How To Make A Strategic Marketing Plan

A marketing plan is an integral part of any successful business. The term “marketing” can be tricky, however. What works for one company may not work well for you or your competitors.

That being said, there are some universal components that every good marketer should have. You should know what these are before starting to create yours.

These components include knowing who your target audience is, defining their needs, establishing a budget, finding the appropriate distribution channels, determining whether it makes sense to go direct-to-consumer (DTC) or not, and figuring out how to best connect with this audience.

You must also determine which products and services are needed by your audience and evaluate if they are viable offerings. If they are not, then you need to find ones that are!

This article will talk about all of these things in detail along with tips on how to make the most effective strategic marketing plan possible.

Make a list of marketing strategies you wish you were using

how to make a strategic marketing plan

A few years ago, most businesses didn’t have a website or they had one that was very rudimentary and lacked any kind of content.

Nowadays, however, this is not the case at all!

Most business owners now have their own web presence either through a simple site or a platform like Facebook or YouTube where they can share things such as blogs, recipes, and advertisements.

This is great because it gives people access to your products and services, but it also means that there are now more opportunities for potential customers to find you.

The trick is to use these resources effectively so that you will gain new followers and influence others to visit your site.

There are several ways to achieve this including creating an online store, starting a social media account, and doing sponsored posts, just to name a few. All of these require a plan though – what are your strengths? What are yours weaknesses?

What about budget? Having enough money to do some of these activities is another factor. It’s good to be aware of both of these before you start.

Reflect on your organization’s marketing goals

how to make a strategic marketing plan

The first step in creating a strategic marketing plan is to make sure that you have clearly defined what your organizational goals are. You should be able to describe these things in very specific terms, as vague goals will not give you clear direction.

It is important to remember that no matter how good of an employee you are, anyone can put together an impressive marketing presentation, but if your product or service does not seem like it has true value then nobody will buy it.

This could be due to lack of knowledge about it from outside sources, poor quality of products, or because there are already enough similar alternatives around. If people do not believe that their life would be better with your product or service than the others that exist, then they will not purchase it.

On the other hand, if everyone believes that your product is something that they need then they will probably invest in it, so making sure that your competitors are busy trying to win over customers really helps promote sales.

Brainstorm potential new marketing strategies

The second way to make sure you do not miss anything important is by brainstorming all of the possible ways to market your business. This includes making lists, thinking outside the box, and generating as many ideas as possible.

You do not need to use every idea in this list but some of them should at least be considered for inclusion into your plan. Once you have gathered enough information, you can start creating an effective marketing strategy from these concepts.

If you are too focused on limiting yourself, then it will only prevent you from trying new things. You must believe that you can succeed if you give yourself adequate permission to try new things.

Create a marketing plan based on the following topic

how to make a strategic marketing plan

Creating a strategic marketing plan is an excellent way to organize your business’s future activities. This should be done at least once every year, if not annually.

A strategic marketing plan (SMP) can be anything from changing what products you offer, to finding new sources of revenue, to developing new brands or messages that will sell products. It all depends on what your company is trying to achieve and what strategies have worked in the past.

By doing this yearly, you are ensuring that your business has a clear picture of where it needs to go. You can also use these plans as a springboard for more advanced planning such as creating promotional campaigns, designing logos and so forth.

There are several types of SMPs, but the two most common ones are goal-focused and process oriented.

Goal-orientedSMPS typically focus on having success with one specific product, campaign, market segment, etc. By the end of the plan, you will know exactly what will be done to reach that goal.

Process-oriented SMPS work towards establishing processes and systems within your organization. These include everything from how you handle shipping to who reports into whom within the company.

The importance of both types of SMP cannot be stressed enough when talking about the success of any business.

Organize your marketing team

how to make a strategic marketing plan

As mentioned before, creating a strategic marketing plan doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to put together a process that will generate results. This is why you need to be prepared for the delays of launching this plan!

As with any project, you can't move forward unless you have someone in place to take over when you leave or are no longer able to do certain tasks. This person may even come in to help you fulfill the responsibilities you cannot reach out to others for assistance.

Your success as an entrepreneur depends heavily on having enough resources to succeed. By designing a clear system of communication and leadership, you'll know what's going on at all times. You will also know who to turn to if needed!

If you're feeling overwhelmed, it's important to remember that you don't have to do everything yourself.

Develop your marketing strategy

how to make a strategic marketing plan

The second step in creating a marketable brand is developing your strategic marketing plan! What you have been thinking about up until now, what products and services you want to offer, and how you will advertise those products and services are all part of this next stage.

You’ve probably already done some research and determined that there is an existing gap in the marketplace that people are looking to be filled. You may also have brainstormed ideas for filling that void or making sure your business has enough of a cushion to survive if something unexpected happens.

Now it’s time to take everything you've got and organize it into a formal plan. Don't worry -- you don’t need to do this totally by yourself. There are many free resources available to help you develop your plan.

Some of these can even be adapted as needed so that you can add new pages or components at any time.

Create a promotional plan

how to make a strategic marketing plan

A marketing strategy is anything about how you market your company or product to others. It is usually made up of several components, such as advertising online and offline, developing relationships with stakeholders (people that work for your company), engaging in social media, creating content to promote your business, etc.

Without all these different pieces, no one would know who your company is nor what products and services you offer. Product advertisements are boring, so making creative ads is an integral part of most marketers’ jobs.

Your promotional plan can be new every month, but there are some things that remain the same, like promoting yourself on social media and responding to comments and messages.

These practices will help people connect to you and learn more about your company.

At the end of the day, being active on various platforms is a way to gain exposure for your business and create conversations that benefit you.

Design your website

how to make a strategic marketing plan

After you have done some research and determined what kind of business you want to run, now is the time to begin designing and developing your online presence!

After you have gathered all of your supplies and you are completely prepared, it’s time to start creating your site!

The first thing that you will need to do is pick your domain name. This can be tricky at times so make sure you have already registered this with a company or person before picking the one you wanted.

Now that you have found yours, get ready to design! There are many free website builders out there where you can easily create your own website from scratch. Some of the most popular ones are WordPress, Squarespace, and Shopify!

These websites offer lots of features which help increase your overall web presence such as letting people upload their pictures and content themselves, allowing users to add comments and messages, and having easy ways to connect with other sites and services.

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