How To Find Your Copywriting Niche

Read as much content as possible

Google AdWords, Instagram, Facebook- all are great places to find potential customers looking for what you have to offer.

But another way to do that is to read blogs, articles, magazines, ebooks and other content written specifically to sell something.

You can search for content directories or use existing lists of popular reading sources. Then, follow whatever topics people are writing about and look through their archives.

Many times, those who write regularly will promote links along with products they endorse. There’s also the giveaway aspect; many writers using social media platforms create free gifts to entice readers into buying more stuff from them.

Given that most bloggers are self-starters, it won’t cost you anything to reach out to them. You can send your gift ideas or ask questions or share thoughts pertinent to your business.

Perhaps one of the greatest things about blogging is that it’s built into the internet – and there are thousands of pre-made templates you can use to make your website look better.

There are only two rules in blogging: be original and report news. If you want to get really serious, start planning posts around data that is relevant to your topic and help support your claims.

That way someone could not just stumble across your article/post but actually feel like they “own” it. After all, it is your work!

Create or have a business website

More and more businesses are turning to online platforms to market their products and services. Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are popular choices, but also good options is YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Your website should be original and provide valuable content to entice people to visit it. You can also advertise your product offerings using text ads placed adjacent to articles.

Put together a marketing plan

Now that you have a better understanding of your target market, it’s time to put together an action plan for generating more leads into your business. This starts with coming up with different strategies that can be used to generate traffic

Getting people interested in what you have to offer is one part of the process, but ultimately converting these potential clients into actual sales comes down to your product or service and how you communicate with them.

The truth is that there are many ways to get customers and then convince them to buy from you. The best way to do this is by using multiple channels so that you are not relying solely on Facebook ads or mailings.

This will only slow down the conversion rate of visitors into buyers. Instead, try reaching out through social media platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn as well as specific chat apps like Telegram.

These types of channels allow consumers to connect with you beyond just viewing a page about your product or service. They also give users a reason to want to purchase something from you.

Write down your goals

Why should you want to write about a topic?

Every writer wants to have their work read by others and discussed and debated around a table, so don’t worry if that is not what drives you.

Your reasons will be different for why you choose to write a book or article – your goal needs to be how you intend to use the tool to accomplish your writing goals.

For example, maybe you are aiming to build a team of contributors at your publishing firm, or you want to produce multiple books using as many of the same tools as possible.

Whatever your reason may be, know it before you start.

If you need help figuring out what you want to write about, there are people who can help you. You may even find some fellow writers who are interested in the same thing as you.

Host study groups to learn more about topics, and make sure you are clear about your writing goals. Writing isn't just studying a subject; it's also having a plan of action.

Understand your audience

If you’re not sure who your target market is, consider what else is out there that would appeal to them. Then, think about how your product or service can take advantage of that niche.

Once you have an idea of which direction to move in, you can start thinking about other elements from your marketing plan. You can also make any necessary tweaks to your business model or offerings.

Optimizing for one thing while focusing on another isn’t very effective, so choose several focuses with intent to cover them all.

Focus on finding and fulfilling one potential customer base at a time. This helps build trust and a feeling of community that will encourage people to buy once they know they are wanted.

That said, if someone has a problem that needs solving, then they will find a way to pay for it. So if you’ve got a solution but no customers, then you should look at alternate ways to bring in money.

There are lots of things that can be spun as solutions, from new recipes to pre-made products. That is, products that were already made and are only missing an explanation as to why they’re needed.

Commit to working hard

Becoming an author is not something that happens overnight. It takes time, commitment and work to become a successful writer.

But if you want to make money writing, then you have to put in effort before you can expect to get results. You must write regularly and publish your stories or blogs so people start noticing your talent.

Once you establish a base of published writers, their words will attract readers who are looking for good story ideas and text material.

You also need to market your articles online and in print, which requires additional effort and skill. But having knowledge of other authors and books is important too so you can learn how to sell yourself.

Think about hiring someone who can help you out

Even if you are an experienced writer, you may be limited in what you write by subject area or skill level. If so, you may want to hire someone to assist with your copywriting tasks.

There are several excellent writers that work both online and offline at websites such as and They have very good skills and experience but may be available for some specific topics.

You can also ask other authors for recommendations. There are many others looking to get their books published and become stars themselves.

Getting feedback is a great way to find out what they like and don’t like about their books. By having a few suggestions made, you will know where to improve your book going forward.

Another option is to pay a professional to edit your book. This person will take your writing style and add additional words to make it more polished.

They can then give you tips on how to best communicate with your readers through proper editing. It is important that you find one that understands your issue domain and spelling/grammar rules.

Make time for blogging

If you want to become an expert at writing, then you will have to make some time for it. It takes longer to create content than to publish it. You will need to spend time learning about your topic, researching how to apply it, and posting content including quotes and links.

This will be hard work, but it’s what will help you grow as a writer. We all have very busy lives, so set up a time to write after work and on weekends.

Also, don’t worry about publishing posts that are immediately “professional”- they may even cost money. What matters is that you begin building a repository of content that can help you attract readers and clients.

And lastly, remember that this article isn’t just for new writers--it’s for everyone! No one should ignore their writing talent because they feel like they lack expertise or a passion for writing. Anyone can write, from students to business leaders to adults who love the written word.

By giving yourself these opportunities to share her enthusiasm with the world, you will strengthen your own confidence in your writing ability.

Target marketing

Even if you don’t have any writing talent, there are ways you can attract people who want what you have. Most of these involve advertising either directly or indirectly in places where your potential customers may look.

There are many different methods of direct and indirect targeting used in the marketing world; all depend on the budget that you have.

But more important than the method is the quality of the content you produce. If you focus only on drawing in traffic, then you may be missing the mark.

You need to have a solid understanding of how to draw people into viewing/reading your content to keep them returning for further articles.

And most of all, you must have a good article with excellent tips and tricks to offer before they will consider buying anything from you.

That being said, here are some direct and indirect ways you can target market to specific demographics.

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