How To Get Simple Business Plans

A business plan is an important document that can help you in many ways. It does not need to be very long, but it should contain enough information for others to know what you are doing and how to support your decisions.

It can help someone start their own business by giving them inspiration or even providing necessary resources. It can also help you obtain financing, so try to make it easy to access the details within.

There are several types of business plans, but one of the most common is the simple business plan. These are usually two pages long with few components. You do not have to use these as templates, however.

This article will talk about some tips and tricks for creating your own simple business plan.

Establish your company's financial health

how to get simple business plans

The next step in getting a business plan is establishing the financial health of your business! This includes determining if you have enough money to run your business, how much profit you hope to make, as well as whether or not you need outside investment or loans.

It’s very important to be as honest with yourself about what you have and what you don’t have as an entrepreneur before you start looking for funding. Funding can be hard to come by, so it’s best to know what you have upfront before trying to find the rest.

You should also think ahead about possible costs related to starting your own business. These include legal fees, marketing materials, website design, etc.

Include your marketing plan

how to get simple business plans

Even if you don’t have an elaborate business plan, that doesn’t mean you can’t get some great tips for getting more customers. Included in this article are all of the things you should include in your marketing plan!

You see, even if you don’t have an elaborate business plan, it’s totally okay to add some small components into yours. For example, what is the main goal of your business? What steps do you take to achieve that goal? Are there any milestones or targets along the way?

All of these little details make up the framework of your business plan and help you stay focused on moving towards your goal.

So why not start with the goal of your business and then work backwards from there? Create a paragraph based on the following topic and bullet point.

Bullet point: Keep tabs on everything related to your company

It may feel like a lot at first, but as time goes on, your computer will pick up speedy tasks so you don’t need to worry about them. Plus, you’ll be able to use the finished product to compare against other companies’ plans to find their weaknesses and improve upon them.

Provide a detailed description of your service

how to get simple business plans

It’s impossible to write business plans that look professional unless you provide an adequate amount of detail about your services. This could be anything from offering tips on how to improve your career to describing what products or tools you use in your job.

It would also include telling people where you are located and whether they can come visit you for yourself. All of these things contribute to someone else investing in your services, so make sure to put some effort into that!

Your potential clients may feel overwhelmed when they read through your business plan, so try to break up the information into separate sections with bullet points. Make sure each bullet point is a clear and descriptive sentence that adds value to next part of the paragraph.

Develop your company's website

how to get simple business plans

A business’s website is their most powerful tool for drawing in new customers, keeping current ones, and increasing sales. Your potential clients will be looking at this site for information about you and what you offer, so make sure it looks professional and interesting!

If yours does not look like one of those beautiful, crisp sites that people admire, then there are some free tools available online that you can use to get a clean looking website quickly. There are also paid software programs that can help you design and edit your site easily.

Making changes to your site could cost nothing or very little depending on how much content you have. If you need to start from scratch, these resources are totally fine!

We would recommend starting off with something simple first such as or After you are able to create an easy web page, move onto creating your own business website.

Connect with your clients

how to get simple business plans

A business plan is not about telling everyone else what they should do, it’s a tool for you to evaluate your own ideas.

By explaining your plans in detail, you increase your chances of getting investors or customers. By doing this yourself, you save time!

Most people start their journey as an entrepreneur by talking to other entrepreneurs. Create a friendly environment where potential partners can feel comfortable sharing their dreams and ambitions.

Be honest and direct while still keeping a level head. Don’t get too excited or disappointed unless you are prepared to be. This will help keep emotions under control.

Don’t forget to ask intelligent questions and listen intently to answers. If something sounds vague or like a cliché, try asking more details about that idea.

Above all, remember that being an entrepreneur isn’t easy. You will face many challenges along the way – financial, logistical, emotional.

But don’t let these obstacles discourage you from starting or running your business. With enough preparation and effort, everything will work out fine.

Offer a clear pricing structure

how to get simple business plans

The second element of a business plan is offering a clear price list or even just pricing. This can be done via listing prices, creating a cost-effective model, or through with fees for services.

If you are offering professional service items such as web design, marketing strategies, or accounting help, make sure that your potential client knows what to expect!

Some things to include in this section are monthly rates, weekly rates, yearly rates, per project rates, or free initial consultations.

Be honest with your clients

how to get simple business plans

As mentioned before, business plans are not very practical when you’re in the beginning stages of your company. That is why it is so important to be honest with your potential customers about what you have and who has helped you along the way.

You should never make overblown promises or statements that you don’t plan on keeping because if you lose out on future business due to poor trust, then you will have failed as an entrepreneur.

That said, you can always mention past achievements, how much experience you have, and people you know that believe in you and your product. All of these things add weight to your claim which may win them over.

If they ask questions, be sure to keep answers simple and straightforward. Don’t worry about looking good, just make sense! You want to appeal to their logical side.

Ask for feedback

how to get simple business plans

Asking your friends and family to give you their honest opinion is one of the best ways to get a business plan. They can tell if you are not in it for the right reasons or if you do not seem passionate about what you want to accomplish.

By having them read through your plans, they will also be able to tell whether you have done enough research and invested enough time into your ideas.

Their comments will help you determine if this is really the career path that you wanted to take. You could even ask strangers online to provide feedback!

The trick is asking without being too pushy. Create an invite-only event so people can contribute who you want to see and then let them speak freely.

This way you won’t hurt anyone’s feelings and you’ll get some great tips.

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