How To Make A Simple Business Proposal

Making business proposals can be tricky, that is why there are so many easy proposal templates online. But using a pre-made template may not be the best idea because they may look weird or too simple.

Business proposals should always be written from scratch unless you have used this format before. This way, your audience will know what to expect and how to respond to your content.

There are three main components of any business proposal: proposition, reasons, and conclusion. All three parts must be clearly stated and strong. Weak points can kill your proposal!

Proposition: What your product or service offers and who it is for

Reasons: Reasons why the other party would benefit from buying your product or service

Conclusion: The close of the proposal

To give you more tips, here are some bullet point ideas: use verbiage such as benefits, action steps, reminder, etc. Use pictures and headers to emphasize important points. Avoid using cliché phrases like “I think” and “my opinion is…” instead say something like “the most efficient ways to cook rice is by either method number 1 or 2”.

Write down what your business would be about

how to make simple business proposal

As mentioned before, writing down what your business would be is the first step in proposing as a business partner or investor. But how do you know if this statement makes sense?

It depends on who you are talking to! If your potential partners/investors have done things like marketing before, then they may already know what their businesses are. Or maybe they work for another company that does something similar and they make enough money to invest in yours.

Alternatively, there can be many ways to test whether your business idea sounds believable. You could create a mock-up of your product, talk to people about it, and see how well it resonates.

But remember, even though these tests might not prove that your concept doesn’t sound possible, they will probably tell you one of two things: It either sounds very plausible or it definitely doesn’t.

Come up with your proposal outline

how to make simple business proposal

Before you start writing, it is important to make an initial plan for your business proposition. This way, you will know what content to include in your business proposal!

The first step in proposing to do something for someone else is to understand how they would benefit from the action being proposed. What services or products could they use to fulfill that need?

By thinking about the other party’s needs before offering your own service, you are creating a win-win situation. You will be sure to close the deal because you considered what was needed by the other person!

Now that you have determined their weaknesses, create a solid argument using your proposal material as support. Develop these points quickly to leave no room for rejection!

Keep paragraphs short and simple, use bullets instead of full sentences, and emphasize benefits over features. When possible, link each item directly to the product or service mentioned.

After completing this section, take some time and review the process again. If anything seems fuzzy or difficult to write, reread the materials or ideas until it makes sense.

Research your market to find out what clients are looking for

As mentioned before, proposal writing is an integral part of business marketing. If you’re reading this article then it means that you already have some basic understanding about proposals. But, how to write a professional business proposal can be tricky at times!

If you feel like you are stuck, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. We will go over all the steps involved in proposing a new project or service to your current customers as well as those who are interested in doing business with you.

We will also talk about why having knowledge of proposal writing is important and how to use it to promote your services or products. So, stay tuned and read on!

What Is A Business Proposal?

A business proposal comes after the first meeting between two people or companies. It is usually initiated by one party asking another if they would like to do business together or work on something together. This could be advertising for each other, working together, investing in each other, or creating a product or service together.

The second party must consider this offer before saying “yes” or “no.” They look into the opportunity and see whether it makes sense for them.

This process often continues until both parties agree to meet a third time to discuss matters further. This final conversation is typically referred to as the proposal meeting since it includes the terms of the agreement.

Create your business proposal

how to make simple business proposal

When you are ready to make your business proposal, it is time to create your proposal! While some may think that this step is not important, I will tell you something different – creating your business proposal is one of the most integral steps in proposing to invest in your company or product.

Your business proposal should be two pages long, and here’s why. On page 1, you need to include very basic information about yourself and your company. This includes your name, contact info, and any additional details such as links to websites or products you offer.

Page 2 is where you get more detailed and formal. Here, you can talk about the benefits of what you plan to do for their company and how these benefits will help them succeed. You also can discuss the costs associated with investing in your company or product and what to look out for to ensure there aren’t too many hidden fees.

If you're reading this article online, then you've already done half of the work. By now you have an idea what content you want to write and you have gathered some initial ideas and materials.

Narrow down your proposal to only what your client is looking for

how to make simple business proposal

Before you even start writing, make sure that you have done some research and gathered information about the services or products that your potential client wants. You do not want to spend time writing an introduction or body paragraph if you are not completely focused on the job they hired you to do!

Make sure that their wanted service or product has been confirmed through direct conversation or reading material such as a website or brochure. Avoid proposing things that they may or may not need until you know for certain that this is indeed the case.

Your initial focus should be determining whether there are already adequate alternatives available before recommending a new one. If so, then it is better to remain silent and let them choose between options rather than creating false hope with a poor quality service or product.

By using these strategies, you will help ensure that your audience does not get too distracted by the additional benefits of your proposed solution.

Practice! Practice! Practice!

how to make simple business proposal

Making business proposals can be tricky, but if you are prepared with enough information, it is not too difficult to succeed. The hardest part will probably be deciding how much info you need to include in your proposal and when to use it.

Business proposals should always have an introduction, a body that describes what benefits the other party would get out of doing the deal, and a conclusion that reiterates why the offer mattering to them is important and/or why they must do the deal.

The introduction and conclusion can be deleted if you are using the same material from another source, such as their previous similar proposal or statement. Simply copying and pasting your message also removes the importance of being original.

When making your proposal, try to keep it simple and straightforward. Use clear language and emphasize the main points instead of going into unnecessary detail. Too many things can easily confuse people so make sure your communication is easy to follow.

Spend time creating your business proposal

how to make simple business proposal

Before you even begin writing your business proposal, you need to make sure that you have done all of your research and homework. This includes looking up potential suppliers or partners, finding out more about them, and figuring out what they want from you and your company.

It is very common to feel nervous before you launch into making a business proposal, but taking some time to do your groundwork will help reduce the nerves. If anything, you’ll be more prepared and confident in your message!

When giving your business proposal, stick to our initial tip by being careful not to go over the top with how long it takes to read. People are busy these days, so keep it short and simple!

We hope this article has inspired you to create your own business proposals or given you the confidence to give an existing one.

Compile your proposal into a website or blog post

how to make simple business proposal

Writing a business proposal can be tricky, but it is not difficult! First, you need to know what types of proposals are appropriate. Then, you must gather all necessary materials to make an effective proposal.

Once these two steps have been completed, then you can begin writing your proposal. You will want to write very clearly and concisely, so think about how you could organize your ideas into a proper structure before going in-depth.

Your goal should be to create a strong argument that encourages the other person to agree with your proposition. If your audience does not feel motivated by your arguments, they will choose another option instead of agreeing with yours.

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