How To Do Affiliate Marketing Without A Blog

Doing affiliate marketing without a blog is possible, trust us! There are many ways to do it. You can use a website, you can use an app, or you can even do it via social media.

It’s totally okay to choose not to have a blog when doing affiliate marketing. Many people don’t have blogs, so there’s no competition for product reviews and advertising!

The easiest way to start is by creating a free account at Then, begin promoting products and services through the Amazon Associates program!

Does having a blog make it easier to be successful in affiliate marketing? Absolutely, but that doesn’t mean everyone needs one. Plus, some things just work better without one.

Make a list of your favorite websites

how to do affiliate marketing without a blog

Starting from here, you will be creating your website and affiliate marketing channel!

You are going to need some software to start. You can either use one of the free ones or pay ones that have additional features. Some of these include easy content creation, security tools, and better looking pages. Most people begin with Google Chrome because it is intuitive and simple to use.

After you create your account, go onto one of the free web hosting sites and create an online space for yourself. This site should be reliable and trustworthy so you can add files and run programs there. Pick a place that is not too expensive but still comfortable enough.

Now, it’s time to pick which type of business model you would like to implement into this platform. There are three main types including CPA (cost per action), CPC (cost per click) and PPC (pay per click). Each one has their own benefits and drawbacks so choose carefully.

Once you find a good fit, install the program properly and test out different strategies in your field of expertise. Hopefully you will succeed in finding a way to make money quickly via affiliate marketing.

Create a list of your skills

how to do affiliate marketing without a blog

Starting off, you do not need to have a website or a way to publish content before you can start doing affiliate marketing. You only need to be able to produce quality content that people will want to read!

You can easily turn those into products or services through an online store framework like Shopify or WooCommerce. Or you can create a YouTube channel using a free app or web service like TikTok to make money as you put up videos related to those products.

By offering helpful information in your field, you’ll gain credibility which could lead to more business opportunities.

That said, having your own domain name is important so that people can reach you directly for buying or supporting their product or service.

Create a list of your resources

how to do affiliate marketing without a blog

Starting from scratch is always difficult, but it’s especially tough when you don’t have much experience. Luckily, you don’t need to start from zero when it comes to affiliate marketing!

There are plenty of ways to get into the game without having your own website or blogging platform. You can create a free account at Amazon, for example, or use an existing influencer's channel as a way to promote their products.

Alternatively, you can choose to go solo by creating your own product or service that fits in well with the goods and services of another company you want to advertise. For instance, if someone popularized a certain type of mattress, you could make yours out of foam and sell it as the better alternative.

What matters most is that your product or service is good and people will buy it. Creating a business model isn't a goal in itself, so don't worry about what technology you should use until you've figured out how to produce a profitable one.

Start a blog

how to do affiliate marketing without a blog

Starting your own affiliate marketing business does not require with or without a formal education, nor do you need to have an in-depth understanding of SEO or digital marketing. All that is needed is a computer, an online account such as Gmail, and a desire to succeed!

If you are reading this article then you already know what it takes to start investing in advertising online, but you may be struggling to find the right way to launch your site.

There are many ways to get started with blogging and affiliate marketing, so here we will go through some easy ways to pick up the basics and get your website live!

What is blogging?

Blogging is creating a space on the internet where you can share your experiences, ideas and information with other people. It’s like having your very own talk show, only instead of being paid for each minute spoken, you earn money when someone else reads your content and buys something as a result.

Your personal style and tone of voice are important parts of how successful you are as a blogger, so make sure to experiment with different writing styles and voices before settling on anything.

The term ‘blogger’ usually refers to individuals who write about lifestyle topics – e.g. tips on saving money, recipes, fitness routines etc. However, anyone can become a blogger if they choose to take the step forward.

You could write about fashion, music, politics – whatever inspires you.

Create a website

how to do affiliate marketing without a blog

Starting an affiliate marketing business does not require having a large budget or special equipment, nor do you need to have your own domain name! You can create a free website using one of the many web hosting services that cost around $10 per month.

You can also make use of Google Sites, which is a free service that allows you to set up an online store with rich features. By adding your Amazon account as a seller, it will automatically import all of your products into their system and user accounts so you can run your business from there.

There are several other ways to start off doing affiliate marketing without having your own site, but these two are the most common and versatile.

Buy products to sell

how to do affiliate marketing without a blog

A lot of people get stuck in the blogging mode, where they must have their own website and you must write about something every day before you can call yourself an influencer. This is not necessary with affiliate marketing!

The easiest way to start your career as an affiliate marketer is by buying a couple items and then setting up a sales page or website to promote them. We will talk more about that type of business model in detail later on in this article!

This is definitely not the only way to do it though – starting off as an online seller is totally viable! But if you are looking to grow quickly, investing in a few product/service-based businesses is the best approach.

There are many ways to make money from affiliates without having your own site, but using a service that offers lots of features for little cost is the best way to begin.

Offer a promotion

how to do affiliate marketing without a blog

A lot of people make the mistake thinking that all affiliate marketing strategies require you to have a website. This is not true! You can also do affiliate marketing without a website, which is why I believe it’s more appropriate to call this type of business “no-site affiliated.”

I first learned how to do no-site affiliates back in 2012 from my personal trainer at the time. He was an Amazon seller who made good money selling fitness products on the site.

He taught me two things that work well for his business and anyone can implement them into their own. So let us look at one such tip now!

Tip #1: Product promotions

This is when you create your own product or service and promote it via social media, online communities, blogs, etc. Your audience can either buy it from you directly with cash or they can spread word about you and get paid by sales or referrals.

For example, if someone else mentions your product on Twitter or another site, she/he will probably receive a small commission as well because you're the source material and distributor.

The beauty of doing this is there are no rules except for your imagination!

So what types of products could be promoted? Anything and everything!

You can advertise for a new book or movie, gadgets, clothing, diet supplements – anything really.

Tell people about it

how to do affiliate marketing without a blog

A lot of people make fun of those who don’t have a flashy website, with lots of decorations and fancy logos, but they forget that you don’t need a big site to get some success done as an affiliate or seller.

All you really need is your own personal story, telling potential customers how you made money online, what products you invested in, and maybe even one or two examples showing how you got started.

That’s all you need! If someone is interested in learning more about internet marketing, this can be like grabbing a bottle of water – if you tell them “water is good for you,” they will probably try to find a bottle somewhere, but if you show them how you drink yours every day, they may choose to do the same.

A few words of encouragement and motivation can help others start giving their dreams more consideration. People are very receptive when they feel appreciated and seen — which is why it’s important to establish a connection with other individuals through social media, forums, and chat rooms.

By interacting with different types of people, you’ll not only gain knowledge, but also inspire and motivate others to achieve their goals.

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