but you were not able to pinpoint exactly what it was.

By taking time to evaluate all of the suggestions, you can eventually come up with the right name that fits you and your business perfectly. – Jessica Boaden

If possible, try to do this before you make any big decisions such as registering your company’s name or picking out your logo. More opportunities to change your business name later mean more opportunity for success, so don’t rush into things.

Use the Google app to search for your business name

how to come up with a simple business name

The first way to come up with a simple business name is by using the Google app. You can use this tool to do two things: find businesses near you, and look up potential business names.

The second one is much more important than the first! I will go into more detail about that later in this article. For now, just know that it’s very helpful for coming up with your own business name.

Google gives you three options when looking up business names. They are: “Add to watchlist,” “Find similar,” and “Compare numbers.”

Once you have found a possible business name, you can either add it to your watch list or compare it with some other similarly-sounding names to see what effects they have on their audience.

You can also run the name through the Find Similar option to determine if there are already any companies out there with the same exact name as yours.

Use the Facebook app to search for your business name

how to come up with a simple business name

Finding your business name should be done with care, as this will be your online face that other people will see. Before picking any word or phrase, make sure it is not trademarked or copyrighted.

If you find that your chosen business name is already taken by another company, then choose an alternative one! Sometimes there are ways to get around this, such as adding “The” or “Inc” at the front of the name or changing the first letter. Or you could just pick a new name!

When looking up your business name on Google, make sure to use both the domain name and the generic version (without www) of the website. That way you can check if there are any errors with the domain or if someone has registered using the same exact words.

Use the Instagram app to search for your business name

Finding a great business name is like finding new shoes – you have to try them on before you know if they are worth keeping or not!

Finding a good business name is tricky, however. You will need to do some research and testing to determine whether that name works for your business.

There are two main ways to test your business’s name. First, you can use the Google Suite or other free apps to look up your proposed business name to see what comes up. Second, you can go through different social media sites to see how well people are responding to it.

The first way is very important as you want to make sure your name doesn’t already exist with a similar (or worse) brand. For example, going into google and searching “JotForm reviews” would turn up lots of information and links about the company called JOTFORM which has nothing to do with creating forms.

On the other hand, looking up “Online Form Maker” or something along those lines could lead to information about our topic! The trick here is to just focus on making a clear description of your business, rather than using a catchy phrase.

Use the Twitter app to search for your business name

how to come up with a simple business name

The easiest way to come up with your business name is by using the tools at hand. One of these tools is the Twitter app, which has a feature that allows you to do a free keyword lookup.

By typing in your current business name or part of your current business name into the app, it will suggest other possible names that could be connected to your brand.

Some of these suggestions may sound good, but not as well written as your current business name – so try narrowing down your options according to those parts of your business that people can easily identify!

Alternatively, you can just use the app’s “create new account” option to start from scratch.

Think about the name's meaning

how to come up with a simple business name

The best business names typically mean something. They are usually short, simple, and describe what your business does.

That is not to say that it isn’t clever or funny! But we believe that being descriptive is better than being catchy. It sets you apart from the competition and helps people relate to your business.

Descriptive business names include Apple, Google, Subway, and Office Depot. All of these businesses have longer versions that are just as cool but they didn’t use them for their brand.

And while they may seem easy to come up with, there are many ways to do it. Here are some tips for coming up with your own perfect business name.

1) Use the web to test your ideas.

The first way to choose a good business name is by testing it online. You can find free domain name registration sites like *.tk to and *goo*.*dom to

These websites let you look up any word and see how others have used it before. You could also search Wikipedia to see if anyone has done anything with that word. Then add the ending you want for your website.

Your new business name should be easily found through this process. If it is not, try changing the words or adding an adjective or suffix to make it more unique.

Make the name unique

how to come up with a simple business name

A business name should be catchy, interesting, and descriptive. It should also set a strong impression about what your business will be before you pick it!

Most entrepreneurs struggle with coming up with their own business names. This is totally normal because most people don’t know anything about branding or marketing.

But not all businesses are marketed for success after the initial launch. Some stick around for years as they develop an audience that appreciates their products or services.

A lot of times, successful business owners never take credit for their achievements. They let the work speak for itself.

What makes a business succeed usually doesn’t get mentioned until much later. People may talk about how great of an entrepreneur someone is, but rarely do others mention the beautiful logo they designed or what clever slogans they came up with.

So if you’re ever asked about the source of your business’s success, make sure to give proper credit where it’s due! Take this advice into consideration now so you won’t be caught off guard in the future.

How to come up with a simple business name? Here are some tips.

Use proper spelling and grammar

how to come up with a simple business name

The importance of having a catchy business name is pretty clear, but how you get that great name is not! Names for businesses have been changing constantly since the beginning of time. Some say this is because people want to add new shades of meaning to an existing term, while others believe it’s just due to lack of motivation to pick another name.

Whatever the reason may be, most business owners agree that picking your product or service quickly becomes very difficult once you've chosen one. It can take hours, if not days, to find a good potential match for your current brand. This is why it's so important to come up with a simple, easy-to-spell business name that leaves room for growth.

A lot of brands start out as something simpler like “The Best Restaurant in Town” or “Fabulous New Hair Styling Technique.” But over time, they evolve into more elaborate versions such as “Michelin Recommended Restaurants in the City” or "Professional Hairstyles Using Weaves."

It is totally normal to feel nervous or uncomfortable when you first try to expand what your business is by adding additional descriptive terms to it. However, don't worry about leaving yourself enough time to perfect your business name -- instead, choose a longer version of your original idea, and then edit away any unnecessary parts.

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