How To Create A Marketing Strategy Plan

A marketing strategy is what your business does to attract new customers. It can be as simple as offering low price products or services, or it can be more elaborate, like creating an online store and marketing through social media channels.

The difference between businesses that survive and those that do not are usually determined by their market strategies. Businesses that succeed have planned out different ways to reach their targeted audience, and they implement these plans efficiently and effectively.

Business owners who fail use the same strategies over and over again, which doesn’t work when you want people to spend money in your shop!

There is no one right way to develop a marketing strategy, but there are some general guidelines that anyone can follow. In this article, we will discuss how to create a marketing strategy plan. You will also learn about three common types of marketing strategies.

I hope you will take time to read this article thoroughly, and then choose a strategy for your own business. Just remember, even if you already have a business, you should still review this information because developing effective marketing strategies is something every entrepreneur needs to know.

Create a marketing strategy map

A marketing strategy map is an easy way to organize all of your current strategies and determine the best ones for the future. Use this as a starting point to create and revamp your business’s marketing strategies.

A good strategy map should have the following components:

Title or header



This structure is very common in how people write academic essays, so it makes sense to use it here!

Using these basic structures, you can now design your own perfect strategy map. The title can be any topic that relates to your business, the body can be the different strategies, and the conclusion can be what changes you will make after incorporating these into your business.

General tips: remember to use short, simple sentences and bullet points to emphasize important ideas.

Develop your marketing strategy

how to create a marketing strategy plan

The next step in developing your market strategy is to determine what types of marketing you will use to promote your business. This can be done through doing some research and talking to people about ways they promoted their businesses and what worked for them.

You do not have to spend lots of money to advertise, there are many free resources that can help you get started. You can also create your own advertisement or media piece to spread your message!

By having different mediums of advertising, you give yourself more flexibility in creating advertisements as well as changing ads when needed. For example, if one type of ad seems to be failing then you can switch up your campaign to see if it works better.

There is no wrong way to start promoting your business, just make sure you do not go overboard with spending! Keep it practical and test out new strategies to see how effective they are for your company.

Organize your team

how to create a marketing strategy plan

As alluded to before, one of the first things you will need to do in order to create a marketing strategy is to organize your team. Who here’s job title includes making plans for content, designing ads, finding new sources of information, etc.?

If so, great! Now that we know who does what, it’s time to give them their own plan. Each person should have his or her own goal, mission, and responsibility as part of this organization.

As you can imagine, there are many ways to do this, but the most effective way depends on the individuals involved. You want to make sure everyone knows who they are reporting to and what they should be doing without being told every day.

This doesn’t mean everything has to be spelled out in black and white, but you should at least be clear about who does what and why.

Know your company

how to create a marketing strategy plan

Before you can create a marketing strategy, you need to know what kind of business you own. What services or products do you offer? Who is your target audience? What are their needs that you can address with your product or service?

You must also be clear about how much money you have for advertising and other marketing strategies. Sometimes people get so focused on creating a new campaign that they spend more than they should on it.

By having a budget, you will know when a campaign has run its course and it’s time to move onto something else. You may also want to consider whether or not this item is worth the investment.

Make it actionable

how to create a marketing strategy plan

A marketing strategy is not something that you should aim to complete quickly. Creating a solid strategic plan takes time, but don’t worry – you are not going to be spending all day thinking about it!
As we mentioned before, your marketing strategy is an integral part of your company’s overall success or failure. This means that it will have an effect on both its performance and yours as employees.

If you were the only one who was involved in developing this plan, then that would be fine, but now that it exists, other people will also be depending on it. Your colleagues and superiors may ask questions about what steps you are taking to achieve your goals, so make sure that they do not feel like they are being left out.

Make sure that everyone is aware of the plans that you have put in place, and stay open with them. If someone asks why you are doing such and such, tell them honestly and clearly.

Measure your results

how to create a marketing strategy plan

A very important part of marketing is figuring out what works and doesn’t work so that you can keep doing things that work and changing or dropping those that don’t. You have to be able to measure your success so that you know whether your strategies are working so that you can continue to use them, or if it is time to try something new.

There are several ways to do this. The most common way is through analytics, such as Google Analytics or any other type of website tracking software. These track lots of different metrics about how people interact with your site, from where they came to yours, to what pages they visited, to how long it took until they left.

Iterate and improve

how to create a marketing strategy plan

A few weeks ago, I shared with you my step-by-step process for creating a marketing strategy plan. Since then, many of you have asked me how to make your strategies work for you.

What you'll probably find is that I recommend editing and reevaluating your tactics frequently. You don't need to do a full refresh every quarter like we talked about before, but this week's tip recommends doing a new assessment at least once per month!

This will help you stay ahead of the curve and determine if what you're doing is working or not. It also gives you an opportunity to change something up if you aren't seeing results.

You can take our weekly roundup as more than just recommendations, though. Each Monday, I'll include some easy things you can do to implement into practice what you learned the past weekend.

Practice marketing balance

how to create a marketing strategy plan

A good way to create a strategy is to first determine your strengths, then focus on developing them and creating more of an emphasis in these areas. Then, evaluate if there are any weaknesses that can be addressed with changes or revisions.

This way you don’t need to heavily emphasize one area over another — you can instead spread out your resources across different ways to promote your company. Plus, it gives you some wiggle room if and when things don’t work as well as expected!

You may also want to consider what types of promotions and strategies you would like to add to your repertoire. For example, while promoting your product through social media is important, offering coupons and promo codes via Instagram can be just as effective (if not more so)!

Having multiple tools in your arsenal means you will have something to try next, even if one doesn’t quite work for the moment.

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