How To Hide A Website From Search Engines

Can you really do that?

how to hide a website from search engines

Sounds weird, right? Who'd ever want to hide their website from search results? Most of the time, instead of hiding it, website owners want the exact opposite - traffic, more people, more visitors, but you may want to hide your website from the search engine results pages for various reasons.

We won't outline the reasons in this article, but we can talk about how you can hide you website from the search engine results pages.

Block crawling

block crawling

Crawling is a funny terminology, but it is also an important when it comes to Search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine results pages (SERPs).

It's basically when a search engine like Google, Bing or DuckDuckGo sends bots to your webpage to see if your page could be listed.

If you block this stage of getting your site to result pages, you effectively hide your website from the search engines.

Block indexing

block indexing

Visitors to your website should be able to immediately understand that you have created content specific to their needs or interests. You should make it easy for them to find information related to what they want or need!

The internet is full of websites selling everything from tools to entrepreneurs seeking monetary gain, but none of these sites deserve pre-eminence over others.

You do not need thousands of followers to enjoy creating a valuable online presence because any time spent on social media promoting your content will detract from developing long term relationships with your audience.

Content is something people are willing to pay for, whether it’s an original poem written by you or someone else’s recipe for indian food. It’s just a matter of deciding what kind of content you wish to offer.

Creating quality content takes work, but don’t worry – nobody said this article had to be hand written.

There are many web platforms that can help you create quality content very easily. Most such as wordpress, woocommerce, and magentare familiar to most bloggers.

Others include tumblr, twitter, instagram, and reddit. While there may be one or two things that are difficult to edit on each platform, there are still ways to fine tune things so that you get the look and feel you want without taking hours to write a sentence.

Web hosting companies earn money when our users buy products, services and

Optimize your site

how to hide a website from search engines

Once you have a website, optimize it. By optimizing your page, you are giving yourself a roadmap for how to attract visitors to your website from search engines like google.

You want to follow these tips when making any changes to your webpages. More often than not, Google ranks the webpage that has the most appropriate content in its top results.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t other issues at play but that topic is well covered elsewhere. The important thing to note here is that by ensuring your webpage contains relevant content, it will help boost your ranking overall.

Content is what attracts people to visit your webpage and leads them to invest time through clicking on your link. If you don’t have much of this content, then people will find your webpage difficult to navigate and stay longer on websites with more informative pages.

It can be hard developing content strategy for your webpage because SEO and navigation are both important. But if you put less focus on one, you should get better performance out of the other.

Utilize social media

how to hide a website from search engines

One of your website’s best defenses is a strong offense. You can still grow traffic and sales by being more proactive with Google, but first you have to hide your site from them.

Don’t forget that people who search for content on Facebook are also referred to as “eyeballs.” People tend to stay at home and scroll through their feeds (a series of pictures documenting what they did during their last week away from work), instead of going to your site to visit it.

If you put up awesome-looking posters in local spots, or do interesting things on Instagram, people will want to find you. These tips will help get you started.

Work with marketing partners

how to hide a website from search engines

It is hard to achieve total website secrecy, but there are some steps you can take to hide your web presence more effectively.

These strategies may help you get away from search engines for a while, but once they catch onto that your site is hidden, they’re going to keep searching for you, so it’s best to be honest with yourself and start working toward total secrecy.

Marketing partner sites need traffic too, and hiding your content from search engines will only make this process longer.

Your goal should be to mimic what regular visitors see when they go to your company website.

You want your potential customers to find your content through search engines, social media, or by clicking on an ad.

You also don’t want them to spend time looking at an empty page because you have no contact information or product offerings.

Host a conference

This is one of the best ways to hide your website from search engines.

Ask someone (yoga instructor, friend, parent, etc.) to host your website for several months.

When they sign up, ask them to give an honest review with photos or words about your business.

They can write a paragraph based on their experience buying products from you.

Then, tell them to link to your website from theirs.

In four weeks, your website will be ranked higher in searches related to your industry.

It’s also free!

Launch a product or service

how to hide a website from search engines

If you’re already sold and ready to start selling your products, then go ahead and launch this new website.

But before you do, it’s important to test the competitiveness of each site that you want to sell through. Launch different versions of your website with varying amounts of competition.

Competition is the number of other sites that are similar (or better) than yours that are competing for the same market share. There are several tools you can use to determine if your website is competitive.

One easy way to look at competition is by counting the number of websites dedicated to reaching an audience.

If you target more specific audiences (ex.: chefs who like sushi), you can count on there being fewer companies in the field.

However, without having actual visibility into the minds of those interested in your services, it’s hard to know whether they would even pay attention to what you have to offer.

That’s why coming up with creative marketing strategies is also an essential part of improving your search engine exposure.

Generate website traffic

how to hide a website from search engines

Although it may seem counterintuitive, developing your audience base is an important element of hiding your site. If you don’t have any social media accounts at all, then you can use Google Plus to find more people that are interested in what you have to say.

If you already have Facebook pages or Twitter followers, grow them. People need to know who you are and why they should listen to you.

Content is key, so start with YouTube and other platforms where you can create content and distribute it across channels. Content will also come out through Instagram, Snapchat, and whatever else you use to share pictures and videos with your fans.

All good things require money, so set up a channel on Twitch and spend hours every day streaming games and talking about game theory. The more time you put into streamlining your presence, the better luck you’ll have holding attention spans near nothingness.

Keep doing these steps until you get bored – trust me, it takes time

Website visitors are eager for new material and resources from someone who interests them. By giving them something, you’re letting them know there’s a chance they might hear from you.

There are many ways to generate traffic and sell yourself to others, but speaking publicly gives you a way to meet potential customers and network inside their groups.

You’d be surprised how many people are interested in the same thing you are-

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