How To Make A Simple Business Proposal

Making a business proposal is an integral part of running any type of business, whether it’s for marketing or sales purposes, or both. It’s also something that most people are not very good at.

As a seller, you will need to do this occasionally. For example, when you're trying to get a loan to start your own business, you'll be asked to make a business plan with all of your financial information and projections. Or if you're looking to take over another business, a formal business proposal is needed to show what you want to do and how you would succeed in doing so.

Business proposals can help you gain access to important resources such as capital, inventory, facilities, etc., which may otherwise be hard to come by. This is especially true if you aren't yet fully funded and self-sufficient.

On the other hand, professional negotiators often use strong arguments and solid logic when pitching ideas to potential investors, suppliers, or buyers.

Make a list of what the company is looking for

how to make a simple business proposal

The second part of making a business proposal involves defining the goal of your proposal. This article has you covered!

In this section, you will be asking about if they are looking for new memberships or upgrades to current memberships, additional services or products, or both. You can also be proposing to them by offering their current product or service as a better deal than what they currently have.

By having these questions ready ahead of time, it will help you organize your thoughts and give you some framework for your proposal.

Narrow down your list of potential companies

how to make a simple business proposal

Before you even approach anyone with the proposal, make sure your business is actually feasible! You want to be sure that your idea will not hurt their company before you invest time in it.

You do not need permission from a parent or guardian organization to start a business, but you should check first if starting your own venture is legal where you live.

Mostly, this comes down to whether or not breaking laws is allowed under corporate policy. For example, if your business involves selling illegal substances, then your chances of success are very low.

Breaking such regulations can result in fines as well as being prosecuted for crimes. It is best to do some research and see what type of policies they have, and what types of punishments exist before investing too much energy into your plan.

Write down your proposal

how to make a simple business proposal

Before you even begin writing up your business proposal, you must make sure that you have done all of the necessary preparation! This includes making or buying any needed equipment, determining who your target market is, and finalizing what your proposal will be.

Having these pre-requisites ready will help you get the ball rolling on creating your business proposal quickly and effectively.

When starting out as an entrepreneur, there are so many things to think about and prepare for. Starting a business can feel like a snowball effect with one thing leading to another. You need to know how to start off on a strong footing with no base!

With that being said, let’s talk about how to make a simple business proposal.

First, you will want to make a list of important points related to your proposal. These could include reasons why people should do business with you, what services you offer, and anything else relevant to your business!

After you have gathered enough information, you can now move onto the next step which is to create your business proposal. Here you will take all of those points and put them into one solid document using appropriate bullets and paragraphs.

By doing this, your readers won’t accidently skip over part of the content because they didn’t read it.

Be personal

how to make a simple business proposal

As mentioned before, proposals are not simple documents that you can pick up anywhere. They require you to be familiar with your potential client’s situation, and you need to make sure that you connect with them on an emotional level.

Your proposal should tell their story — yours and theirs! This is why it is important to be personable. You want to establish trust by revealing some of yourself or talking about things that matter to you.

Your message will sound more authentic if you use real examples and apply them to your audience.

Running a business like mine requires me to spend a lot of time outside of work. I know how hard entrepreneurs work and what they go through to succeed, so in order to appeal to my readers, I would have to convey this understanding.

That way, they feel that I care about them as people which hopefully creates a bond of friendship or at least reader loyalty.

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Identify your audience

how to make a simple business proposal

As with any type of writing, there is no way to know if you’re writing about something that people are not already aware of or done-for-hammers unless you actually talk to those people!

By talking to others who have done what you want to do or achieved what you wanted to achieve, you will learn some great tips and tricks for bettering yourself. You can also find out how they overcame potential hurdles along the way.

Tackling the difficult job of marketing your business involves knowing who your target market is, which areas of media they use, and whether or not they have been exposed to ideas similar to yours before.

Finding out this information gives you an edge over competitors who may be trying harder but struggling more than you in the face of resistance.

It also helps you determine if your message is being received by the right people at the correct time. If it isn’t, try changing up your messaging approach until it is.

Make a good website

how to make a simple business proposal

A business proposal is more than just an interesting read, it’s also your online marketing toolkit! You will use this document to tell others about your services or product and how they can benefit from them.

Your business proposal should be full of helpful information that is clearly written and articulated. It must speak to both potential clients and the moral compass within you.

When writing your business proposal, make sure to include the following components:

The goal of the proposal

Services and products offered

Costs for the service/product

Contact info (email, phone numbers, etc.)

Promotion strategies

Threatenings if necessary

In addition to having all of these things in place, you must know what tone to set when proposing to people. Your message needs to show confidence but not so much that it comes across as cocky or self-serving.

General tips: Use plain language and keep it short and simple. Avoid using jargon unless you are very experienced in your field.

Avoid comparing yourself to other companies, instead emphasize how great your company is and what benefits they offer over others. This way, you take attention away from being pretentious and onto why people should hire you instead of the other guys.

Business proposals can easily be saved as documents via Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive.

Create a marketing plan

how to make a simple business proposal

Creating a business proposal is much like creating a regular marketing campaign. You start by defining your audience, niche, and goal. Then, you create an introductory paragraph that sets up the proposition of what you will do for them.

Your introduction should include the value of the product or service you are proposing and why it is necessary for their success. It can also be a mention of how well you have done things in the past or promises of success if they use your services.

After this, you develop a strategy or method to promote your product or service. This could be through social media postings, advertisements, or word-of-mouth.

Lastly, you detail who you will target with the offer and when you will make the sale. If needed, you can add extra costs for using your services which may include fees or products.

General tips: Do not try to sell too hard right off the bat. Take your time to establish trust and relationships first before asking for money.

Know your company's values

The second part of creating a business proposal is figuring out what you want to achieve with this proposal. This article has some tips about doing that, but first let’s talk about something important: your company’s value.

Your company’s value isn’t just a pretty picture or a catchy slogan; it’s an understanding of who your company is and how they fit into the world. Your company’s value can be determined by looking at three things:

What are your organization’s priorities? What do you focus on in your daily work? What types of projects does your department run?

By asking these questions, you get more detailed information about what makes your organization special. You may find there’s already a similar organization around the same topic, so why create another one when you could join theirs instead?

Knowing your company’s value will help you determine whether or not offering your services as their chief operating officer (COO) is a good idea. It may also give you ideas for potential career opportunities within your organization.

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