How To Make Passive Income With Crypto

As we continue our journey of making passive income in crypto, it is important to know what kind of income you will be creating. These are typically referred to as dividend-paying cryptocurrencies or cryptocurrency investments.

Many people make the assumption that all investing means is buying Bitcoin (or another currency) and then waiting for your return. While this can play a part in achieving true passive income, it is not the only way to do so.

There are many other ways to create steady income with blockchain technology. By adding new features to existing coins, or even developing your own coin, you can earn revenue for your business or company.

Buy cryptocurrencies

how to make passive income with crypto

The second way to make passive income with crypto is to simply invest in it! This can be done through buying or investing directly in individual coins, coin-trading platforms, or token projects.

There are many ways to do this. Some people start off by investing in the very young pre-released versions of new coins, which is called “tasting” them. Then once they find one that they like, they move onto the next level where investors buy the normal version of the coin.

Another option is to check out sites such as or to see what kind of market information you have for each cryptocurrency. You can also visit their forums to talk to other members about whether or not this investment is worth it.

You should avoid just investing in Bitcoin though. It has become ridiculously popular so there is a lot of competition for its limited supply, making it too expensive to profit from. Instead look into some more moderate priced cryptos.

The key here is to know what types of dividends these coins will pay you. Many will reward you for keeping the network strong by giving away free money and/or resources to using their platform. These rewards are referred to as ‘staking’ and can net you significant profits if done properly.

Store your assets in a cold wallet

how to make passive income with crypto

There is an argument that investing in cryptocurrencies is not necessarily profitable, due to their potential downfall. Many people believe that owning cryptocurrency is expensive as it requires large amounts of money to be stable and protected from theft or corruption.

Trading crypto can become very expensive if you are not careful!

The cost of buying cryptocurrency comes down to two main factors- how much currency you have and where you store your coins.

If you do not have enough capital then you will need to look for ways to gain more before you invest. This could include trading, selling products online, or working part time to earn more cash.

Another way to lower the price of purchasing crypto is by storing your coin securely. Some good wallets are Trezor, Ledger, and Exodus. These contain various layers of security which make them resistant to hackers and thieves.

It’s important to pick a secure wallet that people others don’t already own so that your investment doesn’t get stolen.

Cryptocurrencies are increasingly popular and thus there is always a demand for new coins being sold and exchanged, making yours less attractive. Buying at a discount is one way to mitigate this risk.

Invest more than you are willing to lose

how to make passive income with crypto

As mentioned earlier, investing in cryptocurrency is very risky! This is not only due to the potential loss of money but also because people can get hurt or killed from fake or stolen coins.

Just like with any investment, risk comes along with great rewards. If you are careful and keep your spending in control, then you will prevent most of the risks that come with crypto trading.

Trading cryptocurrencies should be done using an experienced firm that specializes in digital currencies. There are many sites that offer free accounts so you can test out some strategies before investing real money.

Do not keep all of your assets in one place

how to make passive income with crypto

There is no reason you have to hold every cryptocurrency in your portfolio, or store them all in the same location. This can be done through different methods: some people use an external wallet, such as Google Wallet or Coinbase, to store their coins; others have several accounts at various crypto exchanges which they distribute across domains (for example, having one account per exchange) – keeping in mind to change passwords frequently.

The most important thing about where you house your cryptocurrencies is how well you manage your funds.

Know your family members

how to make passive income with crypto

There are many ways to make passive income aside from investing in crypto. One of those is owning a business or consulting about businesses that offer services to other companies. For example, if you’re good at writing, you can start freelancing as a writer for websites or magazines.

If you have a lot of experience with technology, you could begin offering computer help and software installation services. If you’re artistic, you can provide graphic design or web development services.

The best way to know whether these opportunities are worth pursuing is by doing some research and talking to people around you who do similar things. You can also read up on it and see what others have done before!

Another way to earn extra money is to run an online sale during a period when there is no active shopping happening. This is called a discount sale. Some examples of this are having a house cleaning sale or hosting a jewelry making workshop. By providing the service yourself, you get paid for it while learning something new.

You can find all sorts of passive income strategies in our article here.

Know your friends

how to make passive income with crypto

A little friendly marketing goes a long way, and it can be done anywhere at any time. If you’re willing to put in some effort, you really can make an average person’s life easier by offering yours through social media.

By promoting their products and services via like or retweet, sharing links, writing reviews, and staying engaged with them on various platforms, you can earn good money passively!

There are even sites that reward you for doing this, which is another source of income. By gathering these things and putting them together, you will definitely see results.

And yes, it is totally possible to make over $1,000 per month from crypto-related advertisements alone! This is not only very doable but easy too if you know what tools to use and how to use them.

I have gathered several free and paid ways to make extra money online without having to go into much detail.

Do not keep your assets on exchanges

how to make passive income with crypto

There is an epidemic of “crypto millionaires” that are never seen or heard from again. They put in hours upon hours of work every day for little return, aside form some glimmering dreams.

Their savings get siphoned off through trading fees and bad investments, and they are left with nothing but a sinking heart.

Trading cryptocurrencies comes with a very high price-tag. Fees per transaction can easily add up quickly, making it difficult to access the crypto you want without spending too much money.

The average person who starts investing in cryptocurrency will eventually run into this problem. They may end up giving up because they cannot afford to invest anymore, or worse – lose all their hard earned money!

Instead of investing in expensive traders’ coins, try buying cheap ones instead. Buying at a cheaper price means lower transaction costs, which allows you to invest more in your dream coin.

There are many free ways to do this such as by using blockchain apps, or even via various forums where people give away free tokens.

Buy and sell cryptocurrencies using a crypto trading app

how to make passive income with crypto

There are many ways to make money investing in cryptocurrency. Some of these strategies require you to have some technical knowledge, but most do not. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to make money without having to take the next computer science class!

The easiest way to start making money with crypto is by buying and selling Bitcoin (the currency) directly through an online broker. These brokers offer traders access to small amounts of bitcoin for sale or purchase at regular prices. The sellers and buyers are matched through the site and their fees are usually very low – sometimes even free!

By doing this, they get the job done quickly and cheaply, which is why it is considered a beginner’s tip. It also helps them build up their stock so that they can pick up where they left off later when profits increase.

Brokers like CoinBase and Coinbase both seem to have a pretty solid reputation and are well worth looking into if you want to try your hand at crypto investing. They both cater more towards fiat currencies such as USD though, which may be limiting in terms of what you can invest in.

That being said, none of those things matter much unless you actually profit from the investments you make! So once you feel comfortable enough, look into different opportunities out there.

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