How To Hand Out Business Cards

When handing out business cards, there are three main things you should consider how many people will use yours, what type of media they can be placed next to, and whether or not it is appropriate to number them.

Business cards with no name attached are very common these days. People have become so used to getting this information directly from their smartphone that having something else to grab attention has disappeared.

However, going through your phone to look for someone’s card is definitely not the best way to do it. If you ever need to reach someone outside of work hours, being able to pull their contact info quickly and easily makes a difference.

Make sure it doesn't fall off

how to hand out business cards

When someone reaches out to you, they are investing in your business by giving you their contact information. So what do you do with all of that data? You stick to your plan!

After greeting and shaking hands with your new friend, you take their card and put it into your wallet or phone where you can easily access it. Then you make an appointment for them at a later time so you don’t forget about them.

Now, if they asked you to send them an email or drop them a note – you were more prepared then! Because now you have their info attached to that piece of paper (or digital form) you can always find them again.

And remember, even though this may seem like too much responsibility, being organized is really important.

Hold it up so people can see it

With having access to technology that makes doing business cards easier, there is no excuse for not handing out your own! Plus, with the way social media has spread like wildfire these days, you have a platform to promote yourself now too.

By giving out your own card, you are projecting an image of self-confidence which will help you in building trust with others. You’ll also be able to assess whether or not they need your services and if you should offer them to them!

Business cards don’t cost much either, some say they are one of the most expensive things we buy per person, but I always feel better spending my money on myself than buying drinks or snacks for someone else who doesn’t know me as well. A nice leather sleeve to keep their card safe is also a worthy investment!

I recommend using index cards or a standard size piece of paper to make your business cards more versatile. This allows you to put notes and information about the individual on the same place.

Some points to include: phone numbers, emails, websites, etc. Make sure to describe yourselves clearly as well, including what position you hold at the company, any awards or achievements, and anything special you would want people to know about you.

Give them the card and let them take it

how to hand out business cards

Does someone always grab their phone out of their purse as they go through a door? Or do they have to ask you for your business card every time they meet with you? If so, maybe it’s time to start handing out your own!

Business cards are like flyers or pamphlets – if people can’t be bothered to keep them, chances are no one will pick up another one later from them. So why not just give everyone yours?

And really, what could possibly happen to your cards? They’ll get lost somewhere? Someone might steal them? (Hopefully not but possible.)

So here's my tip: instead of giving away all your cards, give people ONE NEW BUSINESS CARD AND LET THEM TAKE IT FROM THERE.

Surprise them at the next meeting, hit “send”, and then forget about it. You're done! And don't worry, we've got some more tips for those dying to gain knowledge in how to hand out business cards.

Say something like, "Can I get your email address or phone number?"

how to hand out business cards

If you are giving out business cards, say something about yourself! Who you are as a person will come through in what you share with others. This is important because people will connect with you more if they feel you care about who you are and what you have going on.

Your personal life can sometimes influence how people perceive you. For example, if you love reading then tell them that or if you just got married then let them know. Your colleagues and friends may also learn things about you from this exercise.

Some basic questions to ask are: What do you do? Are you looking for help with [insert task here]? Or would you like to meet up for a drink/lunch/dinner later? A good way to close is saying goodbye and adding their contact information so that they can keep in touch with you.

Say yes!

how to hand out business cards

When meeting someone for the first time, asking if they have a business card is a good way to start breaking down barriers. But before you ask to take their card, they should give you theirs!

If they say “no” or seem reluctant, drop the ball by saying something like, “Oh, I always carry mine around with me. It helps to keep track of contacts.” You can even add that your phone has poor reception so it’s hard to remember people’s numbers.

Then get out those cards fast!

Unless they tell you not to share their info, grab an old one from them and put yours away. Don’t save theirs – burn it in a fire or throw it off a cliff! (No, we’re kidding about the second option.

Tell them where you’re located

how to hand out business cards

Now that you have their attention, tell them where you are located! This is an easy way to save time because they already know your business and what services you offer, so there is no need to explain it to them.

Ask if they would like to get some coffee or tea from you or take a look around your space before coming in for a chat. Or ask if they work close by and want to connect for a quick lunch or walk around the block together.

Your potential client should feel comfortable asking you questions and seeking your input. Don’t be offended, but don’t give too much away either – we're paid professionals!

Keep conversations casual and fun. Ask about their day and how things went for them. If they mention something interesting, let them continue the conversation with you.

Try to be their friend on Facebook

how to hand out business cards

When handing out business cards, one of the most important things is making a good first impression. If you are too busy gushing about your own life, then people will likely feel distracted or even uncomfortable.

Instead, try to find commonalities between yourself and the person you’re talking to. Ask them questions that relate to something they mentioned in the conversation. Or ask if they have any recommendations for places to eat, etc.

This way, people won’t feel like you are trying to get more business because you want their company.

Ask for their opinion on things you’ve already decided

how to hand out business cards

If you are having trouble coming up with ideas for business cards, don’t worry about it! Instead, ask your colleagues, friends or family if they have any recommendations.

Most people have lots of business cards so most will know what looks good and what doesn’t. By asking them, they will probably be able to help give you some tips and tricks on how to make yours stand out.

A great way to do this is by going around the table and getting everyone’s opinions. You could even take pictures of some of theirs and see what style they like before deciding on yours.

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