How To Find Freelance Copywriting Jobs

Create or update your profile with several freelance writing companies

Finding freelancing work can be difficult, which is why you should put in some effort right away. Most of the work will go through your website, but you can also meet other writers in the industry at events.

There are many ways to find freelancers looking for work, including referrals from others, advertising via social media channels, and signing up with online job platforms.

Try contacting businesses that you know use writers fees to get permission to quote prices. These are usually jobs that deal with marketing strategies, lead generation, and sales conversions.

Do an internet search using keywords such as “freelance writer” and “find professional proofreaders” to locate these positions.

Send your portfolio to multiple clients

Use free advertising

Even if you’re not able to work as a freelancer, that doesn’t mean you can’t get writing jobs. If you send copies of your portfolios to several potential clients, they may choose to hire you.

Your portfolio should show off your best skills and what you have been doing lately. It should be an extension of yourself.

I recommend having one main piece of art per page, with plenty of text surrounding it. The purpose is to capture the reader’s attention so they feel like they need to keep reading to find out what happens next.

You also want to make sure that there are no grammatical errors or spelling mistakes since these will turn off any possible client.

Choose one firm to work for

Now you’re ready to look for firms to write for. You can search for agencies or individual businesses.

Agencies are more common, so it is best to start with that route. However, keep in mind that if you find an agency that handles several clients, they may have rules about switching business.

It is also important to note that while working for an agency will help your sales skills grow, it will cost you money.

The quality of work should be higher because people who hire freelancers care much less about how things look than those hiring employees. They just want their project done well.

That being said, don’t choose an agency simply because they claim to be “individuals”. There’s nothing unique or special about them other than they are getting paid to do freelance writing.

You need to feel comfortable dealing with them and understand what they offer.

They even offer marketing courses to learn more about blogging. And they are willing to pay for training!

Conduct market research about current customers

One of the most important things you can do to get started with freelancing is understand your customer base. You will need to know who your clients are, what they buy, and what problems they have that you could solve with words.

There are two ways to find out these details. The first is through direct conversation. Take some time to ask questions and talk with your existing client base (you may have more than one).

The second way to learn about your audience is by looking at where your business spends money. If you’re spending money on advertising, this is a great place to start. But other places you might spend money include software updates, office supplies, gym memberships, etc.

Look for patterns in where your company spends its money. This can help you determine not only what products your company buys, but also how they feel about their purchase.

You can use this information when it comes time to write sales pitches or ads. By knowing whom you are selling to, you can craft messages that will make them want to buy.

Write and submit a trial piece of content

There’s a saying in the freelancing industry that goes something like this: “You can only find freelance writing work through your existing clients.”

That may be true, but it isn’t helpful.

The truth is, you need to build up a network of clients who trust you and value your expertise so they will give you free stuff.

You also have to advertise yourself anywhere you can. The more exposure you have, the more opportunities you will open.

However, don’t think for one second that because you want to write for free that others won’t pay you very well. It is still an opportunity to earn much money.

The key is to not take on too many projects at once. Let them all settle down before you look for another one. That way when new projects come around, you’ll already be prepared.

And lastly, remember that quality not quantity makes for a good freelancer. Aim to provide excellent quality rather than simply giving tasks until completion.

If you have the skills to offer, then people will notice and take notice. You just have to apply and keep practicing until you achieve your goals.

Purchase a subscription to find more content like this

Technology makes it easy to do business today. You can track your sales and profits, manage your accounts, and even take orders over the phone or internet.

But if you’re looking for customers to sell to, you need people to know about your business. And most entrepreneurs fail at marketing themselves because they don’t think about how to reach outside audiences.

Social media may be where we spend our greatest amount of time, but reaching out to others is vital to creating connections and growing your audience.

That’s why learning skills to connect with others online is an important part of moving forward. Here are some strategies for finding freelance writing jobs, ones that work better than trying to convince people to hire you directly!

Continue pursuing freelancing projects

Even if you aren’t able to find any freelance writing jobs, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t continue pursuing them. Most bloggers have to work hard to get their posts written for months before they publish, so keep looking until you find something that fits well into your schedule and help out around the house.

There’s no one way to find freelance writing jobs; we already know that yours are different from what others do.

What works for someone else may not work for you, or vice versa. You should both be doing something that feels comfortable to you.

If you feel like you’re going to fall off a horse, don’t worry yourself too much. Horses die all the time every year, but I bet you won’t remember it two years later.

Look up blogs by other writers and see if there is a theme section where they post weekly articles. Check out forums dedicated to writing tools such as These can be great ways to connect with other writers and gain opportunities to write.

Establish credit with banks

If you want to be able to accept payments from your clients, you’ll need to have established credit with their banks. Large companies that do business with other businesses usually provide loans to help those businesses start up.

If you get loan requests from your bank, they can probably give them to you for free or at a very low interest rate.

Otherwise, there are services you can use to find potential lenders in your community. They charge high fees (around 10 percent of what you qualify for) but may help you secure more favorable terms.

In any case, it is best to try to pay off your loans before seeking out freelance copywriting jobs. The more money you show the lender as well as the less risk they see coming into your account, the better deal you will likely end up getting.

Take advantage of tax credits

If you’re in the United States, then you can submit some claims for money back from your taxes. Depending on how much time you have left until you need to file your taxes, you may be able to claim one or both of the following tax credit options.

Either the Withholding Tax Credit or the Additional Child Tax Credit

There are a couple different tax credits related to working parents. One allows you to reduce the amount of income that is taxed per person by reducing the total number of dollars spent on average across the country. The other lets you take more of your own income before taxes off, which reduces the government’s take by another percentage point or two.

In either case, this gives you an incentive to work hard and save enough to earn money. These aren’t limited to freelancers making less than $25 000 a year, which makes them worth looking into even if you don’t fit that description.

You can see if you qualify here — And check out these links for more information.

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