How To Get Copywriting Clients On LinkedIn

Find your copy writing niche by looking at what people are struggling with

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There’s a reason that most entrepreneurs have web sites, videos, and other forms of marketing — because they know that website visitors (and subscribers) can help them create content.

Finding out how you can solve someone else's problem is an excellent way to start building a customer base.

People will trust you more if they like you and believe you could help them solve a problem or achieve a goal. The best way to gain credibility and customers is through referrals.

That means when someone wants help in creating marketing materials, finding sponsors, getting exposure, or buying advertising, they think of you.

You can also ask others who their clients are and find ways to work with those clients. People love sharing stories about how they got new customers or fans using existing products.

There’s no better place to find this information than via linkedin groups. It’s free and easy to join, and another great way to connect with people.

Create individual accounts on linkedin and start building your networks

Linkedin is an online social network where you can find business professionals with whom you can connect. You can add your company’s employees to your network, which gives you a way to promote yourself as an expert in your field.

You can also search for people by job title or role. Use these tools to their advantage and create connections across your professional landscape.

By having contact information of other businesses and professionals, they will be able to view your profile and may send you business leads.

These are all great ways to get names and faces involved in the community that care about what you have to say.

There is no rule saying you have to sell products and services to end users to qualify as an entrepreneur or business owner. Many entrepreneurs are first attracted to the prospect of starting a business because someone else has been doing it for a while and it seems like a known quantity.

That’s a big part of why others succeed versus fail. It requires significant work and energy to launch and maintain each new business. So unless you have a lot of time and money to spend, don’t bother.

The key is to just do it and not worry about how hard it is or whether or not it will work. What matters is that you become more active than before.

Offer free consultation services

People don’t want to talk to a salesperson at any cost. You are only one phone call away from disaster so make sure you develop a reputation as a consultant who can help others better their lives.

People will come to you for advice, assistance, recommendations and consultations. They will trust you enough to give them time to work out what it is that they need to do to improve their situation.

These are the people looking for new clients. Help them focus on what matters most by showing how much effort you have put into improving your own position.

By being known as an expert in your field, more and more companies are going to contact you for suggestions about their problems and solutions.

This way, you can continue to build your network of contacts without having to pay for advertising campaigns or promote your articles online. By simply including other experts in your linkedin profile, the activity stream feeds of your connections can keep getting updated with helpful information.

Add links to websites, articles, or photos to share

By adding content to your profile, you’ll gain visibility and interest from other people with similar interests. This will lead to more connections and opportunities to connect with others.

Content ranges from short paragraphs (50 words) all the way up to pages that offer useful information for others.

You can either create it yourself or hire someone else to do it for you. Content is one of the most important ways people find each other, so getting quality content online helps users explore who you are.

Links are worth much more than pictures because they take someone directly to their website. Pictures work, too, but not as well as links.

Put your email address in your web profile if you want people to be able to contact you. Or, you can set your phone number to “private” which still allows people to call you but no one can see its value.

People don’t usually call unless it’s urgent; having a private number saves time. And even if they do call you, you have less interruption when talking to them about what you do.

Comment on blogs you like

There’s a way to get clients that doesn’t involve advertising for it at all. It’s by joining the social network of your choice (linkedin is good).

Then, you can look through the pages of other linkedin users and companies to see if they need writing help. You should also follow other businesses and customers to find ideas about new projects.

You can also go to relevant events or career centers to meet others in the industry and learn more about what services they offer.

By creating an account, you will also be able to connect with people and companies who are looking for marketing resources. Whether you use email campaigns, newsletter blasts, or social media engagement, now you have a place to start.

Like and share posts of others

LinkedIn is a tool used primarily by companies to locate, connect with, and recruit new employees. However, you can also use this social network to attract clients and sales opportunities.

Rather than posting blogs about your products or services, post profiles of other companies that are in related fields. You’ll need to check their backgrounds first though.

Also don’t just focus on yourself as a company and customer, show people who you are helping and what good things you have done for those individuals and organizations. This demonstrates that you are a team player and understand teamwork which is important for client retention.

You will also want to keep sharing content from other sources. Content includes articles, quotes, lessons, videos and more.

Sharing other peoples work allows them to find you through linkedin and trust you more. Your connections will add weight to your messages and recommendations.

Linkedinis global community wants to know who they are doing business with and connects all businesses in an interconnected way. By having many links, your prospects and customers gain access to information via your pages and presentations.

They then may follow, like or comment on your pages to get more information or advice.

Encourage those relationships to grow into clients

While linkedin is a great way to meet other people in your industry, it’s also how you build connections with others and encourage these relationships to turn into business opportunities.

You may have connected with someone at an event you both attended, or through a community group you are members of. Or perhaps they were one of your customers.

Whatever the connection, keep doing all the good things you do and ask if they would be interested in working with you or your company.

Many times, once you connect them with you, they will connect back with work related questions. This helps you develop a relationship that could lead to future collaborations down the road.

But don’t worry if relations go cold later. You can try asking for assistance from other groups they are part of, friends they made along the way, or even colleagues they shared a table with.

By being social, anyone who gets to know you better than just a professional colleague will start to think of you as available and willing to help others. Your reputation will already have been picked up before you say anything.

Message friends, family members, and colleagues

Most people will give you feedback about your business if you ask for it. Family and friends are some of the best sources of potential clients. You can trust them and they know you.

Put yourself out there and be willing to make new friends and connect with others. By being social, you’ll build up connections and get known more easily.

If someone asks about your business what you have to say? Talk about your business with that person and learn more about him or her. They may just turn out to be a future customer.

Be honest and tell stories from an educational standpoint. People might surprise you and come back at you with questions or comments.

By creating opportunities to meet other people, you’re also giving your business name extra recognition. When people see how helpful you are, they’ll likely offer additional help as well.

Being consistent is everything in marketing. If you claim to be a certain type of person, then you need to show people you mean to take care of them.

People want to do good things for you when they hear about your business. The next time you have a question, their answer is “yes”.

Be friendly and kind and keep asking questions to develop relationships. It all starts with little tips which students don’t usually put into practice but are very important to success.

Post your profiles in places where creatives may also be looking

Since social media is such an important tool for businesses, don’t miss out on putting up some amazing profile pictures! By having profiles on these platforms, people can always find you easily.

Of course, you should also put up banners in your clients’ galleries that link back to their sites so when they look at all of their work, yours included, it gives them confidence that you like theirs enough to want to buy it.

But beyond that, make sure you are connecting with other designers on here. You could either follow others or even comment on their posts to let them know you are interested in learning more about their industry.

These are great ways to get noticed by professionals who handle lots of clients. They see other artists’ portfolios and ask questions about them, and maybe even hire them to do projects for them.

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