How To Get Copywriting Clients With No Experience

Do some research

Before you send out any emails, get organized. You will need to have your leads collected together, as well as their contact information.

It’s also a good idea to follow suit. While you are at it, create an online flyer for your website using a word processing program (e.g. Microsoft Word). State whether or not you provide free consultations, offer discounts, pay in advance for appointments, etc.

You can then take this flyer and customize your email even more. The next section explains how to collect feedback directly from previous clients via email.

Build a website

Websites are one of the most important tools for getting traffic into your business and showing people that you’re legit and trustworthy. When creating a website, decide what you want to use the site for and who you want to target.

Many businesses create websites solely to promote their products or services. But it can be hard to draw customers in if your website is not well designed or does not tell anyone about you or your products.

To get potential clients to click on your page, you will need to have a beautiful and informative webpage with all the details they need to learn about your company and what you offer them. Your website should also include samples of how your product or service works so there are no questions later on.

If you don’t know anything about web design, then hire someone else to help you. Or you can buy a pre-made website. There are many sites that offer free templates. By having a great looking website that gets attention, you will increase your chances of attracting writing clients.

Create a marketing plan

Even if you’re not a marketer, it makes sense to give some thought to how you’re going to promote your writing. You can become an expert at copywriting in just a few weeks, but there are other things that need attention.

If you want to write for a living, then you have to understand what it takes to be successful. What matters most is having a brand that people like so they will trust you and your words.

It also needs to be practical without being overly complicated or expensive. Then again, you don’t want to keep throwing money away by trying new ideas that won’t work.

That said, knowing who you are does matter. But so do good habits that you establish now. It’s why many big names were born from various homes across the globe.

Find clients

If you’re not sure how to get copywriting clients, there are two ways I like to think about it. The first is related to price.

If you charge by the job, people will work with you until they realize that your cost per hour rate is higher than what they were paying for service from other companies. This realization may come at some point between doing research and actually taking action on their request for help.

You can avoid this situation by charging by the project or by the day. Many freelancers only provide freelance services during certain hours of the week so they can focus more on giving quality time to their hourly projects.

The second way is to offer coupons and special offers through social media channels. For example, if someone follows you on Twitter, you could send them an email saying “Hey, we’d love to hire you for writing content but every month, we spend $20 on shipping supplies. Are you interested in helping us out with that?” You can also do this on Facebook and Instagram.

This provides extra value to your messages and allows you to target specific audiences (like entrepreneurs who use Facebook). Of course, having contact information available on these platforms is a must.

Write copy

Even if you’re an expert in your field, writing is still something you have to spend time doing. It’s impossible to know what people want to read without having experience putting words on pages.

If you don’t write, you can’t sell yourself or your services. You also need to be able to describe how you solve problems and help others.

Maybe you’ve been trying to get clients without using any of your skills. Maybe you’ve tried marketing with no success.

You should never feel like a sales person because you are selling yourself-but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put effort into your job search.

Search for open positions at companies you admire. And while you’re at it, research their backgrounds and see where they’ve come from.

Put extra content on your website and send out links to start gaining reputation. People will trust you more when they find out who you are and what you offer them.

Writing is such an important part of our industry, so if you’re not skilled at it, then practice anyway. Few people ever realized they were learning business communication skills by reading product descriptions online.

Price your services

Even if you’re not an expert, there are ways to help people find out how much money they should be paying for writing services. You can start by looking up what others in the industry have charged, and then raise your rates somewhat.

You can also go through websites like Writer’s Market, which lists prices for various writing tasks. Their pricing is pretty standard throughout all their publications, although some markets are more willing to pay more for less work.

Lastly, research how many writers do exactly the same job as you, including online book publishers, memoir authors, musicians, bloggers, and other professional writers. Then try to increase your rate so that it matches the competition.

Have testimonials

Reviews are an excellent way to get started when you’re looking for copywriters to work for you. They can be hard to come by, but if you have good reviews, they can help you launch your business smoothly.

How do I find out who has reviewed my product? You can use review sites like Google Play or Amazon, where you can search for products that have been rated and see what people say about them.

Ask for referrals

Even if you don’t want to spend time seeking out clients, you can still help other businesses grow their audiences. By offering to refer customers to them or ask others who they know will be good people to work with.

You may not always get what you want in terms of client selection, but by being willing to connect others with others, you can expand your network. Many successful copywriters build their brands through recruiting and networking.

If you have friends or colleagues who are looking for a writing partner, why not let them know that you would like to do so? You could also put up signs asking readers to send you samples of their written work. These gestures will show that you are open to working with other people and that you are interested in their work.

This way, when potential clients come along, they might just give you a call instead of someone else.

Offer bonus packages

If you’re looking for copywriters, one of the best things you can do is to offer them bonuses package in exchange for a contract.

Are they asking for it? Absolutely not! But people are very giving.

If someone seems humble and modest, they probably aren’t being either of those things.

They are seeking credit or cash for doing their job.

So if you have something valuable to add to their work (i.e.- offering a bonus), give it to them.

That way you don’t feel like you’re stealing from yourself.

You built everything you get by working hard. You deserve your rewards.

Also, since you’ve been diligent about promoting others and demonstrating your credibility, people will trust that what you say is worth more than just money.

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