How To Have A Successful Shopify Store

Choose your product names and images

Choose your product names and images

Product name is probably one of the most important things that you’ll need to get right for your store.

Your products won’t sell themselves!

You want people to know what they are when they look at them.

Therefore, you will have create brand words or slogans that tell people why they should buy your products.

It’s easier said than done but there are some tried and true ways to do this.

The first and most obvious thing to do is to come up with catchy product names. \

Chances are, people will be telling friends about their new product so make sure it gets remembered.

There are also few conventions in marketing called “name dropping”. These are references to products or concepts that help customers understand something.

For example, if someone has never bought Apple computers, they might be unsure if they would like them. You can name drop the type of computer (e.g. MacBook, iMac), manufacturer, price range, etc. to increase customer conversion.

The next time you are out shopping, try grabbing a book off the shelf or a pair of jeans from a fashion magazine and playing with the phrases to see how they work.

To build a good brand identity, you’ll need an overall theme or idea behind your product names. Then each name will need to adhere to that structure while still being unique and self-explanatory.

Take author Ken Robinson for example. He sells educational toys, which means his brand title could be Kindergarten Teacher, Parent, Educator, or Pedagogy, among many other possibilities. His toy designs include themes such as creativity, confidence, passion, anxiety management, and motivation.

With these foundations, you can begin to think about specific requests. Here are some tips to keep in mind :

Design beautiful products with great logos

Design beautiful products with great logos

More people buy goods online because they believe the product is safe or makes sense for them. If you want to sell your merchandise anywhere, you’ll need to have an awesome brand.

Your logo should be professional and reflect what you value. It shouldn’t be overused and it better if you live behind a mask of one simple word or symbol.

However, we all know that creating a logo is difficult and expensive, which may be why some brands choose to use their names, but personal shoppers can get creative and find ways to represent their name by coming up with unique symbols.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure it’s something YOU would like and love! You will be selling yourself into the store/account at the end of the day.

Therefore, put effort and time into your branding. A trustworthy and popular brand is worth millions, so don’t cheat the system.

Furthermore, social media is an increasingly important way to connect with customers and other businesses are beginning to take notice. If you invest in your social feeds, your business will grow.

Investing time in your feed goes without saying, but you also can set reminders to stay engaged and allow others to follow you.

These little things add up and can keep you awake at night trying to figure out how to new friend someone. The best way is to just start talking about yourself and what you do. People usually pick up that you're busy and kind of force themselves upon you.

Personalize each order by adding customer messages or keywords

Personalize each order by adding customer messages or keywords

It’s impossible to predict exactly which products your customers will buy, but you can use notes fields and other ways to make all of your orders more personalized.

This helps buyers to feel like they are talking to someone human who understands their needs.

It also gives them a sense of certainty about paying for those extra couple of seconds it takes to process their order.

More time equals better decisions, and these few moments can make a big difference between an order being completed and it being canceled.

Even if you have thousands of items in your store, try giving every product individual attention is possible. People want to do business with people!

Accept credit cards right away without requiring card numbers

Accept credit cards right away without requiring card numbers

It can be difficult deciding whether or not to take payments via bank account or through a debit card. These are two very common methods of accepting money, but there are some disadvantages to both.

By charging interest, you’re able to earn much more money by having customers use credit cards instead of paying in cash. For this reason, many people think that it is better to have a shop on your website that takes credit cards.

However, if you don’t know what interests they may have, it would be best to offer them a choice (such as a credit card) until they register for one. Or, you could accept payment via other means.

Reserve shipping costs as sales discounts

Reserve shipping costs as sales discounts

The more you sell, the lower your delivery fees will be. You can choose from various options for paying only when you want to ship goods.

You can pay upon receipt of order or at a specified date in the future. If you pay later, you may not have enough time to qualify for free shipping.

Alternatively, you could receive a discount for reserving shipping ahead of time. This helps ensure that you will get a specific price break on your shipment cost.

It also gives you some wiggle room with your payment schedule. As soon as possible determines how quickly you can get your package shipped.

If you need extra time to set up deliveries, shipments can happen anywhere across the country, while depending on the availability of transport services. Reserving shipping expenses puts buyers into action mode because they know exactly what to expect to their address.

Add coupons and deals that appeal to customers

The best way to get people into your store is through an offer or coupon. People are going to be more willing to spend money if they’re getting what they want for less than it would cost to buy it.

Put up specials of times when you are offering discounts or special offers. You can then add a message telling anyone who wants to know what the deal is so no one asks.

Add banners to promote the deals, along with texts saying how much people should pay off with. Then once someone has spent some amount of money, they will have access to the full price list which helps keep things flexible.

People may end up buying something even though they knew it was going to cost them extra money because they were looking forward to the deal. Once they see the item they wanted, they may change their minds and not buy it.

The next time you want to buy something, look at different stores and try to find ways to get similar products there. That way you save time and don’t have to do all your shopping in one place.

It also gives you options, especially if you just need a small product or two. It feels good knowing you saved enough money in order to purchase something. Also, using your savings to pay for things can maybe help you earn more later.

Respond immediately to reviews and orders

Respond immediately to reviews and orders

It’s important to respond quickly to any issues that people encounter within your shop. Issues can be problems with products or payments, questions, comments, and concerns.

Your customers will expect you to address these things as soon as possible, and if you don't, they'll find another seller to deal with.

It is also difficult to keep track of all of the issues that you need to address if you are not prepared to handle them. By using a support ticket system (such as WooCommerce) and keeping notes about previous conversations, you can use both tactics to identify what needs addressing and what information people want.

Response times vary from “I'm busy” to “Can I take up this issue again?” Sometimes it's hard to get back to someone after taking care of an issue, but don't worry – everyone makes mistakes. What matters is how you handle those mistakes.

If a customer finds out that something wrong, illegal, or damaging was done to their account, what do they think of your business? Customers lose trust in corporations and organizations too. If someone believes that something bad has happened or is happening to their account, they may choose to stop doing business with you.

Immediate resolution of issues is a key part of having a successful relationship with your customers. You should always aim to resolve complaints and restore trust where possible.

Improve your marketing

Improve your marketing

Social media is an essential part of any business’s arsenal of tools for selling products. With social media, you can reach hundreds or even thousands of people at once with one tweet, post, or comment.

You can sell things through Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages, but also websites built around these services are popular and very effective. People love going to a website so try building websites if you don’t want to put in the work.

Email lists have never been more important. If you don’t know how to build them, there are companies that do it for you.

Tools like Mailchimp and Constant Contact offer easy-to-use software to create and maintain email lists. Your emails don’t have to be sales pitches; you can use them to keep customers up date about their order processing or to thank people for shopping online.

Publicize upcoming events or deals via social media. Check social media sites like Facebbok, Instagram, and LinkedIn to see what types of content people are sharing. Buyers who share news of special offers may leave their contact information when they do.

Twitter gives you another way to connect with potential buyers by sending messages called tweets. Set up a twitter account and tweet about new products and specials offers. Follow other businesses and promote their posts and items!

Your reviews on Google and Amazon help too. They can seem unrelated, but they add up.


The secret behind all this success is simple : consistency.

Consistency is key because consumers expect a certain level of quality in their purchases. Therefore, if you buy gloves, they should always feel secure and durable.

They need to trust you and give you permission to handle every aspect of the purchase process from return policies to product warranties.

Be consistent across all channels: your web site, your facebook page, your google ads, your images, etc. Make it obvious whether something is a sample photo or a professional shot.

Consistency is what takes someone from being a passive buyer to being a active consumer.

Take advantage of Facebook and Instagram promotions

Take advantage of Facebook and Instagram promotions

Social media is one of the best ways to promote your business and get people aware that you exist. By having interesting, valuable content that can lead them away from their usual online browsing, you’ll reach out to more customers and keep they and yours in mind at all times.

Your store

This isn’t the place for sales pitches or self-promotion. You should also reinforce with your followers what they have until now been missing if possible (that is, quality health and beauty products at low prices). More often than not, this will rub these consumers wrong. They won’t buy into its appeal.

However, there are other followers who may be interested in hearing about new innovations and/or learning more about your brand. Give them a reason to come talk to you.

That way, more potential buyers will know where to find you. One of the most popular social networks for promoting your shop is through posts reminding others why you’re the best option for them.

Instagram has some great features that help you organize photos and video easily. Twitter offers helpful charts and statistics to see how many images you use in tweets.

Facebook allows you to create polls and special calls to action tailored to your current fans and those that you hope to attract. Video clips and pictures play well when posted to Facebook

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