How To Find A Good Marketing Person

Do your research

do your research

When you’re looking for a marketing person, experience is important, but so is motivation and ability.

If you find someone who seems qualified, make sure they are really interested in what they’re doing. Ask questions about things that matter to you (and pay them enough to answer them).

You can also try hiring someone who is already working with your team or going through one of your current programs/projects. They are easier to hire into the position, and then it becomes their job to motivate and assist other people to join the company.

These people are likely paying members of your Team or holding down jobs within the company. That way when they arrive at work, they know whom they can turn to and trust.

Make sure you’re consistent


Now, let’s talk about who to hire when you need people for your marketing team. You can always outsource work that is not your core business, but if you are looking to expand your own roles, then hiring someone to take on one of those positions is worth considering.

You want to make sure you’re being fair with your assessments, so check out some examples in the online community and see what works best for you.

There are several benefits to having an internal marketer or developer on your staff. Especially if they are self-directed.

It takes a while to find these kinds of people and to convince them to stick around, so be careful not to waste too much time on evaluation interviews. Most companies have years between their initial search for a developer and becoming confident in their choice.

Be professional

how to find a good marketing person

When hiring someone to work for your marketing team, you need to make sure that they feel confident in their role as a marketer and in the company they are working for. Everything you do as a business needs to be tailored towards attracting new customers and growing your audience.

You want people who are happy with what you’re doing and will help other businesses understand why this is important. You also need to convey how much more effort you’re willing to put into your job to get results.

Your attitude can tell others about your level of commitment to the project you are part of. It cannot be emphasized enough how critical it is to have a positive attitude toward what you are doing.

If you believe in what you are selling or offering, then others will start to trust you more and like you more. Once you build up this trust and love, you will have little problem recruiting new clients and fans.

Also, you should be open to trying different marketing strategies to see which one works and helps get a response from your potential customers.

Offer guidance and train them

how to find a good marketing person

Even if you have little or no experience in marketing, now is the time to learn! There are many other businesses with like interests that can help you get started, here are some ways to find these groups

Search online for “marketing clubs” there may be one near you. Or you could just start a club of your own.

Guys we found this year who really stood out to us were Pete Evans ( & Jenny Blake ( Both were highly motivated, thoughtful and kind people which made working with them very enjoyable.

If you know someone who works hard, has a great attitude and is looking for a challenge then they’re worth getting to know more about.

These days everyone seems to think they should try their hand at being a marketer because it’s so popular and pays well. But the truth is that not every person should decide become a marketer.

There are many reasons why others shouldn’t do this-they might lack the necessary skills, understandings and values, or they maybe too young, vulnerable or inexperienced to manage this role.

When we hire people for our team, past performance is important but educational background is even more critical. A lot of potential employers look strictly through students’ transcripts and career history to determine whether they had a proper education

Have a plan in motion

how to find a good marketing person

Now, let’s talk about you and your marketing strategy. If you are just starting out or if you're already established but want to grow your business, my advice is to find someone who can start doing more work for you with little to no time-work.

You need to have one person working for you full-time on your marketing team. That way, you will know that all of your messages are heard, recognized and answered.

This person should be able to focus on one message at a time without getting distracted. It also helps when this individual has an extensive background in social media marketing, website design, content creation and advertising.

Keep track of what gets measured

how to find a good marketing person

There are lots of tools you can use to keep track of your marketing efforts. Google Analytics is a good tool to have.

It’s free, set up quickly, and gives you lotsof information about how people interact with your site.

You can find this in the top right corner of your browser. Just click on “Analytics” and it will show several different options.

Click on any one of these to see more info.

This includes things like visit frequency, most popular pages, which keywords people used, etc.

Measure what gets improved

how to find a good marketing person

Even if you have brilliant marketing ideas, they won’t do you any good if people don’t know about them. To make things even harder, companies are constantly changing their products and services, making it hard for people to think of new ways to reach out to customers.

To be successful in marketing, you must work on being aware of your consumers’ needs and want. You need to understand how to talk about your products and services in an engaging way that makes people want to learn more.

You also need to know how to implement social media sites like Facebook and Twitter into your business strategy. More and more people are paying attention to these platforms since they can easily be used to promote new content.

Of course, measuring sales is still one of the most important factors in determining success or failure for any marketer, but using tools such as Google Analytics is another valuable tool to measure how effective your advertising is. It tracks all online traffic to your website and determines which ads lead to click-throughs and what type of ad campaigns are working best.

Get training

how to find a good marketing person

Even if you’re very knowledgeable about your product or service, there are many things involved in marketing. For example, it takes a lot of time to run a good social media campaign.

You can either hire someone else to do it, or take some time to learn how to market via Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms.

The same is true for email campaigns; it can be difficult to get quality results without taking some time to train yourself or to acquire an account and work directly with a professional sender.

By having a professional handle these tasks, they will also could save you money that you would otherwise spend on hiring people to do this.

For any tool that you use, maintaining it and learning what works and what doesn’t helps improve efficiency and cost savings.

Software programs such as Word and Excel require little additional software to manage, however paid versions are significantly more expensive than their free counterparts.

Having expertise in these programs can make a significant difference in the productivity of your team members and reduces outsourcing costs.

Stay up-to-date on industry changes

Technology is ever changing, and in order to stay effective, marketing professionals need to keep up with it. If you’re always late to trends, then your campaigns may be old school before they even start.

Stay up-to-date by reading magazines that are focused on technology and business, such as Wired or Forbes. You can also listen to news podcasts about tech topics, like there's a podcast for every topic.

If you work somewhere, see if anyone in management knows what type of content marketers should watch out for. You can also reach out through social media channels. People love sharing tips on products and technologies that help them get more done with their careers.

These are all great ways to learn about new trends in technology and data science.

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