How To Increase SEO Ranking Of Website

What is seo?

Search engine optimization or SEO is a process that increases the visibility of pages in search results. You can do specific keyword SEO right from your web editor, while any changes you make will be immediately reflected within the page.

For example, if you are writing an article and want people to find it, the keywords used in the title and metadata of the article should be relevant keys terms (keywords). By having several links pointing towards the article, you are introducing other content to potential users, who may then click through to read the full version.

SEO is about coding cleanly organized HTML files with key words for readers searching for information using search engines. It’s also about linking internally to other pieces of content including articles, books, products, videos, and services. Those internal links are called rel=“author”, “date”, “copyright”, and “download”.

When someone searches for something, e.g., “buy a book”, the entire online library provides information on how to buy books. But what makes a book more appealing is when there are numerous reviews – they tell people about the experience that people had when reading that particular book. Producing high-quality content like reviews helps boost website ranking.

The three elements of seo

The three elements of seo

There are many ways to increase traffic to your website, but without good web design, there is no way you can take advantage of these methods. You need to understand that although visitors are spending time reading your content, they are also viewing your site through browsers, and if the browser detects a mistake or poor grammar, it will come up with a warning label telling the user there are spelling and grammatical errors.

This may sound annoying, but it’s true! So, how do we fix this problem? That’s what this article is about. Here we are going to talk about four easy things you can do to improve your online presence, including fixing mistakes in existing pages, creating unique titles and meta descriptions for the search engines, and improving your site’s architecture (the structure).

To make these changes, all you need is a code editor- either Windows at www.notepad-or-anynotebook operating system, or Mac OS at

These editors allow you to highlight text, change letters, and create new files. You can then copy and paste formatted texts into your webpage.

Add content that users are looking for

Add content that users are looking for

This doesn’t mean you should focus on cheap marketing tricks or using keywords will increase your ranking. Focus on creating quality content that answers the questions your audience has while staying focused on your brand message and unique selling point.

Your content should help your website achieve its purpose, which is to serve as a guide or resource for people seeking information about your sector. Your content should be useful and helpful.

Consider what you would want in a world without websites? You would want someone who can answer your question with facts and avoid online scams. Now think about how other businesses have helped your business.

Has anyone told you how to solve your problem? Maybe it's by visiting another site, going to an internet forum, or buying something from a store.

You need to create web resources that give visitors a reason to choose your site over the others. Good web resources include tutorials, tips, guides, articles, lists, and anecdotes. Use them to highlight your product features and explain more about your industry.

Content may include graphs, videos, infographics, nowapsky, and tweets.

Make your site mobile-friendly

Make your site mobile-friendly

Google has declared that it will not reward you for having a website if it is not mobile friendly. If people cannot easily access your information on their phones, then they will not visit your website.

All new smartphone applications and business tools are mobile friendly, so there’s no excuse for websites not to be. The easiest way to make your site mobile-friendly is by using a tool like Wix or Weebly.

These services help you create a custom homepage focusing on all of your website’s features, including photos, videos, blogs and more.

You can keep up with current trends in smartphone application design as them online. You can also hire someone to build a customized mobile page based on your requirements and budget.

Create original content

Create original content

Search engines reward sites that use quality content by linking to them from other websites. More often than not, someone else has already written a good article or section of an article using your topic as a guide.

You’ll need to find another way to get links!

But before you give up and put up your own link, consider whether there are any blogs that are doing well with ranking issues. Most likely, they have a unique take on how to improve search engine rankings.

If finding existing blogs is hard, then start one. Since you’re still learning, keep it short (one post per week for now).

Focus on providing value first -- people will come back when they need help.


A helpful strategy when writing new content is to look at what gets eye-catchy tweets and likes on Facebook. Things that make others feel positive or creative, even if they aren’t experts in your field, can be go a long way towards engaging readers who may never visit your site.

This way you’ll have a wider audience ready to buy once you release a novel-length title.


Of course, all this talking about organic reach makes me afraid that you think I’m going to pay money to boost posts? Not enough data for that one.

Check out this video where we talk more about social media marketing tips.


Let’s move onto another potential option for increased online presence and web traffic – free videos on YouTube.

I’ve discussed before how effective YouTube channels can be. If you have curated content, much of which includes explaining how to do something, why don’t you make and upload those videos too?

There’s no reason you should only share easy-to-digest information in these videos; instead, try to spread awareness around difficult concepts while also encouraging viewers to interact with you. You could hold competitions asking people to submit ideas for next year’s videos. Or you could just put things like that on there that you wish were true.


And finally, install Word Chain on your computer and run through some of the guided tutorials. It’s a very simple program but one that allows you to focus on individual words and phrases without having longer strings of text to read.

Word chain works by giving each word its own theme/category so you spend your time reading themes rather than sentences.

Fix your pages

Fix your pages

It is not enough that you have great content and links, if people cannot find your website then they will never know it exists.

Seo is all about organization and consistency — make sure everything about your web page reflects up through your internet listing.

Your titles should be unique and applicable; don’t use keywords because someone might search for those exact words. Keywords are used to improve navigation (more on this later), and their weight in your seo strategy needs considerable more discussion than can be covered here.

The next vital component of web page title is the tag name or description. These descriptions are what help searchers understand why their link was relevant to the page.

These tags take up few lines of text and contribute significantly to the ranking of a webpage. Make sure that these tags are rich with information and explanation.

Don’t forget to put in bold types and colors as well as ensuring that each tag has its own line. This helps everyone understand what the page is about and gives them a way to communicate back to you.

Here are some examples of good meta data :

Setup tracking pixels

Setup tracking pixels

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving your website’s ranking in search results.

More specifically, it’s about optimizing your site for real-time web browsing. Your goal with SEO is to guide users who perform a specific action on your site – be that clicking on a link or filling out a form — towards actions you want them to take, such as buying something, signing up for a service or offering your product.

Tracking pixels are small files that can be added to your website. They allow websites like Google to track what visitors do on the website. With these tools, you can find out things like which pages get most views, how long people stay on each page, and whether links from other sites lead to visits to your website.

Google analytics is an internet traffic analysis tool built into most web designs. It allows you to see where people are going, what blogs they are reading, and what decisions they are making when they arrive at your website.

You also can see user behavior by setting up surveys using google survey maker. This way you will know which pages people read, and what information they obtain from your website.

Surveys can help you learn more about your audience and their needs so you can direct them to appropriate resources. You can then use this knowledge to create relevant content that engages your readers and increases visitor loyalty.

Use proper html tags

Use proper html tags

Search engines scan the pages of your website for specific keywords and phrases. In order to provide a clean, readable experience to your visitors, you need to use properly-formed HTML tags.

The most important tag is the

heading tag. You should start with an opening

tag and then add your main title in the

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