How To Make A Passive Income In The UK

As we can see, making money passively is possible! With this article, I will go into more detail about some of the ways that you can make passive income through online business ventures. Online businesses do not require too much investment or time upfront. You can start by creating a website with a free domain name and platform like WordPress or Shopify, and then slowly add features and functionality to it.

There are many different types of websites that earn their owners a steady revenue stream, such as blogs, marketplaces, and even video courses. By offering your services, you get to pick which hours you work and what amount of profit you want to make, which helps you maintain consistency in earnings.

This article will focus on three easy ways to begin earning a solid income as a beginner blogger. These strategies will cost no more than $100 to start off, and most people have access to them at home. Beginner bloggers should know about these tips before getting started.

Find a way to make your product or service useful

how to make a passive income uk

A few years ago, it was very difficult to earn a living online. You needed lots of money to start building an income stream, which most people do not have at this stage in their lives.

Now, however, it is easier than ever to begin making passive income. Online business models are almost limitless, and you don’t need a large amount of capital to get started. All you really need is a computer and access to the internet!

The easiest way to begin makes sense only after reading this article though.

Create a website

how to make a passive income uk

The next step is to choose your platform and get started creating content or designing your site. There are many ways to make money online, but the one thing that most of them have in common is offering valuable services to others.

With sites like YouTube, there’s an ever-growing community who makes tons of money per month through advertising revenue alone!
By building up a large audience, you’ll gain momentum and be able to reap the benefits of having more people listen to what you have to say.

Running a site can easily cost under $100 to start off with, and then additional costs such as domain names and hosting are also not expensive unless you are going for very sophisticated functionality and features.

Buy advertising space

how to make a passive income uk

Advertisements or advertisements are something we as humans spend a lot of time watching. You can make money from commercials you watch, or you can start your own advertisement business. There are several ways to go about it – starting with choosing the type of ads you want to run.

You will need to have a source for income to begin advertising. This could be through part-time work like being an assistant manager at a restaurant, hosting your own show, or selling products online via Amazon or another website channel.

The best way to ensure your success in advertising is to know your market! If you’re not sure who your target audience is, then research them and figure out what types of advertisements they enjoy and how much money they pay for such advertisements.

Your budget should also be determined ahead of time, as most advertisers find that their budgets grow over time.

Start a YouTube channel

how to make a passive income uk

Starting your own Youtube channel is one of the best ways to make passive income online. You can pick from several different genres to create your youtube channel, and you don’t need any special equipment to get started!

All it takes is a laptop, an internet connection and the will to share your knowledge and experiences with the world. And while earning revenue through advertisements may not be the most ethical way to earn money, there are many alternatives available.

You can start out by creating free content or buying pre-made videos and editing them to fit into your genre. In either case, you should always include appropriate copyright notes so that you aren’t accidentally plagiarizing.

But making active use of the platform is only half of what makes this idea work. The other part is engaging with your audience which is totally up to you!

By giving off positive energy every day, you’ll help raise your followers’ spirits too.

Offer a course

how to make a passive income uk

A great way to make money online is to offer an educational product or service. You can start off by offering courses that teach fundamental skills such as how to do business, how to take care of yourself and your health, how to cook new recipes, and so on.

There are many ways to go about teaching these fundamentals, from sharing lessons with others via YouTube, through creating ebooks or publishing books, and beyond.

With enough research and preparation, you could even begin giving lectures and seminars! And while some of this may be for profit, it can also be for charity so recipients don’t have to worry about paying too much attention otherwise.

In fact, several famous speakers made their careers by writing self-help books and delivering them with passion.

Start a blog

how to make a passive income uk

Starting your own business is a great way to make money online. All it takes is creating an interesting blog that people will want to read, then marketing this blog so others can find you and reading posts off of that website.

There are many ways to start making income with a blogging site. You can do sponsored reviews or giveaways for other sites or products, advertise and sell your own product or service, create and edit content for free or low cost on another’s site (referred to as publishing), and more!

The easiest way to begin is to start at There you can choose from several simple templates to build your site from scratch. These have been designed by experienced bloggers to be easy to use and promote yourself.

Publish a book

how to make a passive income uk

Published books are one of the best ways to make passive income. You can write about anything — it just needs to be something that people want to read. Your passion can be educational, motivational, or inspirational.

You can also write for paid content or free content with your publishing company. Some publishers will pay you an agreed upon fee to create your own book based off of your expertise.

This is called ghost writing. The other option is to publish under your name – which is what I’ll talk about next!

I have published two books this year under my pen name Isabella Dharmasakti. One is Forgive Not Even Once, the other is Living With No Money. Both of these books are educational guides focused on educating others on important life lessons.

My publisher pays me per page as well as sponsorships, which include making money for buying a product segmentally before marketing it. This way I get to keep part of the profit for the product I endorse!

By offering knowledge through written pages, you produce new resources for the world to use.

Create a product catalogue

how to make a passive income uk

Now that you have your domain name and hosting, it’s time to start creating content to promote your site. What will bring in traffic and what people are looking for is having an adequate “product catalogue” or collection of products and services.

You can easily create this by buying or stealing good quality products (we recommend doing both) then re-branding them and adding yours as an affiliate link so you get paid when people purchase from the source.

There are many ways to gather products and flaunt them off online, be it through blogs, social media, YouTube videos and more. The best way depends on your personal style and how much money you want to make!

We suggest starting small and gathering a few products a week before branching out into bigger collections and promoting away.

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