How To Describe A Marketing Strategy

As mentioned before, marketing strategies are what types of messages your business uses to reach out to potential customers. These can be done through various channels like social media platforms, advertisements, etc.

Your business’s strategy is determined by several factors- how you market yourself, what products or services you offer, and what areas of the market you target. The first factor — how you brand yourself as an individual person comes down to personal branding.

This article will go more in depth about this! Stay tuned for more tips.

Definitions of marketing strategy

how to describe marketing strategy

Defining your business’s marketing strategy is one of the first steps in developing effective strategies that will win you followers, engagement, traffic, and profits. It’s important to know what the term “marketing” means before defining your strategic plan.

In general, the word “marketer” refers to someone who markets or promotes products and services. A small business owner might be considered a marketer if they develop advertisements for their product or service. An entrepreneur might describe themselves as a marketer because they promote their company by talking about it and spreading the word about it.

However, the word “marketer” also implies someone with an advanced degree or certification in advertising, marketing, or both. These individuals may work at professional level positions like CEO, creative director, producer, etc.

According to Merriam-Webster, the most popular definition of “marketing” is “the action or process of promoting sales of a product or service.” Businesses use this definition when they advertise their products and services.

This seems simple enough, but there are two key points to understand. First, the word “promoting” can mean telling people how to use the product, encouraging them to try it out, speaking positively about it, or all three. Second, the word “sale” can refer to any transaction where a person exchanges money for something else.

Organization of marketing strategy

how to describe marketing strategy

A good way to describe your marketing strategy is to think about how you would organize someone’s personal belongings. You wouldn’t put all your important possessions in one place, so why should marketing be done that way?

Your overall marketing strategy should have three parts: company identity, product line, and promotional tactic. Your organization’s brand should include what products or services you offer, what makes your offerings unique, and what position your business takes in relation to others with similar offerings.

Then there are your product lines — things such as products and services you offers or plans to offer. And finally, promotional tactics like advertising, direct sales, and guerrilla marketing strategies.

Marketing processes

how to describe marketing strategy

A marketing process is an integral part of how your business operates. These processes are typically done in sequence, with one task leading into the next.

Some examples of marketing processes include creating a website, choosing where to advertise, responding to comments and messages on social media, producing content or materials for marketing (like this article you are reading!), developing strategies for outreach, promoting the products and services via different channels, etc.

All these steps form what we refer to as the marketing mix. The term “marketing mix” comes from marketing theory that was popularized in the 1950s and 1960s by Harvard Business School professor Michael Porter. He described it as the combination of things needed to influence customers to buy your product.

The components of his model have become the standard way marketers describe their success factors. According to his model, the marketer mixes five main ingredients: price, quality, availability, promotion, and customer service.

These concepts apply not only to individual products, but also to brands. As such, they can be used to compare between similar products or identify weak points within a company that could be improved upon.

Marketing strategies

how to describe marketing strategy

A marketing strategy is a goal or objective you have for your business. It is typically focused on product lines, categories, or areas of the market that your business targets.

Your marketing strategy can be specific to a target audience, area of the market, products, or services. It can also be short-term or long-term depending on your company’s goals.

For example, if your company wants to increase sales then a short term tactic might be to focus on search engine optimization (SEO). If your company wishes to expand beyond its current scope then a longer-term plan could include developing new products or offering additional services.

When describing your marketing strategy, make sure to emphasize how it will help your business succeed in the long run. This should include things such as highlighting your company’s strengths, clarifying what steps are needed for success, and explaining why this approach is effective.

Marketing processes

how to describe marketing strategy

A marketing process is an integral part of how your business conducts its business. These processes are typically done in order, from creating a product or service that people will want to buying them!

Some examples of marketing processes include:

Planning a campaign

Creating products and services

Finding new customers for their current products or services

Stocking up on materials and supplies

Putting together promotional material and advertisements

Distributing these materials to potential clients

Monitoring feedback and results

Revising and re-doing strategies as needed

This list is not exhaustive – there are limitless ways to market your company! But thinking about what processes you have already done and making changes to fit the needs of your business can help you grow.

What is the next step for your business? Planning a launch event, distributing flyers, putting up posters– doing whatever it takes to get attention! All of these things are components of marketing.

Is your business following any formal set procedures for marketing? If so, great! Keep developing and revamping those to make sure everything is effective!

Hopefully you were able to identify some of your business’s main marketing processes here! And now, let us discuss the importance of having a solid marketing strategy.

The Importance of Having a Strategic Marketer Plan

A strategic plan is one that has specific goals that relate directly to the success of your business.

Marketing strategies

how to describe marketing strategy

A marketing strategy is what your company uses to reach out to consumers to promote a product or service. It can be an advertising campaign, new distribution channels, or even changing how you market the product itself.

Marketing strategies are usually focused on either increasing sales of current products or finding new customers for future products.

Usually, marketers will evaluate their current strategies and determine what works and what does not work before making any changes. What worked in the past may no longer work due to technological advances or simple trends.

There are three major components of most successful marketing strategies: knowing your audience, understanding the value of your product, and determining which ways to spread the word about it. These things are always important, but especially now with technology being used more than ever for almost everything, they become even more crucial.

Having a strong marketing strategy is one of the main reasons your business will succeed or fail.

How to implement marketing strategies

how to describe marketing strategy

The second way to describe your strategic marketing plan is to determine what types of campaigns you want to run and how you will organize them into different categories or areas.

This organization method works best if you are able to separate yourself from past unsuccessful attempts at marketing.

If you find that difficult, then this may not be the most effective approach for you. But we all go through stages where we feel like things just don’t work anymore. You have to realize that it’s probably because you’re in one of those stages right now!

The important thing is to recognize these setbacks as opportunities to learn more about marketing. By doing so, you will move forward more prepared than before.

When organizing your marketing strategy, think about what types of messages you want to convey and to whom. For example, if your message does not seem relevant to potential customers, they will likely ignore it and stay away.

Sample marketing strategies

how to describe marketing strategy

Creating a marketing strategy is not a quick process, it takes time to develop well. The key to developing a strong marketing strategy is understanding what types of marketing you are doing and how to mix them all together.

Many people start with the easy things to do like putting up advertisements or buying some flashy decorations for their office, but these are usually short term solutions that will disappear soon.

What more dedicated marketers do is create an element of the company that they work for or love and make efforts to spread the word about the product or service through social media, blogging, and direct interactions with potential customers.

These activities are referred to as engagement tactics because they require interacting and engaging with others to influence their perception of your business.

Interacting with others can be done via comments under advertising posts, responding to other blogs, and asking questions in forums and chat rooms related to your field.

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