How To Create A Marketing Strategy Template

Creating a marketing strategy template is an easy way to start developing your strategic marketing plan. You can use this as a springboard for creating another more elaborate, complex roadmap or you can just keep it simple if you’re already have a gameplan.

This article will go into detail about some of the important steps in creating a marketing strategy template. We will talk about what types of documents to include, how many pages each document should be, and some tips and tricks to make sure your document comes out perfect every time!

Once everything is finished, you will know how to create a marketing strategy that fits you and your business.

Make a list of your assets

how to create a marketing strategy template

The next step in creating a marketing strategy template is to make a list of your current assets, and then determine what you have that others do not.

This can be anything from the value of your product or service, to how well you market yourself, to how well you connect with people. What makes you stand out more than anyone else?

You know you’ve got an asset when it brings in money, but also makes you feel good about yourself or your career. An asset should make you happy while helping you achieve your goals.

What I like to call “power assets” are ones that help you grow. They may cost some money to use, but they’re worth it because you get so much out of them.

Power assets include studying, investing in software to improve your business skills, and reading self-help books. All of these add to your wealth (or lack thereof) and strengthen your mental muscles.

Create a list of your products

As mentioned earlier, one of the first steps in creating a marketing strategy is defining your product or service. What people call a “product” can be anything from an app to a book to a house to a car!

The term “product” is very general so you will want to know what kind of products your business has. For example, most businesses that offer fashion items (such as clothing or jewelry) have a product type.

A lot of companies out there may not know it, but they are actually having several different products at once! This article will talk more about how to identify your business’s products.

After you have identified all of your business’s products, make a note-worthy list. Take your time to think hard about every area of your business and create a list of everything you can possibly put down as a product.

This includes things like: services, apps, courses, DVDs, books, and merchandise – just to name a few! Once you have this list made, organize them by importance and determine which ones should go into the next step.

Step 2: Find the keywords for each product

For each item on your list, find the main keyword or key words that describe it. These will be the search terms that people use to find your product.

Develop your marketing strategy

how to create a marketing strategy template

The second half of defining your strategic plan comes down to developing your marketing message and messaging strategies. You will want to make sure that you have different messages for different audiences, but you will also want to know what messages work in past so you can use them yourself!

Your marketing message is the key component to your success as an entrepreneur or business owner. Most entrepreneurs spend their time trying to come up with new ideas to launch their businesses, but they fail because they do not advertise consistently.

You need to be able to identify how best to promote your company before you actually put those advertisements into action. By doing this, you’ll find it much easier to succeed in the long run.

There are several ways to develop your own marketing strategies, from creating simple slogans to more elaborate logos and graphics. Starting off by brainstorming all of the possible messages and then picking one that seems most solid is the way to go.

Create a plan for marketing

how to create a marketing strategy template

A strategy is one way to organize your market approach. Yours can be new, old, simple, or complex depending on what you want to do with your business.

Having a clear set of strategies gives you a starting place to begin. You may also add more strategies as your business grows.

You will probably have several different strategists in your organization, so it is important to keep notes about each other’s strategies so that you don’t get confused when you switch jobs.

Plan out how you are going to achieve your long-term goals by making sure you cover all the bases with these strategies.

Distribute your marketing strategy

how to create a marketing strategy template

Now that you have determined what areas of marketing you will be investing in, it is time to distribute these messages to other people. You can do this via social media, advertisements, flyers, etc.

As mentioned before, starting with LinkedIn is a great way to focus on professional development. By creating an account that is appropriate for your career goal, you increase your effectiveness of reaching out and interacting with professionals in related fields.

Likewise, using Facebook to promote your business or personal brand is a powerful tool. People often times start their day by browsing through friends on FB, so why not use this as exposure?

And while printed materials are definitely staying around longer than paper notes, there are ways to make them more interactive. Use interesting fonts and colors to appeal to readers.

Test your marketing strategy

how to create a marketing strategy template

A good way to test your current marketing strategies is to do a quick review of what you're doing and how well you are performing them. Take some time this week to evaluate your efforts!

If you're reviewing this list in the winter, spring or summer, when the weather is nice, try testing these tactics during that season. If you're reviewing it at night, when there's less light, test them during the day.

You can use hard evidence like statistics or anecdotal information to determine if your strategies are working. For example, if you notice that most people visit the site daily, then perhaps changing that plan is not the best idea!

By having a few days where you don't perform as well, you'll be able to make changes before investing more money into new strategies.

Measure your results

how to create a marketing strategy template

A good way to evaluate how well your marketing strategies are working is by using measurable metrics. What I mean by that is looking at the numbers for how many people clicked on an advertisement, how much revenue you received from sales of a product or service, and how many followers you gained for your social media profile sites.

By gathering these numbers, you can determine if your tactics were effective and what changes need to be made next time around.

It is very important to remember that not every tactic will work for everyone; therefore, don’t get too focused on whether it worked or failed. More importantly, don’t focus only on the number!

Instead, look at which ones helped your business grow and add some flavor to the content yourself. For example, when creating article content, think about what articles have raised awareness about a topic or informed readers about something new.

Tweak your strategy

how to create a marketing strategy template

As seen above, creating a marketing strategy template is an ongoing process that you can tweak as needed. You get to choose if you want to add in more components or take out things you no longer feel are important.

There is not one definitive way to create a solid business model like there is with creating a business logo or color palette.

That being said, we did discuss some of the major pieces of what makes up a successful marketing strategy here.

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