How To Create Passive Income From Etsy Digital Products

Creating your own digital product is an incredible way to make money online. With the right tool, you can create a website or app that makes profit for you via Amazon’s affiliate program or through products and services you already use.

You will not need any special skills beyond creating content designed to appeal to people who buy similar things you do. And since everything is done digitally, there are no expensive overhead costs like renting a room or paying employees.

But before you dive in, here are some important things to consider!

Does this idea sound familiar? If so, it may be time to evaluate whether or not you should give up all of your other jobs and pursue this full-time.

If you feel like you could be successful with this approach, then go ahead and get started. But remember, even though it is possible to earn significant income from selling on Amazon, it takes time to find the appropriate products and launch them just as much as it does non-digital businesses.

Hopefully these tips will help you form good strategies and keep yourself motivated while working hard to succeed.

Buy and sell things on Etsy

how to create passive income from etsy digital products

A few years ago, it was really difficult to make money online without having an expensive website with lots of marketing fluff attached to it. You needed strong writing skills, impressive photogenic qualities, and enough motivation to put in the effort that would win you at least a couple thousand dollars a month.

Nowadays, all of those things are totally fine, but no one is paying you for them! That is why there has never been a better time to start creating digital products through sites like Etsy.

You see, when someone shops on Amazon or Walmart’s site, what they get is mostly advertisements. An advertisement for this product, advertisement for that product, and sometimes even a direct sale message if the seller decides that their product is worthy of a special deal.

But everything beyond that is typically free - the sellers are giving away their hard work so that people will shop at either of these sites and pay them for it.

Use website or blog to promote your business

how to create passive income from etsy digital products

After you have spent time creating your products, designing them, and sourcing quality materials, the next step is to advertise them!

Finding a way to market your merchandise can be difficult when you don’t have much money. Luckily, there are many ways you can create your own income stream without too much cost.

The easiest way to do this is through the internet. By using websites like YouTube, Facebook, and Pinterest, you can create free advertising for your product. These sites offer easy tools to get started, and it will quickly pay off.

You can also take advantage of all the social media platforms out there to spread word about your products. People use these apps to connect with others so why not use that to gain exposure for your business?

By adding some passive income into your daily life, you will soon have enough to cover your expenses. This will give you the space to focus on other things you want to accomplish in your career and personal life.

Accept credit cards

how to create passive income from etsy digital products

It’s easy to start selling online, but one of the hardest things is getting past the initial barrier — how do I get paid? There are several ways you can process payments for your business, with some being more successful than others.

Fortunately, most major credit card companies offer virtual terminals or applications that allow you to accept sales via Credit Card Processing (or CCPS) as a free service. This article will talk about some benefits of accepting credit cards through an app like Shopify Plus, and how to do it.

By adding this feature, customers can purchase from you securely using their accounts which adds credibility to your product and site. More importantly, it helps you stay in control of your finances since you receive automatic notificiations when transactions occur!

Benefits of ccps

There are many reasons why having a payment processor is important. Some of the main ones include:

More conversions – Having a payment processing company take care of charging people for purchases gives your audience a better experience. They will feel comfortable buying products from you because they know everything has been taken care of.

Having a payment processing company give people confidence makes them spend more money, which is what you want as an entrepreneur.

Lower fees - The cost per transaction varies depending on who you use as a provider, but overall processors make money off of us by taking a cut.

Accept PayPal

One of the biggest reasons why people don’t make money online is because they won’t accept payment methods that aren’t paid through a major credit card company or banking system.

This is totally understandable, I mean who doesn’t love getting extra cash back?

But unless you are willing to limit your customer base, this can be a problem.

By limiting yourself to only those ecommerce sites that take VISA or MASTERCARD, for example, you will lose out on a lot of potential income.

Not accepting other forms of Payment (Paypal being one of them) will also hurt your business in the long run.

Why not?

Because while most people have Paypal as a free option, many don’t. And if they do, it may not work well for what you want to sell.

For instance, some companies offer very cheap products, which are usually fake or low quality. If someone orders one of these items from you via paypal, there is no way to know if it is real or not.

Some people have issues buying things online due to security concerns, so making sure your site is safe by allowing only verified payments is another reason to let go of this barrier.

Offer a promotion to your customers

how to create passive income from etsy digital products

A lot of people start selling online by offering products or services that they already have in stock. This is usually done through eBay, Amazon, or another type of commerce site where you can list and sell your items.

By adding some digital content to your product, you can create an additional source of revenue via an ecommerce website like Etsy.

You could make it free for a few days to get users to try out the app, or you could offer it as a limited time deal or even give away one item per person while buying a similar thing from you.

This is called a promotional event and it costs nothing but effort!

The more apps people use, the better it is for you so making friends with other sellers is a great way to gain exposure. You can also join groups on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to reach new audiences.

Connect with other Etsy sellers

how to create passive income from etsy digital products

One of the best ways to make money online through the Etsy marketplace is by selling products or services that you have in stock and are willing to sell online.

You can pick and choose what products to offer depending on your personal preferences, but if you have not invested in good quality merchandise, this could be a poor choice.

By offering digital products like eBooks, educational courses, and YouTube videos, you will need to establish strong seller accounts on these platform s to get traffic.

These platforms provide for business to business sales, so it’s easier to start off as a new member. By connecting to others, you’ll find more opportunities to create income.

Running an eBay store is another way to benefit from the power of the internet when done right. But creating an Etsy shop is one of the better alternatives because it offers additional features.

Offer your products elsewhere online

how to create passive income from etsy digital products

A little known way to make money through eBay is selling digital or in-store items at other sites such as Amazon, Facebook, and YouTube. By offering your own goods on these platforms, you get paid for advertising yourself which is very cost effective compared to having a seller profile on each site that could cost upwards of $100 a year!

By creating an account at a third party website where you can sell your products, you free up room on your computer for other things. Online shopping has become quite popular so there’s plenty of potential customers who may want to buy what you have to offer.

And even if they don’t, you still earn revenue from the ads you run. This is a great way to generate extra income no matter what kind of sleeping schedule you have.

Use Facebook ads

how to create passive income from etsy digital products

A stealthy way to make money online is by creating digital products through your favorite brands or companies. You can create these products as an influencer for their site, or you can start your own website and promote their product!

A lot of people have made big bucks via this method because they designed the product well and marketed it effectively.

But what if we took that one step further? What if we didn’t even need to advertise our “product”? What if we could get away with not having a physical product at all?

We’re talking about ecommerce courses here — teaching-style programs that earn us a steady income every month without anyone ever knowing we exist.

That’s right. You can create your own ecommerce course and sell it directly to your audience via your social media platforms (like FB) or via sites like Udemy and Teachable.

Here are some reasons why this strategy works so well and how to implement it into your business model.

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