How To Make A Simple Business Card

Making business cards is one of those classic things that most people have done at some point in their lives. It’s a pretty easy way to update your professional wardrobe, and it doesn’t cost much money!

Business card making has also been a popular way to make extra income if you are good at it. In fact, there are even online services where you can get started free with no limit on how many cards you want to print!

Many entrepreneurs and professionals take advantage of this by printing out their own personal cards so they will have an easier time finding what they need when they enter a new room or meet someone.

That’s why this article will talk about some simple ways to make business cards yourself. Hopefully you will now have something under your belt!

Making your own business cards isn’t very expensive or complicated, which makes it a great option if you are looking to spruce up your look or start earning small dollars off the side.

There are several different ways to approach business card design and writing, so this article will discuss some types of business cards and some strategies for making yours more interesting.

Find a location for your business card

how to make a simple business card

Having a place where you will store your business cards is an important step in making sure they are easily accessible. You do not want to have to search through your wallet or bag every time you need a new one!

You can make space at home, work, or both to keep your business cards organized.

Many people use index cards to organize their cards. You could also use a plain white sheet of paper or even put them in an envelope.

Decide what information you will include

Now that you have your destination, your mode of transportation, and some contact info, it’s time to think about what kind of business card you want to make! There are three main types of business cards:

Fold-up cards with pictures and statements

Flat, printed cards

Square or rectangle cards

You can mix and match which style fits your needs best, but for most people, a standard rectangular card is the easiest way to go. They are also the most common type of business card!

Here are some great tips for making simple business cards at home.

Personalize your card

how to make a simple business card

When making business cards, one of the first things you should do is customize them! This can be done in two main ways: adding your own personal touches or using different materials for the background and/or text.

You can use any kind of material for your cover- this could be an image, some typeface, or both! If you have access to Photoshop or another similar software package, then you can also make your own images or designs.

And while we recommend keeping it simple with just your name and phone number, you are not limited to only including those components. You can include website links, previous work experiences, etc. if they fit what you want to convey about yourself and your business!

We will go into more detail by looking at examples of how to design a basic business card here so that you can get some ideas from that too.

Print and dry-press your card

how to make a simple business card

The next step is printing your business card. You can do this either using an online printer or through a company that offers print services. Most people use websites such as Adobe Acrobat’s Create, Printing, Online Press & More option to create and edit their business cards.

Once you have designed your card, you will need to pick where you want to send it. Some options are having it printed at a local office supply store, having it mailed to you, sending it by courier service, or asking someone close for help with theirs!

And once it arrives, put it somewhere safe so it does not get lost.

Add a logo if you have one

how to make a simple business card

Even though business cards with no picture or very simple pictures are typically considered non-professional, they can be a nice way to promote your business!

There’s nothing wrong with creating an easy business card for yourself or others to use to contact you about your services or products.

In fact, it is quite professional and elegant.

Bind your card or use tape

how to make a simple business card

In this article, I will show you how to make a simple business card or gift bag envelope. This can be done at home with materials that most people have in their homes already!

If you are looking to do some quick marketing, then using these envelopes is a good way to go about it. You can either buy pre-made ones or you can easily create your own using our tutorial here.

I will also talk about why having an envelope is important for your business and what types of businesses should always have one.

Confirm your address

how to make a simple business card

Now that you have chosen an industry, determined how much money you want to make, and picked out some products or services you will use to promote yourself, it is time to create your business!

Business cards are one of the most basic marketing tools at your disposal. They do not cost very much, but can be easily updated and repeated many times. What’s more, they help people connect with you!

So what kind of business card should you make? That depends on your situation and on what kind of business you intend to run.

We would recommend starting off by making a simple business card. A simple business card does not need too much detail, nor do they require professional looking photos.

You can now write down your company name and phone number and add some contact information such as email and Twitter accounts. Then, take your pick from there!

Keep coming back here for more tips on promoting your business through media, social media, and other types of campaigns. You will find them all in our Marketing Library.

Prepare your card for shipping

how to make a simple business card

Now that you have designed your business card, it’s time to think about where you will put it! Before you stick it in an envelope and send it off, there are two more things you should do.

First, make sure your return address is clear. You can use the website FormzBatch to create and print free return addresses. Simply upload your PDF or image file and choose a pre-designed return address such as “Returns Received” or “Complaint Department.”

Second, most people recommend including some kind of note about the sender. Try writing something like “Important Message!” or “Theresa Reaves (Owner/Author) wants to tell you about her book! It could help you win this prize.” That way, if someone does not recognize you but wishes they did, they can check out the message more thoroughly.

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