How To Create A Free Blog For Affiliate Marketing

A free online journal or diary is a great way to start your journey as an affiliate marketer. Yours can be private or public, and you do not have to use it for business purposes only!

It does not need to be anything spectacularly beautiful, nor do we recommend making it your own domain name just yet. But you are welcome to experiment with it as you grow as a blogger.

By creating a free account on one of the many blogging platforms out there, you get access to all of the features they offer, such as posting, comments, and moderating content.

These services also usually host some kind of web page creator tool that you can use to easily add new pages, sections, and posts. These could be about you, what you make products or services out of, your family, hobbies, etc. - keep going!

There are even some which allow you to create an online store through their platform.

Make a list of your favorite blogs in the niche

how to create a free blog for affiliate marketing

Starting from here, you will be creating a new account to create your own free blogging site. You can now move onto the next step.

To make your own website or blog experience more seamless, you will need to have some form of web hosting. This is where your website will live online until you are able to upload it somewhere else (like WordPress). Most web hosts offer one level of access for free, which is enough to publish content and view other people’s websites!

Most good quality web hosting services give you an area to store files and documents, as well as a space to run software such as Word processors and e-mail programs. They may also include tools to create accounts and databases for you, so that you do not have to.

Read regularly

how to create a free blog for affiliate marketing

Even if you are not making money online, reading blogs is still worth your time. Most major bloggers publish at least one article per week that focuses on blogging tips or how to improve their writing skills.

Blogs with helpful information include tips and tricks for improving your own site and SEO (search engine optimization), as well as what types of products and services are being marketed through Amazon, eBay, or other sites where the blogger has made some income.

By reading these articles, you will have an opportunity to learn something new! And maybe even find something useful for your business website.

Heck, we’re betting you’ll find something entertaining too. We know our favorite blogs quite well, and many of them make us laugh every once in a while. So why don’t you take a look around and see what stories and lessons they tell?

And don’t forget to follow all those blogs! Many of them offer easy ways to do so from their settings section.

Comment on your own blog post comments

how to create a free blog for affiliate marketing

Starting a free blogging site is not hard, but it does require some time investment. Along with hosting your website through a reliable source, you will need to pick an easy template or theme for your site.

The hardest part about creating your first blog is choosing where to publish your writing! There are many great sites that offer you their service of free. This gives you limited space to write your thoughts, but it is enough to start with.

By adding more content to your site, readers can find what you have to say interesting and helpful.

Connect with other bloggers

how to create a free blog for affiliate marketing

One of the best ways to create your own platform is by connecting with others. This can be through leaving comments on their blogs, linking to theirs or their competitor’s blogs, or even hosting an event or giveaway together!

By creating engaging content and linking to relevant sites, you will gain exposure which can bring in new followers or subscribers. Your readers will naturally share your content so having a free blogging site where people can read it and link to it is perfect!

Your affiliate links will look more natural than sponsored posts as they won’t seem like advertising but instead helpful information. Creating a free website allows you to do that without too much investment.

There are many free domain name providers and web host services that don’t require payment until you start receiving traffic. You can pick any genre and style you want and not have to worry about maintenance!

We recommend using WordPress as it is one of the most popular platforms out there and is very easy to use. There are lots of great beginner starting points to work through before getting creative.

Guest blog

how to create a free blog for affiliate marketing

Writing is one of your greatest strengths as an affiliate marketer. Creating a well-written article or review that other people will read can win you new followers, subscribers, and even income.

Writing online is much more common than it was years ago. Most good websites have someone who updates their content and publishes articles or tutorials weekly or monthly.

By writing a quality article for such a site, you get exposure while earning some extra money. It’s a win-win!

Guest blogging is another way to use writing as a tool to gain attention for yourself. By publishing an article on our own sites, we create opportunities for others to find us.

It’s not only a great way to promote ourselves, but it’s a quick way to start building connections in the marketing world. People are naturally drawn to writers so this is a perfect way to connect with others.

There are several ways to do guest posting. You can hire freelancers or write me… myself! 🙂 But no matter what method you choose, make sure to keep things professional and within the rules.

We would also recommend starting small and testing the waters before asking too many questions.

Create a website

how to create a free blog for affiliate marketing

Creating your free blogging site is easy, if you have a domain name that you already own. You can use any web-hosting platform to create a free blogger account, such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, or Microsoft Azure.

Most people begin by creating an online gallery or diary using a word processing software program like LibreOffice Writer or Pages. Then, they add some basic features to their site such as an About me section, link listings, and maybe even a search bar.

They may also choose to include other types of content, such as blogs or forums, but not all users develop their sites into busy communities. Some people enjoy writing short notes or posting pictures so they leave those parts out.

Whatever you feel comfortable sharing, we recommend giving yourself time to grow in confidence before adding more detail to your site. Take your time to experiment with different styles and layouts to find one that feels right.

Buy a domain name

how to create a free blog for affiliate marketing

After you have determined that it is time to create your own business blog, your next step will be to purchase or find a domain name. This website address is your virtual home base where people can visit to read your blog and learn more about you and your products and services.

It is important to pick a unique domain name that represents your business. Make sure to use relevant keywords to help bring in readers. Some good domains include,, and

There are many free web hosting sites out there such as that allow you to launch into internet blogging with no cost at all! All of these sites give you an easy-to-use platform to write your blogs and manage your accounts.

Start a blog

how to create a free blog for affiliate marketing

Starting your own website is not expensive, nor do you need special software or expertise to get started. There are many free blogging platforms that can help you start your business online.

Most of these sites offer you a limited amount of storage and email accounts as well, which are helpful in promoting your new site.

By creating an affiliate marketing website using one of these services, you will be giving people access to your products and information. In return, you get to use their audience to promote yourself!

There are several ways to earn money through blogs so it is not too difficult to pick up once you have built some basic skills.

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