How To Draw A Simple Single Business Plan

Drawing business plans has become very popular in recent years. Most large companies have an internal process for creating them, but many individuals learn how to do this as part of their general business education. Some even use it as a way to market themselves by publishing their plan online.

Business planning is important because it lays out what your company will be doing every year ahead of time. It also gives you and your team members some notes about yourself and your position within the organization so that people can picture these things clearly. This makes it easier to connect all of you together and understand where each person fits into the bigger picture.

Drawing simple business plans doesn’t take too long, so why not try yours? You could publish it online so that others can see it and give feedback. Or you could keep it private so that only you view it.

Outline the different business plans

how to draw a simple single business plan

The first step in drawing your business plan is to understand what kind of business you want to run. This will determine which type of business structure you should pick.

You can choose from sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC (for private businesses) or an S-corporation (for income tax purposes).

Tip! Before choosing a business structure, make sure you have enough money saved up for startup costs!

Sole proprietorships are usually the best choice if you’re starting out with no capital. You hold full ownership and liability for all assets under your own name.

Business partners share profits and losses but keep separate financial records. A simple partnership is called a general partnership.

If you decide to start a limited liability company, you must follow certain steps to do so. Check out our article about how to form a llc here!

And lastly, corporations offer more confidentiality due to shareholders having less personal information than as a partner or individual owner.

Narrow down your business location

how to draw a simple single business plan

After deciding what type of business you want to run, now is time to determine where you will actually run this business! This can be done by either picking an area that contains enough people for you to make money or looking in areas with less people so that you can start working harder to grow your company.

If running your own business has made you feel nervous or uncomfortable, then choosing somewhere with less competition may be the best option. Starting off small can help you develop your skills while earning rewards later.

Also remember that not every place needs to host a business, some neighborhoods are just too close together for it to work. If possible, search out locations far from other businesses so that your privacy is protected but still near things like highways and train stations.

Finding the right space is very important because you will need room to store materials and equipment, as well as access to utilities such as power and internet. Make sure to check all of these factors out before buying.

Develop a marketing plan

how to draw a simple single business plan

After you have determined what your business is, what services or products it offers, and where you will sell these services or products, then it’s time to develop a full-fledged marketing strategy.

Your marketing strategy should include what messages you will use to promote your business, how you will spread those messages to your audience, and when you will use each message during the day, week, month, and year.

You can also add into this list types of media that you will use to advertise your business, such as posting on social networking sites, sending emails, publishing articles online, and so on.

Plan for growth and expansion

how to draw a simple single business plan

A business plan is not about telling everyone else what they should do with their life, it’s an opportunity to tell your own story!

A business plan is a snapshot of your current state as well as a vision of where you want to take your company. It includes all aspects of your business – from the market analysis to the organizational chart to the cost breakdown.

By writing down everything you know about your company, you give yourself a clear starting place to build upon later. You also have a record of everything you wanted at that time so you can revisit those goals later.

Business plans are usually more than one page in length, but don’t worry if yours is shorter- there’s no wrong here!

Some people may feel nervous sharing all their secrets with the world, but I would suggest instead trying to be less protective of your ideas and creativity.

If someone wants to work for you, then they will, but if they don’t then too bad! Refrain from putting up unnecessary barriers and just let your dreams grow naturally.

Write your business plan

how to draw a simple single business plan

Now that you have determined what area of the career you want to pursue, it is time to write down how to do your job. What makes someone successful at their craft is learning the basics of their field!

You already know what you want to be so now it’s time to take those lessons and apply them towards creating your own business or career. By clearly defining yourself as an expert in your chosen field, you will attract more attention from potential clients and employers.

Business owners and recruiters look for people with expertise in the field, so if you are not sure who would find you credible then it may be hard to get work. Having a solid business plan can help mitigate this risk by proving that you know what you're talking about!

There are many free business planning resources available, such as online courses and mobile apps. Many of these offer basic templates that you can customize and edit to make it fit your needs.

Submit your business plan

how to draw a simple single business plan

Now that you have completed all of the necessary steps, it is time to submit your business plan! Depending on what format your planner used, you may need to upload or link your document so that others can access it.

Some people also offer free web-based tools to edit and/or review your plan before submitting. This way you will have some more help shaping your plan before going through the additional step of editing and revising it yourself.

There are many ways to get your business plan noticed. By working with other professionals’ business plans, you could find someone willing to review yours and possibly add content to make it stronger. Yours could use some strengthening as well if needed!

Good luck out there and keep striving towards your dreams!

Topic and bullet point source: How to Write A Business Proposal Template – Bizproposals.

Get your business license

how to draw a simple single business plan

After you have determined what kind of business entity you will use, you must get appropriate licenses for that business! This includes having a business name, registering with state agencies such as health departments or revenue offices, and ensuring that all necessary paperwork is in order.

Business names are important because this is how people identify your company. You can create your own easy business plan by using an already established one like “Jack and Jill Party Services” or “Julie’s Bake Shop”.

State agencies that deal with businesses typically require you to show proof of insurance, registration, and business licenses, so make sure to gather these before opening up shop.

Open a business bank account

how to draw a simple single business plan

After you have determined what kind of business you want to run, your next step is to open a business banking account that will help you start running this business. This can be tricky at first as not every bank offers small business loans or even business accounts!

Most banks these days will offer some type of business loan or credit card for businesses, so do not worry about that! But they may ask you to prove that you are going to use the money for your business and not personal uses.

Many people begin their business with a very simple plan then add onto it as their business grows. Make sure to check out several lenders before picking one that fits your needs!

Also make sure to look into small business loans through the government agencies such as the Small Business Administration (SBA). They will review your finances and determine if you are eligible for a loan.

These types of loans are easier to obtain than direct business loans from banks.

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