How To Get Rid Of Content Editor In Sharepoint

Sometimes, you will run into an annoying feature that seems almost impossible to get rid of. A feature that keeps showing up and sticking around is the content editor. You can remove it from a page or site collection template but then it reappears when someone else edits the page or site.

It happens mostly with rich editing features such as YouTube videos, polls, documents, and surveys. Or even just plain old content editors like for posting comments or creating new pages.

You can try removing these apps via Central Admin, Group Policy, Registry settings, etc., but this may only work temporarily if there are too many dependencies.

Use Microsoft Fix it

If you are running into issues where your users cannot edit content within a document or page, then try using the fix that MS provides. Go to Tools -> Options and select Document Settings under General settings. Here, look for Edit Mode. You can choose Read Only here if needed, but make sure that Users Can’t Save changes!

This will remove the need to use the Content editor when editing documents.

Run malware and virus scan

Malware and viruses can cause your computer or smartphone to behave strangely. They may even delete files or applications you have installed.

There are several ways that these malicious programs can infiltrate your device, so it is important to be aware of all potential routes for infection.

It is also important to know how to prevent such infections if you find yourself infected already. Using good internet safety practices will help keep your device secure.

Here are some easy steps to get rid of “Content editor” in SharePoint. These tips work by removing Office Online tools like OneDrive, Documents To Go, and/or Microsoft Forms.

Update your anti-virus software

Recent reports indicate that Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system may be causing some users’ SharePoint content editors to stop working. Some people have reported that when they open their document library, try to edit an item or upload a new one, it will sometimes freeze up or even give you an error message.

This could really hurt your business because a content editor is usually not only used for creating documents and posts, but also for uploading files and media.

It is important to make sure that your computer has the most recent updates for your antivirus program as well as Windows. This can be done by checking either online services or through the Settings app itself.

Change network settings

Changing your networking settings can sometimes cause issues with Office products, including SharePoint. If this happens when you try to access Microsoft Teams or SharePoint Online, then it is important to re-establish trust between those apps and your computer.

It may help if you take a look at your device’s software inventory. You can do that by going into Settings -> System -> About This Computer and looking under Device Software. Make sure everything is checked, then hit Search to see if there are any warnings or errors.

Try restarting your computer

Sometimes, even after you have completed all steps mentioned above, this does not work.

Contact your administrator

If you are still experiencing issues, try contacting your organization’s IT staff or system administrators directly to see if they can identify the source of the problem. Sometimes, users will create their own accounts that have access to too many resources, which is why there may be content editors with limited account privileges across different applications.

If this is not the case, then it could be due to something related to your computer hardware or software. A recent update might have caused some compatibility problems for Office products. Make sure your settings are up-to-date and check whether your operating system has any malicious programs running.

Reinstall SharePoint

If you are getting this issue again, it could be because your computer has run out of space or memory. This will cause issues when trying to install software such as Microsoft Office or other programs that depend on Windows being able to access more RAM.

Make sure your hard drive is not full! It may seem impossible, but if you check using either Explorer (Windows 8 and above) or File Manager (Windows 7 and below), then close all applications except for one at a time until you can open up SharePOst easily.

This will take some time depending on how many apps you have installed, but remember that these two tools are free so there should be no excuse!

We cannot tell you exactly what caused this error, but we do recommend giving your PC enough room to function properly.

Do not use public shared computers when needed

Sometimes, for example at your workplace or during school, you will need access to a Microsoft Office suite (like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) and/or SharePoint. It is very common for companies to offer them free as an employee benefits, but that can also mean there are no limitations to using them!

If this is the case then it is totally fine to use them, however, you must do so with caution.

You should never use a paid version of Office or Sharepoint on a regular basis if you cannot afford to do so. This is especially true if you are enrolled in one of their subscription services.

Why? Because most people who use these products pay around $10 per month for individual users. If you are accessing all three apps simultaneously, that adds up quickly!

By paying for Office 365, which includes OneDrive where you get 1TB of space, you are looking at about $100 a year! That’s nothing majorly expensive, but still cost effective since it only comes out to about $5 per app per user per month.

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