How To Earn Passive Income As A Student in Singapore

As we all know, student life in Canada can be expensive! There are lots of ways to earn extra money for your college or university experience, including through part-time jobs, volunteering, and investing in income sources.

Many students have found creative ways to make money while still attending school, so it is definitely possible to learn more about how to do this from others.

There are many different types of passive income strategies that you can use to supplement your studies, such as by selling items online or through Amazon. You can also start an eCommerce business or invest in stocks and shares. All of these will help you gain knowledge and pay off later!

Here at The University Hub, we believe that there’s no better time than now to begin looking into ways to earn some additional money. With tuition fees increasing every year, educational costs becoming increasingly burdensome, and scholarships being marketed like hot cakes – it makes sense to look into other opportunities to fund your education.

Start a blog

how to earn passive income as a student singapore

Starting your own website is one of the best ways to earn passive income as a student in Singapore. You can pick any topic you like, or even make it educational focused!

There are many free blogging platforms that you can use to start off with. Most of these have easy-to-use editing tools so you can update your site, add content, and promote yourself easily.

Some of the most well known ones are WordPress, Blogger, and Shopify. No matter which platform you choose, there’s always going to be an audience online (at least partially).

Your initial investment will likely cost around $100 to create your site, but this can be recovered via advertising revenue later on. Many people make a living off their blogs alone!

If you already have an established social media account then using those resources for your new site would be more familiar to gain exposure.

Become a virtual assistant

One of the highest paying career paths is that of being a virtual assistant (or VA for short). A virtual assistant does not have an employer, nor do they receive regular paychecks.

Instead, VAs get paid per project or via direct hourly wages. It depends on what kind of projects their employers has asked them to help with. This can be anything form editing documents to finding new employees to social media management.

The income level varies as well. Some earn very little while others make good money depending on how much time they are able to devote to working online. But overall it’s a pretty steady source of income!

There are several reasons why becoming a virtual assistant is a great way to make extra cash. First, there are quite a lot of jobs available and opportunities abound. You will find most job sites offering lists of positions seeking VAs so you can pick one from there.

Second, due to the nature of the position, VAs are usually given full access to computers and internet services. So even if you are too busy to go through the initial training process, your colleagues/employers may still give you work to do.

Create a YouTube channel

how to earn passive income as a student singapore

Starting your own YouTube channel is one of the best ways to earn passive income as a student in Singapore. You can pick any niche you want, but making educational videos is a great way to start off.

There are many online platforms where you can create an account to launch your YouTube channel. Some of these include YouTube, Udemy, and Vimeo.

Once you have an account on one of those sites, then you will need to upload content which can be anything from vlogs (video blogs) to longer documentaries or even teaching lessons.

Your followers will watch your content so it is important to produce quality material that attracts attention.

By producing educational videos, you will get paid for educating others and spreading knowledge. Many students and teachers in developing countries such as Singapore may not have access to good resources so their education could benefit greatly from your teachings.

Start a business

how to earn passive income as a student singapore

Being a student does not mean you cannot earn money, nor that you can’t start an income stream. In fact, being a student is the perfect way to begin your journey to wealth because you are already in the workforce. The only difference is that now you are working for yourself!

Starting your own business comes with its own set of challenges but most important – it will give you lasting satisfaction.

The easiest way to get started is by creating or joining a company or organization that offers monthly or yearly membership packages. This article has more tips about starting a business while still a student.

You could also create or join a team that doesn’t involve payment but instead rewards through networking or giving back to community members.

By adding value to other people, you will find ways to make money later.

This article will talk about how to earn passive income as a student in the Philippines. But there is one thing we must address first — what is passive income?

What is passive income? | Finance Tips for Students

Passive income means earning money without needing too much effort. You do not need to actively work to make money, the money comes in automatically.

This type of income is great to have since you will not need to spend time looking for work or spending hours producing content every day to draw in new viewers.

Invest your assets

how to earn passive income as a student singapore

As we mentioned before, investing is an excellent way to earn passive income. With the right types of investments, you do not have to actively monitor your money-you can instead spend your time doing other things!
As a student in Singapore, there are many ways that you can invest your money in order to generate steady income.

You can start by putting away some of your money into either Savings or Fixed Deposit (FD). Both of these investment options reward you with interest every time you put in money.

Savings accounts usually offer higher returns than FDs, so they are more appropriate if you are looking for faster rewards.

A good place to save money is your dormitory room. Dorm rooms typically come with free wifi, so you should consider this a perfect opportunity to begin investing.

By placing extra money in your savings or fixed deposit account, you will get indirect return through the interest paid out to you. These dividends add up over time!

Another great way to invest while studying here in Singapore is via Retirement Funds. Two popular ones are the SG Invester’s Credit Card and the Government Employee Pension Scheme (GEPS) fund.

The SG Investsider’s credit card gives you exposure to the stock market, which is one of the most successful investing strategies there is. It also offers very low fees for all purchases, which is important to keep track of.

Stay positive

how to earn passive income as a student singapore

A student’s life is full of uncertainties – both internal (did I make the right decision in coming here?) and external (will there be enough money for me to survive?).

Internal challenges can easily turn into anxiety or panic, making it hard to sleep at night and putting additional pressure on you. External pressures include financial ones – will I have enough money to pay my bills next month?

These worries can quickly spiral out of control, impacting not just your mental state but also that of those around you.

Under such circumstances, even well-intentioned people may stop being friends with you or even believe you are no longer trustworthy. This could hurt your reputation and career opportunities down the line.

So how do we stay motivated when everything seems like an uphill struggle? By staying focused on what we want and by having lots of fun along the way!

Staying focused on what you want removes the need to worry about whether or not you fulfill some other person’s expectations of you. It also helps remove the fear of failing because you are only working on projects that matter to you.

Having fun makes us happier than anything else, which is why happiness is considered one of the key components of successful living. Plus, laughter is a great stress reliever!

This article will talk more about ways to earn passive income while a student in Singapore.

Do not get distracted

how to earn passive income as a student singapore

As we mentioned before, investing is definitely a long-term game that requires your full attention. This will probably be one of the biggest hurdles for some people when it comes to investing.

Getting through the day can sometimes feel like there’s never enough time to invest properly in the market. After all, students are usually very busy with studies, work and other commitments.

It’s easy to become too focused on completing tasks quickly, which can easily distract you from more important things such as personal growth or investment success.

If this sounds familiar, here are some tips to help you on your way to greater financial stability.

Remain motivated by spending money on what makes you happy

We spend a lot of our time thinking about how much we don’t have, but less time thinking about how much we do have.

By breaking down your monthly income into an understanding of your expenses, you can better motivate yourself to make smart investments.

Stay consistent

how to earn passive income as a student singapore

Consistency is one of the biggest thieves in your money-making efforts. You have to be willing to spend time establishing yourself, investing into the process, before you see results. It’s more difficult for people who don’t maintain consistency, because they lack the proof that it works.

For most students, spending their studying hours working or going out every once in a while is enough to enjoy some down times after exams or holidays. This isn’t very productive though, is it?

If you want to earn serious money from student employment, you will need to invest in your career by doing things like taking advanced courses or getting professional certificates.

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